8 Overdrinking Gives You Strength!

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After two hours of strict education, Wang Ran finally let Su Xiaoyu go.

Hmm, my waist seems to be a little sore.

He made a mental note to see if there were any kidney tablets at the pharmacy later.

"That's right, Master!

"I feel like I've become stronger today!" Su Xiaoyu said as she leaned against Wang Ran.


Wang Ran was stunned.

Su Xiaoyu had not drunk his blood since yesterday afternoon.

It was only that one time...

Could it be that his blood had even more hidden properties?

"Master, look!"

Su Xiaoyu took the pan with the fist mark.


With one punch, she directly punched a hole through it!

This time, Su Xiaoyu's hand was not injured at all.

It was obvious that she had become stronger.

"My pan..."

Wang Ran first mourned for the frying pan.

Then, Wang Ran realized that Su Xiaoyu had truly become stronger.

It seemed that his ability was groundbreaking!

Not only could it help the zombies regain their consciousness, but it could also make them stronger...

The only drawback was that it was a little costly.

It was a pity that this ability could only make zombies stronger, while he remained as weak as he was.

This made Wang Ran a little depressed.

It would be much more exhilarating to be able to depend on his own strength.

Imagine holding a Tang sword and killing zombies on the road like he was cutting melons and vegetables!

But now!

He could only be the man hiding behind Su Xiaoyu...

With Su Xiaoyu's current strength, he did not even have to take up time coming up with a plan!

He would just force his way through!

It was still the early stage of the apocalypse, and there were no mutated zombies yet!

Wang Ran looked at the time. It was 11 in the afternoon.

2 in the evening, when the sun was at its hottest, was also when the zombies were the most lethargic.

Since he could crush his way through, it was better to move as soon as possible.

"Xiaoyu, prepare some clothes.

"We're moving."

Wang Ran rubbed Su Xiaoyu's head.

"Mm! I'll go wherever Master goes!"

Su Xiaoyu nodded her head like a chicken pecking at rice.

Wang Ran had a feeling that Su Xiaoyu had not only become stronger, but also seemed to be more obedient than yesterday.

Could it be that this was also his ability?

I'll keep an eye on her...

Soon, Su Xiaoyu came out with a large suitcase.

It had been stuffed full of clothes.

Su Xiaoyu obviously had no intention of bringing any food with her.

However, she really didn't need to eat.

Soon, Wang Ran also filled up his Mountaineering Bag.

In fact, the place they were going to next, was filled with food and daily necessities.

It was just a precaution to pack some of his own supplies along.


"It's only 11:30 now.

"We still have more than two hours before we leave.

"Should we make good use of our free time?"

Su Xiaoyu rubbed her face against Wang Ran's chest.

"What are you thinking?

"Don't play around!" Wang Ran said sternly.

If he continued to exercise, his legs would turn to jelly, and he wouldn't be able to move!

Su Xiaoyu stuck out her tongue.

Ever since she found out that exercise could make her stronger, Su Xiaoyu had grown more enthusiastic about it.

As for Wang Ran's body...

He still seemed to be holding up.

He had a few dark circles under his eyes, but he should be fine.

"By the way, do you have a car?" Wang Ran asked.

It would only take one minute to get to the supermarket if they drove.

Although it would create a train of zombies behind them, as long as they were fast enough and took a few detours, they should be able to shake them off.

"I have an electric bike, does that count?" Su Xiaoyu asked.

"It leave us quite exposed...

"We could be caught by the zombies at any time."

Wang Ran firmly rejected the idea.

"Right, when I was rummaging through the old man's house just now, I think I saw some car keys!"

Su Xiaoyu's eyes lit up.

"Alright, let's go take another look."

Wang Ran sometimes cursed his misfortune.

As soon as the door was opened, two zombies suddenly rushed in!

"F*ck off!"

Wang Ran wanted to grab the Tang sword on the table, but he was already a step behind.

Su Xiaoyu was quick to react. She flipped over the sofa and kicked the zombie in the chest.

The zombie's chest caved in, and it stopped breathing.

The zombie in the back was hit by the one in front and fell to the ground.

When he struggled to get up, a white light flashed.

Wang Ran flicked the black blood off his blade and sheathed it.

The zombie's head rolled to the ground a moment later.

"Good sword!"

Wang Ran nodded.

It had turned out better than he had imagined.

With this blade, he could even fight a dozen zombies in an open area.

"That's weird. Why were these two zombies blocking our door?"

Wang Ran kicked the corpse that was blocking his way.

"Master, have you forgotten?

"We made such a big scene last night..."

Su Xiaoyu's face was slightly red.

Wang Ran was stunned for a moment before he understood what she meant.

It had been loud enough for the zombies downstairs to hear...

After all, Wang Ran had survived the apocalypse for a year, and he had been alone all the time.

He had never had such an experience.

It seemed that he would have to consider the issue of sound insulation and earthquake protection in the future.

"Xiaoyu, guard the stairs.

"I'll go get the car keys." Wang Ran ordered her.

"Yes, Master!"

Su Xiaoyu nodded.

Wang Ran walked out of the door and looked at the woman's body on the ground.

Sigh, he had taken a sword from her husband's priced collection, half a bag of rice, and a few pounds of fruit... 

He would have to steal a car later.

He felt like a bandit trespassing a village.

He had taken so many things from them, so he should just do them a little favor.

Wang Ran dragged the old lady's body into her house and placed it on the bed with the old man's body.

He also put the old man's head close to the body.

If the old couple were still alive, they would probably wish to die together.

"I can only do this much for you."

After Wang Ran finished speaking, he took his car keys and left.

At the stairwell, Su Xiaoyu had killed another zombie that had wandered upstairs.

"Master, are you done?" Su Xiaoyu asked in a relaxed manner.

For her, killing ordinary zombies was as easy as lifting a finger.

"I got it."

"Let's take a break. We'll leave at 2."

Wang Ran waved the car keys in his hand.

The two of them returned home and leisurely leaned back on the sofa.

It was impossible for him to exercise. He definitely could not exercise at the moment.

In order to pass the time, Wang Ran took out his iPad.

Since the internet was still up, Wang Ran casually played a zombie movie, World War Z, as a way to get into the mood.

After the movie, it was almost time.

Wang Ran was carrying a Mountaineering Bag and holding a Tang sword.

Su Xiaoyu also carried her luggage.

Wang Ran was extremely envious of her for being able to easily lift the 30-pound box.

The two of them killed a few zombies along the way and easily arrived at the underground parking lot.

Wang Ran was dumbfounded when he arrived at the garage.

'There are almost forty f*cking zombies!'

Which idiot attracted them here?!

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