The Worst Father(?) In One Piece

Light synopsis: A Father with Daughter Complex The daughter's with HUGE Father Complex and a bit of Yandere tendencies BEFORE YOU START - This fanfic do not resolve around pirates world all that much. Mostly resolve around Kingdom, Empire, Underground World. -There are some new characters that I will introduce to fit the Mc backstory. The character design will come from different anime verse since my brain can't come up with a new characters that will sound interesting. Their fighting style mostly remain the same if they have one and will be fully integrated on one piece power system (including some tribe or clan) but their personalities might change -I will most certainly will not Follow canon, FUCK CANON. But there are some event that will come directly from the anime such as their background etc. but there will be slight change - The power system will 'Mostly' remain the same. But don't put your hope high, i might change my mind - I want to say that Mc don't have plot armour, but.... who am I to lie? if the MC dies early in the stories how will the story progresses right? ----- ----- A/N This story is mostly Au and has quite a few change in the stories and timellime but not by much -- the cover photo and one piece is not mine, credit to the owner of this photo and Oda sensei 1/2 chapter everyweek https://www.patreon.com/Amarhazlin

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i need you guys opinion on this. I've been planning on changing the title on this book to something else but didn't seem to have any good name that came to me.

I know i know that's it's been awhile since i upload a new chapter, but life kinda f me over sometimes. And just now did i manage to get the correct motivation to start back up, it will take awhile since I'll be recalling the original plot that i have in mind.

so what do you guys think? should I :

a) stay with the current name

b) change it [give suggestions since my naming sense is horrible]