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What can Jack say? Jack likes this story very much. Why? Jack is a fan of Magic, Sorcery and Wizardry/Witchcrafts... But Jack likes it when these things are scarce. Magic should be more scarce than even the most luxurious mundane item. Otherwise it will seem trivial and easy to obtain. The challenge and difficulty the MC has to overcome to obtain even a glimpse of Magic is exciting to Jack. There must be balance in the MC's growth. He shouldn't be "Mr know it all" (Mr "calculated on my fingertips" LQY) or Mr Miserable (a loser who fets bullied and kicked around for the first 50chapters. Neither should the MC be a cuckold, who is bossed around by every other girl he sees... The MC of this novel meets my requirements. He is neither a celibate monk nor a skirt-chaser. This novel is currently in Jack's top 10 novel read list of 2017, along with the likes of Warlock of the Magus World, World of Cultivation, Desolate Era and Undefeated God of War etc...

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Hey guys, another quick announcement. I'll be increasing the release speed after more chapters are edited. Currently it's 5/week, considering 7-10/per week. Again, thanks for reading and supporting!


A good story in which the MC(up to date) instead of constantly "winning" instead experiences setbacks, and not just small setbacks, and not just small ones, but ones sufficient to force him to make decisions between the lessor of two evils. For once the MCs family are not angelic and instead have their own faults, and the MC is forced to use rationality to solve problems, with a more rare use of plot armor then most Xuanhuan stories. Unfortunately like most Xuanhuan, the MC was originally considered a waste and is often underestimated at the start, however this is minimized as the story prolongs. A unique ranking system, with only clear boundaries(i.e knight grand-knight etc) allows for an element of surprise, and the MC is not OP enough to skip through power levels, and must use his brain often to solve situations. This leads to more interesting combat, and diversity of outcomes to situations, rather than the generic power-up model most novels utilize. Unfortunately, power-ups are often gifted to the main character through common items which are only beneficial to the MC. Overall an interesting and fairly unique novel, which I would recommend others to read!


Based on chapters 1-244,I would start off with the story general plotline being similar to WMW or Warlock of the Magus world if you have read that. Many reviews would comment on that and some agree that it is very similar. I just want to highlight that the reviewers have said that this came first so from that it is assume that WMW have potentially copied the aspects from this novel rather than this novel copying WMW. However, because this novel have less translated chapters than WMW and WMW being in a more prominent position in reputation, people assume that this novel is just a copycat. I just want to mention this point because alot of the new viewers need to know that the novel is not a copycat and WMW is not a copycat either because nothing in the world is truly original. Many work done by people have aspects from other activities. This novel compared to the WMW is just like Harry potter and Lord of the rings, both have magic and villans that is super overpowered. I know the comparison is not one to one while WMW with this novel is super similar, but the MC do things quite differently, for me WMW MC is more cold and machine like while the MC here is more human like but less clever. *Minor spoiler, WMW MC is colder for me because he don't really appreciates his family while this MC does so that speaks alot of words.* But sometimes I question the decision made by this MC more as he makes more mistakes which could be good as it shows his human side. For me, this novel and WMW is similar to Power Rangers from my childhood,Power ranger always follows the same principle, have the rangers and the villains fighting one another and the rangers winning fight at the end of the day but people still watch that because the side story and how the rangers achieve their powers is what attracts viewers so the path taken by MC is similar but what they did and how they achieve it is different. Overall the storyline is turning out great as each motive is back-up and their is good progress, world background have potential for having ancient times and modern age incorporated as well as having multiple continents to explore, Character is on par with WMW, maybe better on the personality side but lacking in history of the character (have to wait), the updating stability and translation quality is 3 stars for me as it is not overly fast like other novel at 20 but it is still good enough already and there is a few grammar mistakes(such as not knowing who the MC is addressing his message to and etc) that affect the story a little bit but generally understandable and the experience is not affected. This novel is rated above average in my library and it is really good to read it thinking that it is like another path that the MC with computer chip in his soul can take. Although the future development is unknown for me as I have not read the raw but I guess that it will be as great as WMW is. Good work Translator, a baby step now, a general in the future! Ps. This is my first review ever so I may not write a very good and accurate review but I hope it helps to attract you to read this novel without too much spoiler. English is my second language so sorry for any inconvenience! :)


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Hi guys, no announcement system yet so using the comment section to let you know that the parteon page has been updated. 3 reward tier list has been set up. More to come if things go as planned. Also, let me know if there's anything you would like us to improve (Patreon reward, tl quality, etc). Thanks for reading the novel! We appreciate all your support!


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The MC is a likable fellow. He is not overly oppressive, neither is he servile. He acts well. He can also control himself, and doesn't throw himself at any pretty girl. He doesn't let ppl to bully him into service. The setting seems somewhat different from Warlock of the Magus World, but still similar.


Review as of ch 42: I don't know if it's the novel or the translation (though I suspect it's the novel itself) but so far I dislike the main character and all the supporting ones. Nothing is clearly explained, story jumps around from chapter to chapter without clearly explaining whys or hows. The story itself is similar to Warlock in the magus world, but the writing style and immersion quality are totally different (I heard that Warlock was written after this novel but its hard to believe). The main character gets stronger basically by eating stuff that everyone else also eats but his body is somehow different. About side characters: basically girls follow him for the benefits and offer themselves to him whenever they need smth from him but the main character always holds himself back even if he secretly likes them. Aside from the girls there is the father (I totally don't get their relationship - in the beginning he's disappointed in his son, later when the son somehow gets as strong as him nothing is questioned). It feels like side characters are only there to give reasons as to why the main char is moral, strong, loves family, etc. There are so many inconsistancies it's not even funny. In one chapter the assessment for school is in a month, in another half a year already passed and the main char charges other students tuotion fees that are 5 times more than the primary teacher fees, everyone is useless in combat and the only teacher that can teach smth useful (languages) is the only one who has connections with wizards that he himself doesn't know about. And somehow that teacher has a daughter who I suspect willalso try to spread her legs for the protagonist only for him to refuse to do anything.


It's a worse version of wmw, don't bother with it. Wmw is more refined in every way. The characters here have no depth, background is shallow often missing and giving logic errors. Am disappointed 😞


Third announcement... For those of you who are wondering about the bonus chapter system. The ads are there to support the tls, if you don't want to watch them you could either wait a day or... The bonus chapters will be released as usual following the release schedule. I'm keeping the patreon updated so the bonus chapters here won't effect the patreon rewards there. Currently there are two bonus chapters, it might be increased if I translate more, huehue. Thanks for reading and supporting guys. Let me know if you have any questions! :D


If you read wmw, this novel quite similar to it. However this is not copy-paste of wmw, wmw is the copy-paste of this novel since this novel published before wmw. If only the update stablity was good, I would read this novel. However when only 1 chapter is released each week, it makes you lose your interest. I hope update frequency becomes at least as promised, 5 chapters a week not 1 chapter.


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Well yea... A typical xanxia disguised as world of magic and swords. In by it, exploration of the antique ruin and progress of the character via murder, plunder, treason and other joyeusetΓ©s so appreciated of Chinese and you have the layer of the story. The "hΓ©ro" being the typicale greedy murderer, merciless and without consciousness, killing as he breathes, and never caring about damages which he causes as long as he becomes stronger and richer. Well, a don't think is great, but i have nothing to read this times so... why not ?


The original version, copied by WMW's author, The Plagiarist. The MCs are similar in that they are both self-centered, but WW's MC is at least better to the people who helped him along the way, as opposed to WMW's MC who abandons people once they're no longer useful to him.


i dont know why but some times terns in this novel are exact rip off of wmw like dawn for level 4 magi ....i am not saying that its story us complete copy but still it feels at least 60% copy thats not good for the novel....


Honestly I don't understand the good reviews. This is horrible unreadable trash. Story jumps around and author doesn't even remember what he wrote. So many mistakes, ****ty translation quality, zero world building, characters are flat, there is nothing interesting and even wording is very weird. It's hard to even find proper sentences and I seriously don't understand how this can have more than 1 star. Spare yourselves. Don't read this ****


Wmw is the copy of this. That said, this story is ridden with so many general inconsistencies that attentive readers notice that it's just bad. Don't even try to follow the timeline in the story because even the author doesn't care about it. 3 years can pass and the mc will be the same age. It's sad when the original can't even come close to the copy. If someone said the 2 are too similar and one had to be removed this one was going imo.


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WARNING! Do not read this novel if you have read WMM. Literally the same, cant stand it knowing what will happen next. Translation is good though.