6 The Only Light In the Night!

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The crowd was immediately overcome with frenzy after they saw the golden glow being emitted from Chen Feng's body.

"Someone has leveled up!"

"That person has leveled up to Level 1. He can awaken his second talent!"

"However, this monster is a Level 4 Elite Monster. Even if he has two talents, it's impossible for him to defeat this giant rat."

"When will the military arrive? Only a rocket launcher can kill this monster!"

"Are you crazy? We're on the bridge now. If we use the rocket launcher, everyone will die!"


Amidst the commotion.

Chen Feng closed his eyes. It was as if everything had nothing to do with him.

Vision, hearing, taste, touch, and smell-these were the five senses of humans.

However, at that moment, Chen Feng's body had a perception that far exceeded his five senses. It was his mental power!

After awakening the SSS-rank talent [Elemental Affinity], Chen Feng could sense all the elements in the world through his mental power.

Water, fire, wind, earth, wood, ice, lightning, light, darkness…

All the elements surrounded Chen Feng and expressed their closeness and friendliness.

"So this is the nature of this world."

Chen Feng said softly.

Sometimes, closing one's eyes would enable one to see the world better.


Chen Feng waved his hand and a ball of light appeared in his hand.

He could even feel the warm light element surrounding him, giving him a warm and intimate feeling.

As he leveled up from Level 0 to Level 1, Chen Feng's stamina and mental power had returned to their optimal state.

Chen Feng took a deep breath and suddenly opened his eyes.

"Holy Light Spell!"

He took out the Winter Green Wood Staff from his backpack.

Chen Feng carried his unconscious sister with one hand and held his staff with the other as he used his skill.

After obtaining Elemental Affinity, the Holy Light Spell cast by Chen Feng was on a level that was completely different from before.

In the darkness of the night.

There were broken bridges, traffic jams, and chaotic crowds…

There was also the scary giant rat in front of them. It was over four meters long. It glared at the group of people in front of it. 

Two people had been torn apart under its sharp claws.

The blood gathered into a thin stream that flowed down the broken bridge and into the river.

Everyone looked at Chen Feng in fear.

They knew that this young man who had leveled up to Level 1 was the only person that they could rely on. 


A streak of holy light descended from the heavens and pierced through heaven and earth!

It enveloped Chen Feng's entire body.

On the surface of Cheng Feng's body, every inch of his skin emitted a crystalline glow. It was as if his body were made of gold.

In the quiet night…

He looked like a God! 

"Squeak squeak squeak!"

The giant rat shrieked.

Its fierce gaze slowly disappeared, and it looked at Chen Feng with a gaze full of fear. 

The Elite Giant Mouse was a dark-type creature.

Such holy power was just like poison to it.

The giant rat felt its skin burning even when the light shone on its body. It burned in pain. 

It was not even one o'clock in the morning. In the jet-black darkness of the night. 

Chen Feng had already become the only light in the world.

The brightness on his body suppressed everything.

Be it the streetlights, headlights, flashlights, the moon… All the lights were dim and weak in comparison to Chen Feng.

"Oh my god! Why is this person so strong?!"

"What talent did he awaken? Why is he able to use skills already?"

"Could it be an S-rank talent like [Light Element Affinity]?"

"Hero! Savior! He saved us!"

"Mommy, can I become so powerful when I grow up?"

A child around five or six years old asked innocently.

The woman next to him had two streaks of tears on her face. Even though her body was shaking from fear, she still hugged her child tightly and nodded heavily. "Of course, my baby will become a hero!"

There was also a reporter amidst the crowd. He took out his phone and started a live stream.

He recorded the miraculous scene before him and uploaded it online.

However, Chen Feng did not let his guard down.

He knew that this giant rat was not easy to deal with.

Elite Monsters at Level 4 had high health points and defense power.

Even though the Holy Light Spell caused triple the amount of damage to dark-type creatures, it was not easy to kill this Elite-level giant rat.

Most importantly, Chen Feng did not want to expose his strength in front of so many people.

This was only the first day of the gamified world.

It was already very strange that he could suppress the giant rat.

If Chen Feng really did display the ability to instantly kill the giant rat, it would immediately attract the attention of the four guilds. They would treat him as a freak and capture him for research purposes.

"I'll stall this giant rat, you guys should run first."

Chen Feng held his staff and turned around to shout at the crowd.

"Squeak squeak squeak!"

The giant rat kept letting out bizarre cries. The intense pain it felt from being burned by the light elements made the monster go even crazier.

It twisted its body intensely and left deep scratches on the bridge with its sharp claws.

However, its struggle was meaningless.

Chen Feng's Holy Light Spell was like a large net formed of light elements that firmly pinned it in place.

After everyone left.

Chen Feng could attack without hesitation.

He killed the giant rat!

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