Magic Surge

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Hearing the door close, Su Ye sat for a while. Then, he grabbed the dagger with one hand and the purse with the other and quickly entered the bedroom. He placed the spoils of war together.

Three hundred gold Zeus, a magic dagger, and a magic ring.

The total value was 1,200 gold eagles.

Su Ye stared at the spoils of war and kept thinking.

After a while, he grabbed everything, closed his eyes, and entered the ruins space.

The ruins space was no different from before. The white light formed an outer wall, and the huge headless statue's hands hung down. The altar stood there.

Under the altar, the 100 gold eagles that he got from Kelton were still there.

"This time, with enough things, I can test the effects of the altar. Although there might be some losses, the sooner I know the detailed functions of the altar, the better."