30 Taking Down The Benthic Demon Fish! The Pu Family Guard's Ploy!

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Chen Feng took a step forward and extended his left hand.

He suppressed the disgust in his heart.

He grabbed the Benthic Demon Fish.

It was sticky to the touch, as if there was a layer of mucus on the surface of the Benthic Demon Fish.

However, Chen Feng did not let go. Instead, he held onto his opponent tightly.

Neither he nor Sakurai Longzi could withstand Pu Yunmo's full-power attack.

However, there was one creature present that could withstand it.

That was the LV.30 Benthic Demon Fish.

As an elite monster on par with Pu Yunmo, its defense was extremely high.

As he grabbed the Benthic Demon Fish, Chen Feng shouted, "Flash!"

Immediately, he and the Benthic Demon Fish were moved ten meters away.

It happened to block Pu Yunmo's attack.


The giant yellow sand spear stabbed out, but the first target of this terrifying attack was the Benthic Demon Fish.

The sand spear was exceptionally sharp.

It pierced directly into the body of the Benthic Demon Fish, and blood flowed freely.

One centimeter!

Two centimeters!

When it was two centimeters deep into the body of the demonic fish, its four tentacles reached out and wrapped around the spear.

Turquoise slime flowed out, instantly corroding the sand spear.

"No damage?"

Chen Feng's gaze was fixed on the wound on the Benthic Demon Fish.

A two-centimeter deep wound was not considered serious.

Even if it landed on a person, it would not be fatal.

Not to mention a monster like the Benthic Demon Fish with such tenacious vitality.

But very quickly, Chen Feng realized that everything was not that simple.

The sand that entered the Benthic Demon Fish's body wasn't corroded. Instead, it completely entered the Benthic Demon Fish's body!

Under Pu Yunmo's control, the sand had become extremely sharp.

They did not look like sand, but more like blades!

In other words, there were hundreds of blades that had entered the body of the Benthic Demon Fish and were wreaking havoc.

In a few seconds, the vitality of the Benthic Demon Fish weakened.

He seemed to have suffered severe internal injuries.

Tiny cracks appeared on its body. They were all left behind by the sand.

"Such terrifying power!"

Chen Feng was somewhat shocked.

Pu Yunmo's [Emperor of sand] was indeed an SSS-rank talent. Its power was indeed terrifying.

This was the effect of an SSS-rank talent in combat.

Even so, the Benthic Demon Fish did not die. Its life force was just too powerful.

Even though it was heavily injured, it could still continue fighting.

Seeing this scene, Chen Feng sighed.

Looks like he still needed Janna's help.


A resplendent magic array appeared beside Chen Feng.

Soon after, the sexy and charming Storm's Fury, Janna, floated out of the magic summoning circle like a sprite.


Jia Na's gentle voice was like a breeze blowing past Chen Feng's ears.

All the wounds on his body instantly healed.

His mental power started to recover rapidly.

As Chen Feng's level increased to LV.20, Janna's level also increased to LV.20. Therefore, compared to before, the effects of the skill had increased by who knew how much.

A shield gently landed on Chen Feng's body.

Other than that, all of Chen Feng's attributes were strengthened.

Holy Light!

Against dark monsters like the Benthic Demon Fish, light element skills were the most effective.

When the holy light landed on the Benthic Demon Fish, it was as if he had been dissolved.

The monster was quickly purified.

Every time Janna dished out a basic attack, it would deal high magic damage.

With Chen Feng and Janna's cooperation, they quickly killed the Level 30 elite monster.

Ding! Level up!

Chen Feng's level rapidly increased, reaching Level 21.

This was without the EXP Potion.

Otherwise, he could level up even faster.

Thinking of this, Chen Feng could not help but look at Pu Yunmo.

What a lucky fellow… he had actually awakened the SS-grade talent [Experience Potion].

Even Chen Feng was envious of the 25x experience gained speed.

Under the illumination of the Holy Light, there was no place for darkness to escape.

Soon, the body of the Benthic Demon Fish turned into a pool of water and died.

"Has the illusion not been removed automatically?"

Chen Feng looked strangely at the three people beside him.

Pu Yunmo, Sakurai Longzi, and the guard were still looking around with odd expressions. Furthermore, their eyes were closed as though they were sleepwalking.

"Janna, undo their illusion."

Janna nodded and waved the staff that emitted an azure glow.

Several streams of air mixed with pure wind entered each of their bodies.

It was as if they had been enlightened. Everyone felt a cooling sensation rush into their brains.

The illusion was instantly broken.

"I was caught in an illusion!" Sakurai Longzi was shocked.

As an Awakened with a crowd control skill, she was actually controlled by someone else one day.

As though he had just woken up from a dream, Pu Yunmo looked around in shock.

"Where's the monster?"

Soon, he noticed a pool of pus on the ground.

"Chen Feng, you killed the monster?"

Pu Yunmo's voice was laced with disbelief.

After all, this Benthic Demon Fish was a Level 30 elite monster. In every aspect, it was much stronger than Chen Feng.

"I was lucky."

Chen Feng smiled. After all, it was thanks to Pu Yunmo's sand spear that he was able to kill the Benthic Demon Fish.

Beside him, the guard, who was last to woke up was equally shocked.

However, he quickly composed himself and became expressionless again. He stood to the side and said nothing.

"What is this?"

Sakurai Longzi noticed Janna floating beside her.

As a woman's instinct, she sensed danger.

As a witch, she had never lost in terms of beauty.

This girl in white gave her a sense of threat.

"Her name is Janna, and she is my contractual summon." Chen Feng explained with a smile.


The corner of Janna's lips twitched as she whispered a message to Chen Feng.

Immediately, Chen Feng's expression changed drastically as he looked at the guard in shock!

Janna's voice transmission said,

"This guard was not controlled by the illusion!"

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