The Witness: Hello! My Love! Book

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The Witness: Hello! My Love!


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(Strictly no r*pe) What would you do if you woke up one day and realized you are been haunted by the ghost of a former friend? Nicole and Lizzy were best friends way back in the University but because of the love of a man, they fell apart. 5 years have past since they last saw each other but Lizzy suddenly reappears to Nicole as a ghost and seeks her help in uncovering the cause of her death because apparently Nicole is the only one who can see her. What happens to her lingering feelings and will Leo be able to forget about Lizzy and look at Nicole for once? Will Leo be willing to help Nicole heal from her pain of been dumped a week to her wedding? Most importantly, will Leo be able to protect Nicole from the people who killed Lizzy? What will become of Nicole's life as she is surrounded by ghosts who want to possess her body and people who want her dead? The Witness has all the answers.... "Nikki, if you were to choose, which part of Leo are you the most curious about after meeting him again after five years?" Lizzy asked as they sat on the graveyard. "I am not curious about anything. Leo is dead to me" "Am I really dead to you?" a voice asked behind Nicole and when she turned she saw him. "You... you, what are you doing here?" she stuttered and turned to ask for help from Lizzy but found no one, 'damn, that ghost tricked me again' Leo squatted in front of her and stared at her curiously. "Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked. "I want to test it out" "Test what out?" "Whether I am really dead to you or not?" he said and leaned in to kiss her. A while later, Nicole opened her eyes and stared at her ceiling and muttered, "it was only a dream again. Am I going to die and become a virgin ghost at this rate?" PS: As this book is in the Spooky WPC contest, I hope you kindly support me with power stones and also give me a review if you think it deserves one. I welcome all suggestions. Thanks. NB: Book cover does not belong to me. Credits to the owner for such a beautiful cover, fell in love with it. Thanks @Islinda for the cover design which I totally suck at.


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