Chapter 205: "A Thousand Years Later" and "Level 4 Spiritualist" (Please Subscribe)_2

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But because his realm was too low, even if he found the unowned rules, he couldn't hold onto them.

So Milton Cheney decided to return to the Soul Academy first.

Conveniently, it had been nearly a hundred years since he left the Academy.

Just as Milton was preparing to begin his heart technique cultivation, an elderly man suddenly appeared before him.


Milton spoke respectfully.

Dole turned his head and looked at Milton, nodded and said:

"It seems you haven't gained much. I know you are interested in the rules, but your realm as a level 3 spiritualist is too low."

"You really don't need to rush to understand the rules. After you become a level 4 Spiritualist, I will prepare a suitable rule for you to merge."

After Dole finished speaking, Milton gave a bitter smile.

He knew his purpose couldn't be concealed from the elder before him.

Of course, Milton had no intention of concealing it.