16 Progress With Luna And Livia

At night in Maximus' bedroom:

Maximus was meditating as if waiting for someone.



A rhythmic footstep cautiously walked, causing Maximus to open his eyes.

"You're here," Maximus smiled upon seeing the person in front of him.

"I-I only came here to make a wish," Livia blushed, hiding her face in the dim light.

"I know," Maximus teased.

"I'm the wish giver, Maximus."

"What does this beautiful lady have in mind?"

Maximus got into the role and even used his crude manipulation of spells to play along.


Livia giggled upon seeing Maximus' silliness.

"I wish for the man I like to like me back," Livia also joined the play, washing away her nervousness.

"Oh? That's quite a hard wish..."

"I-is that so?" Livia began to feel nervous.

"Hmm, the one whom you like already likes you, so it's quite challenging..."

"Ah!" Livia was shocked.

She thought Maximus didn't like her.

"How is it, beautiful lady?"

"Do you have another wish?"

"Did he really like me?" Livia was not satisfied and asked again.

"Yes, he really likes you. In fact, he would like to spend eternity with you."

"Then I wish that we would really spend eternity together," Livia smiled, satisfied.

"Your wish is granted," Maximus sealed the wish with a kiss.


In the other room, Luna was unusually alone and silent.

"Did she really go to that scumbag?" Luna muttered with a mixture of dissatisfaction and jealousy.

Thinking of Maximus' face made her feelings a bit complicated.

Since they came here, they had felt the long-lost feeling of the so-called home.

With Maximus' care and humorous personality, she and her sister regained their smiles.

"Hmph, I'll forgive you this time," Luna muttered.


On the Balcony:

A few days passed, and it seemed like nothing had happened.

Livia didn't want to get married yet, as she wanted to do so together with her sister.

"Is this the wine that you're going to sell, husband?" Hazel asked as she took a sip of the wine.

This was the wine that had been created two months ago.

Now it was going to be sold in other cities.

"How is it?"

"Hmm, how should I put it?"

"It's good, but something is missing?" Hazel didn't know what to say, as she wasn't a wine connoisseur.

"You've been spoiled by our husband," Erica said, knowing what was different.

"Why is that?"

"We usually drink tier 1 wine, so of course there's something different."

"Oh, so that's it."

"Hey, who told me to marry a good husband?" Hazel said proudly.

"Hmm, come taste it. It will be our money-making business."

"It's barely passable..." Luna murmured.

She still couldn't get over her complicated feelings.

"It's not that bad, sister," Livia chimed in.

"Hmph, you nearly had the same face as that scumbag," Luna sulked.

"Sister..." Livia was also embarrassed.

The surroundings were permeated with awkward silence.

"Uh." Seeing the sisters' contradiction, Maximus also didn't know what to say.


The sound of a glass breaking shattered the silence.

"Ba... ba..." Lily reached out for the glass of wine, causing it to break.

"Are you alright, Lily?" Hazel became nervous as she examined Lily's body.

Seeing that she was fine, Hazel and the rest sighed in relief.

Soon, the place returned to normal, but Luna's awkwardness was still apparent.


At night, Maximus visited Luna alone.

"Here you are..." Maximus said softly, observing Luna gazing outside, lost in reminiscence.

"W-what do you want?"

"Are you drunk?" Maximus inquired, noting the empty wine bottles on the ground.

"So what?!?"

"No, nothing."

"Bah! What a scumbag!"

"Even my sister, my sister—" Luna didn't finish, her thoughts trailing off to what had happened to her sister.

"Hmph, truly a scumbag." Luna took a direct swig from the bottle.

"Yeah, I'm a scumbag..." Maximus didn't deny it.

Luna was a little shocked, looking into Maximus' gentle eyes.

"Why... why are you so good to us?" Perhaps due to her intoxication, Luna gained a bit of confidence.

"Why are you so gentle with us?"

"We are your slaves; you can do whatever you want."

"Yet why?" Luna locked eyes with him.

"Yes, why?"

Maximus smiled wryly.

Indeed, they were his slaves, so he could do whatever he wished. 

The system also pushed him to marry and fully utilize its capabilities.

But as he spent time with Hazel and Erica, he felt alive.

He sensed the reality of this life.

The birth of his two children further solidified this feeling.

He believed that he was genuinely alive in this world, being both a husband and a father.

If he simply followed orders and married anyone according to the system's directives, would he still be himself?

Or would he be consumed by power and become a puppet to it?

Contemplating all these thoughts, he smiled and responded to Luna.

"Perhaps I truly am a scumbag, playing with your feelings."

"Perhaps, I'm just greedy for your beauty."

"Perhaps, I just don't want to see you sad."


Maximus didn't finish his sentence before Luna jumped to hug him.

"You really are a scumbag, yet you dare to admit it," Luna said, lightly punching his chest.

Maximus didn't respond, only hugging her back.

A few minutes later, Luna calmed down and gazed at him, still embraced in the hug.

"Hey... scumbag..."


"I won the contest a few days ago..."


"So I can wish for anything from you, right?"


"Then I wish that this scumbag will love me and my sister forever and ever..."


"I will seal your wish with a kiss." Maximus kissed her forehead.

"Hmph, you're still taking advantage of me.." Luna exclaimed, her heart filled with sweetness.

"I will take advantage of you forever, so be ready..."

"I won't let you." Luna retorted, quickly planting a kiss on his lips.

"Now, I'm the one who took advantage, hehe." Luna giggled.

"Hmph, now it's my turn." Maximus also stole a kiss.

"How dare you!"

"Take this!" Luna became bold, hugging Maximus' head and stealing another kiss.

However, this time, the kiss lingered for quite a while.


A few weeks later,

A grand wedding scene was taking place in Moonshadow City.

"The lord is getting married again!"

"Hey, it's been a while since the lord got married."

"Yeah, it's been over a year."

"Oh, I'm just envious of the lord."

A group of citizens were chattering as they observed the various decorative scenes in the city.

Moonshadow City had undergone significant changes, which left them with some time and energy for banter.

There was the farm, which was incredibly productive, providing them with ample food.

There was also soldier recruitment, an opportunity many hadn't taken before.

But now, recruitment was booming.

Because those who had joined not only enjoyed substantial remuneration.

They also the strength gained from becoming soldiers.

Now, if your family didn't have soldiers, some might look down on you for being cowardly.

There was also the continuous construction and fortification of the city.

Their lord seemed to treat money as if it were dirt.

Now, as long as you had some strength and were diligent, you could join the construction teams and earn money.

After more than a year of construction.

Although Moonshadow couldn't be compared to the Faerie Kingdom's Imperial City in terms of greenery.

The city's structure, cleanliness, and sturdiness were top-notch.

Many nobles had come to know of this, but most were weak in strength and couldn't match the two Tier 3 Earth Knights.

The others who did possess the strength didn't think much of it.

They just shook their head at Maximus being a spendthrift wasting money on frivolous things.

Regardless, the changes to Moonshadow City and the Maximus territory were earth-shaking.

Now, numerous immigrants coming and going, causing the population of 50,000 to skyrocket to almost 100,000 people.


In the castle:

"Sister, we're finally going to get married!" Livia said happily.

"Hmph, it's cheap for that scumbag." Luna also smiled.

"Sister, you can't call him a scumbag anymore."

"I'll call him whatever I like."

"Sister, it's a happy day today, so you should address him properly," Livia persuaded.

"Fine. I'll give him this courtesy."

"Good," Livia smiled happily as they adjusted their dresses.

Soon, the wedding began, proceeding with various ceremonies.

Weddings here were extremely simple—just a celebration and, most importantly, an oath of love.

Promising to love each other and never betray.

After the ceremony, Maximus called out to his wives.

"Wife Luna..."

"Wife Livia..."

"Hmm, husband," Livia smiled shyly.

"H-husband," Luna clenched her teeth and said the word.

"We will be together forever from now on..."


The next day, Maximus woke up in the embrace of two beauties.

"You really are sisters, truly ruthless," Maximus muttered, looking at the two who clung to him like koalas.

"Good morning, husband..."

"Good morning, handsome scumbag."


A week later, everything is back on track.

His wives are taking care of their children and enjoying themselves.

His ministers are performing their duties.

The people in Moonshadow City are leading content lives.



"Come in."

"I greet the master."

"It's you, Phantom," Maximus exclaimed.

It had been a month since he last saw him, so he was a little surprised.

"Hmm, your training is progressing well. You came here without disturbing anyone," Maximus nodded in satisfaction.

One had to know that the one who assassinated his wife, Hazel was noticed even by those Tier 1 guards.

But Phantom managed to elude the scrutiny of two Tier 3 Earth Knights and approached him silently.

"It's because of the Assassin Knight training manual that you gave me, Master," Phantom bowed humbly.

"It's also due to this." Maximus nodded.

After all, the manual he provided to the Phantom organization was a genuine inheritance of specialization.

Not like those shady practices, where individuals who kill for money dare to call themselves assassins.

"I mentioned last time that the next time we meet, you should already have a firm grasp of all the information about the Faerie Kingdom."

"So, have you accomplished that?"

"Yes, Master."

"With money, things become easier."

"We hired informants from every city and sector throughout the entire kingdom."

"As for the other thirty, they were dispersed to serve as information centers for the rapid dissemination of information," Phantom explained meticulously.

"That's good," Maximus nodded, satisfied.

"Master, I am here because of important information."

"Oh? What is it?"

"The previous cult leader has already infiltrated the capital city."

"It seems he is searching for something."

"Hmm," Maximus pondered the cult.

He didn't hold a grudge against the cult.

Even though his previous body's host was killed by them, he didn't harbor much hatred.

After all, without them, perhaps he wouldn't have been able to transmigrate.

But considering the potential chaos the cult could incite...

"Send the information discreetly to the King of the Faerie Kingdom."

"He should know how to handle it," Maximus decided after a moment's thought.

After all, what he needed was peace, and anything that went against it was his enemy.

"I will, Master."

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