The written destiny

Fantasy Romance
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What is The written destiny

Read ‘The written destiny’ Online for Free, written by the author Zoenyu_Tsuhah_mero, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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"Hey, beautiful," she paused, "may I know your name?" Nox asked, not really believing the words that were leaving her lips at that moment. "I'm Dunamis, Aylin Dunamis. What's yours?" Aylin spoke, her sweet, soft voice sounding to Nox as beautiful as a symphony of angels. "Nox, Scarlett Nox, and I, dear Aylin, am your mate." Came the reply, Aylin's eyes widening with realization at the revelation by the Alpha before her. ------------------------------------------------------------- A random visit to a cafe` for a fresh coffee after a soulless morning in the office is the last place Alpha Scarlett Nox expected to find her mate, a sweet-looking omega called Aylin Dunamis. As they begin to explore their lives together as mates, the universe begins to stir. Unexpected encounters, unending hostilities and reunited loved ones appear, making the two wolves begin to realise that not all is as it seems. When the secrets they suffered to keep hidden finally surface, will they be buried under the skeletons they hid in their closets? One thing that is certain is that their meeting may have been fortune's favour, but the road ahead of them had no such sentiments. ----------------------------------------------------------- This is not a slow-burn romance in any way, shape or form. It contains some Futa aspects, if not comfortable, I suggest you don't read. Also, I do not take credit for any of these character images, the credit goes to pixart. This story is in the WSA Contest, so please vote and add it to your collection! Ruthless Alpha x Fiery Omega Girl x Girl

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"what is my past? why do I feel guilty? " while trying to find her memories of the past she falls for Sebastian whom she was betrothed . But will they really reach their 'happily ever after'. Find the faded memories of our F.L. F.L.- She's a warm hearted and cheerful person. Talented but too innocent for her own good. She'll be revealed as the story develops. Sebastian- The tycoon who believes that he can achieve anything from his efforts. He fails to fulfill his childhood promise and tries to fulfill it now. Adriana- The sole inheritor and daughter of the Estevan Family . In everyones eyes she's living a life full of luxuries and happiness but in her eyes true happiness is freedom. Freedom from her scheming relatives. She wished if she can reincarnate she would like to be born in a middle class loving family and surrounded by warm gazes of her family members rather than the fame-hungry gazes of her relatives that they give her in this life. Carlos- The top notch football player and Adriana's lover. His only aim is to be a top player and spend his life playing football before he met Adriana. Marilyn- Best friend of Adriana who supports her relationship with Carlos. She secretly admires Sebastian and this is one of the reason why she supports Carlos approach to Adriana . She knows a secret which will be revealed further. Haden- Adriana's cousin who covets her position. Fabian- Trusted assistant of Sebastian. Discover How Our F.L. becomes stronger to face the scheming world. Will Adriana be able to get her desired freedom. Will Marilyn stay true to her friendship or back stab her friend. There will be many flashbacks, so don't miss out. Please note this is my first original novel and not a translation. P.S. and please review the novel .

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