The Wrong Bride! Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Wrong Bride!


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She had only returned to share in her sister's joy, but she found herself walking down the aisle in her sister's wedding dress! Her groom wasn't who she had ever imagined being married to. Mysterious, dark and cruel were how they described him, and she expected nothing more. With a promise to protect herself and her identity, she sets off to her new home, failing to list the other things she must protect. How does she protect her heart and body from a husband who was bent on senselessly seducing his wife? How does she tell her body not to feel when his hands kept crawling over her, setting her on heat, and teasing every inch of her? But the most important question remained; who was she even married to? The devil or an angel in disguise? ~~~Excerpt~~~ "Look at me," She heard his magnetic voice say, and like a hypnotised baby, her eyes slowly fluttered open to the hot and overwhelming gaze of his divinely looking eyes. "What do you want, Elleanor?" His sensuously hooded voice asked, causing ripples to blaze through her skin. Her mouth hung open as she tried to stop herself, but the more she watched him stare at her, the more something stirred inside of her, "I- I want you to touch me," She whispered. ........ With this union, she must unlearn all she ever knew and learn the mysterious things that existed in this world, but most importantly, she must learn her true purpose because no one was created without one.


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