114 Tier 4 Elemental Mage

A month later, sunburnt plateau:

"How is this, Your Majesty? Is everything alright?" Cedric asked with a smile.

"It's truly worthy of Starsea Trading, transporting about ten million people in just a month," Maximus couldn't help but sigh at their efficiency.

A month ago, when he proposed to Cedric to transport the population, he thought he could only transport about a million each time.

Yet now, only a month had passed and there were already about ten million here.

That's equivalent to a whole kingdom.

"Hahaha, this is just the first transaction, so it's a little low."

"After a few more tests, maybe we'll be able to transport a hundred million each time," Cedric bragged.

"Oh, and how did you manage to gather all these people?"

"As you know, it's the era of imperial domination."

"Kingdoms are likely to be cannon fodder, so after some negotiations, it's easy to fool them," Cedric said with a smile.


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