Icing up

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"Hi!" Su Ye calmed himself down and greeted Hort.

Hort turned his head in surprise and wiped the sweat off his forehead with his wrist.

Seeing Su Ye, an honest grin decorated Hort's lips. His teeth were as bright and clear as the half-moon in the night sky.

"Why are you here?" Hort was panting.

"I couldn't sleep. I went back to the academy to learn the Magic Array," Su Ye said.

Hort raised his left hand and revealed his alarm bracelet, "I still have about ten minutes to go. We can talk while I practice."

After saying that, Hort continued to hit the magic sandbag and said, "In the future, try to practice magic in school. My classmates don't want to practice at home for fear of being disturbed."

Su Ye walked over and said, "Nidern said the same thing, that's why I'm here. You... Oh, I remember now. You've been living in the school for the past few years."

"Yes." Hort continued to punch the sandbag.