The World Awakens: Ten Consecutive Draws Before Invincibility

It was the year 2040. Chen Feng woke up and the world became a massive virtual reality game. A time rip had occurred in North America, Europe, Asia, and throughout the world. Monsters streamed through the rip. The time of the awakening was here and everyone had to go through ten random draws at the beginning. Chen Feng, who had been rebirthed into the game was very lucky and started the game with ten SSS-class talents. [Lucky Halo] The Goddess of Luck will watch over you. [Elemental Compatability] Compatible with all elements in the system. He can learn any skill of any element. [Treasure Sensing] He can clearly locate where the treasures are and their grades. [Super Tamer] He has no limit as to the number and grade of beasts he can tame. [Super Synthesizer] He can synthesize all skills, objects, and living things. [Power Trove] There is no limit to his attack range and his attack speed increased by 100 times. [Topsy Turvey] He can turn negative effects into positive effects and save those forever. [Talent Stealer] Your talent is great, and it is now mine. He can kill his opponents to get their talents. [Passive Increase] Stop using active skills during a designated period and his passive skills will increase a hundredfold. [God of Tricks] God said, let there be light, and there was light. The skills you create will become real as long as enough people believe in it. The people were awakened on the day of the game and Chen Feng became a god-like existence.

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The World Trade Circle Shocked! The Desire of Thousands of Experts!

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"I'm already level-18."

Looking at his experience bar, Chen Feng's eyes lit up.

Before Pegasus and Janna defeated the Eye of Storm,

He took the only successfully concocted experience potion.

He received 500% experience value bonus for half an hour.

To Chen Feng's surprise.

The Eye of the Storm actually lost control, so to a certain extent, he had defeated the Eye of Storm twice and obtained two experience points.

Not only that, he even cleared [Typhoon Mystery Realm].

He also gained a huge amount of experience!

All the experience was multiplied by five times by the EXP Potion.

So, Chen Feng's level had risen to Level 18.

It was not far from Level 19.

Beside Chen Feng, Winged Horse Pegasus and Janna stared at him with admiration.

It had to be said that Chen Feng's attack had deeply shocked the two of them!

Master, as expected of Master!

There was indeed something amazing about him!

Just now, even if the two of them risked their lives, they were not 100% confident that they could defeat the Eye of Storm that had lost control.

But after Chen Feng made his move, in a short minute.

The Eye of the Storm vanished without a trace.

When Chen Feng noticed their gazes, he understood… these two guys must have misunderstood.

But Chen Feng did not explain.

It was actually quite nice to let this beautiful misunderstanding continue like this. Explaining… was unnecessary.

After removing the summons, Pegasus and Janna quickly disappeared from Chen Feng's side.

They had returned to their own world.

The next time Chen Feng needed them, he only needed to use summoning.

Soon after, Chen Feng left [Typhoon Mystic Realm].

The typhoon had dissipated, and the caverns would soon collapse.

Looking at the morning sun in the distance, Chen Feng's mood was very bright.

It was almost level 20.

It did not seem that far away from the level 30 that could save his sister.

Chen Feng calculated in his heart.

To become a Nature Mage, one needed to master eight of the nine elemental spells.

What he had mastered now were light, darkness, wind, earth, and wood.

It was not far from eight.

Now, Chen Feng could choose to cultivate the fire element skill [Raging Flames City].

However, it was extremely difficult to learn this SS-rank skill.

Unless one was in a place that was compatible with the elements, one could speed up their cultivation speed.

For example, at the mouth of a volcano, one could enjoy the enhancement of the cultivation speed of fire elemental skills.

Just as Chen Feng was thinking, he suddenly heard the system notification.

Player Pu Yunmo (Korea), currently ranked first in the entire server, LV.28, has accepted the second Class Advancement Mission.

Seeing this news, Chen Feng was shocked.

How could someone level up so quickly!

After Chen Feng consumed the [Experience Potion], he had killed the Eye of Storm twice in a row and obtained the [Typhoon Mystic Realm] experience to level up to Level 18.

And this Korean player, Pu Yunmo, had already reached Level 28?

How did he level up?

On the way back to the city, Chen Feng's phone suddenly rang.

Chen Feng frowned and realized that it was an unknown number.

However, after some hesitation, he picked up the call.

Soon, a woman's anxious voice came from inside.

"Chen Feng, did you clear [Typhoon Mystic Realm]?"

"Sakurai Longzi?"

Chen Feng frowned.

The intelligence ability of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets seemed to be even more powerful than he had imagined.

He had only left the [Typhoon Mystic Realm] for less than half an hour, but it had already been investigated by the [Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets].

"How did you guys know?" Chen Feng asked curiously.

"We… don't know." Sakurai Longzi gave a cheeky smile. "I was just guessing. You just happened to admit it."

Chen Feng

"So why did you call?"

"I'll be in Shanghai soon. Let's meet up."

"Then I'll see you at the beach in half an hour."


Half an hour later.

In a high-class restaurant in Outer Banks, Chen Feng and Sakurai Longzi were already seated at the same table.

"Long time no see. I have something to do to get rid of your Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets."

Sakurai Longzi nodded. "We are all on the same side. Speak."

Chen Feng did not hesitate and directly asked, "That Korean player, Pu Yunmo, why did he level up so quickly?"

Sakurai Longzi was stunned.

Chen Feng's question seemed to surprise him.

"When that guy leveled up to level 10, he awakened his third talent, the legendary SS-level talent, [Body of Ten Thousand Medicines]. The effect is that the duration of all potions will become infinite, and the effects of potions can be stacked up to three times."

"Two days ago, someone sold two EXP Potions on the trading platform!"

"Park Yunmo bought it at a high price. Each EXP Potion can provide 500% EXP bonus. After two EXP Potions are stacked, it will give 2,500% EXP bonus! And it will last for an unlimited amount of time!"

Sakurai Longzi said enviously.

After all, anyone would be tempted by a 25x experience gain speed.

It had only been four days, but Pu Yunmo had already reached Level 28 and was fully deserving of being the world's No. 1.

After hearing Sakurai Longzi's words, Chen Feng fell silent.

What a coincidence…

Those two EXP Potions were made by him and sold on the trading platform.

Furthermore, Chen Feng clearly remembered that the person who had bought the two experience potions (defective) was a Korean ID.

Looks like… it is undoubtedly PuYunmo.

With a godly talent like the [Body of Ten Thousand Medicines], no wonder he was willing to pay such a high price.

As Chen Feng was pondering, Sakurai Longzi spoke again.

"However, Pu Yunmo's talent will also make the negative effects of the medicine permanent."

"He bought the EXP Potion from the trading platform. Even though it's very powerful, it's a defective product. Within 12 hours of consumption, it will have the effect of [Weakness], which means it can only use 30% of its normal power. More importantly, after consuming two of them, the effect will increase. So, even though Pu Yunmo's level is very high, he will fail at certain times…"

Chen Feng nodded after hearing that.

Thankfully, he did not sell the [Experience Potion] that he had successfully concocted, or else this guy would have gotten it.

"Is that guy also from your Four Great guilds?" Chen Feng asked curiously.

Sakurai Longzi nodded.

"That's right. Pu Yunmo is also from the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets. He belongs to the Korean branch."

"He is now close to Level 30 and has accepted the Class Advancement Mission [Construction Warlock], but…"

"This mission requires clearing a water-type mystic realm. It's very difficult."

"Chen Feng, we need your help!"