8 Good for nothing...

Writer's note: Hey peeps!! The language here wouldn't be the accurate version of the language spoken in the time period.. Most of us don't have a good hold of that language these days so please bear with it.

800 AD

3rd person POV

Where is the majesty?

We are ashamed to break this to you, your majesty..

What is it? Tell me he is fine.. I always knew the ministers' council was not trustworthy. We needed efficient ministers but the majesty and I never saw eye to eye on this matter. He always defended his council that has proven to be entirely futile. You are all a disappointment. I am certain, the conspiracy theories brewing in the palace are not fake. You are all behind this, the only reason you won't find him.. The only reason you won't find my husband, so you can take away his thrown. I suspect you are the ones who actually took his majesty. You are all good for nothing.

I beg to differ your majesty. We understand you are extremely disturbed from his majesty's sudden disappearance but we are all reputed citizens of the state and the most trustworthy men of the king. We respect you as a queen but you can not allege us, we are esteemed members of the council and we have the rights to

"Silence! You have a day before I free you from your duty to the state and the king. Find the majesty and I might consider extending the time period." Said queen Elizabeth, cutting the minister in middle.

He bows down to the queen and just as he turns back to leave the he stops and faces her back when she starts to speak.

Do not forget, if I get to know that you have even a single percent involvement in the his majesty's disappearance each and every citizen of the state will hunt you down and you will meet an excruciating end, which will be spectacular to watch.

"Mother! That was extremely rude and harsh." Sighed princess Aurora.

Have you tried considering even for moment what if he and the council were innocent? What if they were as loyal as they seem to be and this is all in your head? You alleged him because you think there's a possibility he might be involved in the disappearing but what if he isn't? It is better to leave a culprit unpunished rather than accusing an innocent. Imagine if he is innocent, how would he feel, how bad would every word of yours would prick his heart, how your accusation would ruin his esteem. How his reputation, his entire life wou..

"Enough!" Shouted the queen with anger brimming on her face.

This is no way to talk to your mother. Do I need to remind you your manners every time you speak? Do not forget you are a princess and you do not argue with your mother and the queen for such petty people who might have abducted your father.. How can you overlook the possibility of them being the culprit just because there is no evidence.. I am ashamed of you, you are a disappointment. Now go back and pity on those people, sympathize with them. You are related just to them. They are the only ones you care about that is why you still defend the people related for our misery.

Mother! I do not overlook anything, I just do not wish to do anything I would regret in the future. I do not wish to accuse a man who might turn out to be innocent. I do not wish to hurt anyone else just because of what we are going through. You think I am not affected by what happened? He is my father and he is missing, I am hurt too, just like you but the difference is how we handle it. Right now you are so blinded by anger and arrogance that you over-look the love and the loyalty of our people but you will understand me one day and that would be the day when you will regret all your actions. You will be overburdened by guilt, unable to live with it. Every moment will seem like torture, every breath would make you not want to take another one. My heart sinks just by the thought of it.. I do not wish for such a faith for you. Please, listen to me and calm down... Please.

I do not wish to repeat myself. Please leave..

Aurora runs off the room, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Aurora.. Did something happen? Tell me sister.. These tears don't look good in your beautiful pearl like eyes.. Please.. Talk to me. Did mother say something again?

Mother hates me. She doesn't wish to talk to me. Doesn't want me to ever show her my face.

That's not true. Nobody would ever refuse to see this beautiful face of yours my sister. Believe me, she would have said that in anger but she doesn't mean it. She is our mother. She would never hate you..

Look at me.. Look at me. Believe me, she loves you sister.. She doesn't hate you. Now please stop crying.. You look good smiling, tears don't suit you.

Thank you Camilla.. I have no idea what I would do without you. You are right. Mother just couldn't handle the thought of father disappearing, none of us can handle that but we are all trying to get through with it in our own ways.. Her way just doesn't seem to be effective.

That is exactly why she has us. We need to help her. If she cant get through it herself, we are gonna help her in it. We will get her through it and the best way to do that is to get father back. We need to get him back. Your, mine, mother's the state's, everyone's happiness depends on that.. We will all get through this, we will set everything right. We just have to want it enough and believe in it..

Aurora nods in agreement. They both then look at the stars all night and reminiscence the happy past moments they spent together.

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