Divine Power Equipment

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The divine power equipment that could be used by warriors were divided into two categories. One was directly forged by powerful divine power; one was created by modifying magic equipment.

Legend had it that mages learned to make magic equipment by studying the divine power equipment of the gods.

The ratio of warriors and mages in Greece far surpassed ten to one. This led to the demand for divine power equipment being far greater than magic equipment, so the price was naturally higher.

However, the manufacturing cost of magic equipment was far lower than that of divine power equipment.

"Then, I can only sell it for 1,000," Su Ye said.

Rolon nodded and said, "I'll send the reply to the other party. Thank you very much."

"We're all classmates. There's no need to stand on ceremony," Su Ye said with a smile.

"If there's a chance, let's attend a banquet together," Rolon said.