26 Chapter 26. Hut in the Woods

"Go, go!"

Roger stared at the wolf and shouted loudly without looking back.

"What do you do when we leave?"

This is Amanda's voice, with rapid breathing hidden in the trembling, it can be heard that she must be terrified.

But even so, she did not forget Roger.

"Go first, I'll figure it out myself!"

In the current situation, if Roger escapes, at least one or two of the five people who came together will die. If they are unlucky, they will encounter other beasts...

But at this moment, there was a faint howling of wolves in the distance, and Roger completely changed his face, "Leave me alone, Simpson is injured, no one delays time, everyone can't leave!"

"You have to hold on, I will let my mother send someone to rescue you!"

There was a faint cry hidden in Amanda's voice. There was no gun or knife, and she faced a mad beast with bare hands and a wooden stick.

No matter how you look at it, it is an act of courting death.

"Let's go!"

The beast on the opposite side couldn't hold back, Roger simply stopped hesitating, he strode forward and launched an attack on his own initiative!

"Damn it, I've killed two Murlocs, and I'm still afraid of just one beast?"

When playing the game, Roger felt that it was okay to kill wolves and skin them, which was the flavoring agent in Geralt's monster hunting career, but when he faced a wild beast in reality, he realized how dangerous it was.

If he is not careful, as long as he is negligent, his throat may be bitten off!

Roger, who was advancing, didn't even notice that his muscles were tense, his mental strength was highly concentrated, and his walking was full of a strange coordination.

Under the crazy improvement of the concentration potion, his physique and the basic fighting skills he had practiced before were finally harmoniously condensed together.

Although he had only practiced simple melee combat before, the weapon was an extension of his body. Although he couldn't swing it freely now, he could at least guarantee his precision and a little control when attacking.

This is invaluable.

Because in panic, many people can't even control their bodies.

Seeing Roger approaching, the wild wolf grabbed the ground with its limbs, and then rushed forward!

Roger let out a sigh of relief. He didn't dare to give the opponent a chance to get close. He squeezed the strength out of his body, stretched out the stick in his hand, and poked it fiercely against the pounced wolf!

He didn't choose to sweep this time, because if he misjudged the distance, when his attack landed on the beast on the opposite side, it might not be at the maximum attack radius.

Once this happens, Roger, who has exhausted his strength, is very likely to be thrown down.

Without protective gear on his body, he would be severely injured in just a second, and if he was unlucky, his neck would be exposed when he fell to the ground.

Then Roger probably wouldn't be able to stand up again.

Facts have proved that Roger's choice this time is extremely correct. The wild wolf's forward pounce is indeed fierce, but it can't do any evasive actions in the air.

Roger mustered all his strength, and the wooden stick in his hand collided with the beast on the opposite side!


A faint muffled sound came, and feeling the touch of the tip of the stick, Roger knew that he had stabbed the opponent's soft abdomen. The front end of the stick was a bit sharp, and it was very likely that it had penetrated into the beast's body.

The figures of the two of them dispersed as soon as they parted.

With the faint light, Roger looked down, and the tip of the stick was bright red.

"It hurts!"

Roger was overjoyed.

But just when he was about to take advantage of the victory to pursue, the corner of his eye swept across, and a few black shadows suddenly appeared from the bushes on the right.


Roger couldn't help yelling.

"All the beasts in the mountains gathered together?"

Although the beast directly in front was injured, he would definitely not be able to deal with it for a while, and there were several other beasts coming quickly from the side, once surrounded...

Thinking of that scene, Roger's scalp tingled, and he didn't care about other considerations. He picked up the stick, choose a direction without wild animals, and ran out desperately.

The wild wolf he fought with just now had its right leg injured, and Roger poked a hole in its abdomen. Although it was not fatal, its mobility was greatly affected.

It raised its head to the sky and let out a howl, followed Roger's direction and chased after it. When it heard it howl, several animals in the distance pricked up their ears, and followed quickly!

The surroundings were dim, and the trees looked the same no matter which direction they looked at. He didn't even bother to distinguish the howling wolves from a distance, so he chose a direction at random and rushed towards it desperately.

"Damn it, I won't pretend to be a good person next time, just love someone!"

Roger grumbled helplessly. Even though he said that, it might not be possible for him to watch other people being killed by wild wolves.

Being in the woods, Roger knew that he would never be able to run away from a few wild animals, so after rushing forward for a certain distance, he aimed at a tree and climbed up quickly.

Not long after, a few beasts came under the tree. They howled around the tree, scratching their front paws frantically on the tree. One even climbed the trunk and ran forward for a certain distance, but it was very difficult. Almost fell down again.

Seeing this scene, Roger was determined.

He took a wooden stick and tapped on the tree trunk. After a while, seeing that Roger couldn't do anything, several wild beasts scattered away. As for the one that was injured by Roger before, he never saw it again.

At this time, the sky was completely dark, and Roger hung on the tree alone, waiting for a long time in the evening wind.

"Amanda and the others should have escaped. Counting the time, the rescuers should be arriving soon."

After a while, there was no movement around. Roger looked left and right, and slid down from the tree quietly. He didn't intend to wait any longer.

After walking a certain distance in the dark, Roger sighed helplessly, knowing that he was lost.

"I clearly remember coming in this direction..."

Faced with this situation, the best way is to stop in place, and after dawn, you may be able to determine the direction through the sun, and then walk out of here.

But at this moment, a gust of cold wind blew by, and Roger felt a faint warmth coming from his chest.

"Is it an illusion?"

He was slightly taken aback, around the position where he was standing just now, he experimented several times back and forth, and finally determined a direction.

After several experiments, Roger can be considered to have glimpsed some of the wonders of this pendant. In the face of some mysteries, it can always give some signs back.

He walked slowly in the dark, looking around carefully, guarding against possible beasts.

After walking for a while, the trees in front of him gradually became sparse. He climbed over a mountain, and behind the dense forest, a looming wooden hut appeared in front of him.

"The hut in the woods?"

Feeling the information fed back from the pendant, Roger was overjoyed, and he walked forward quickly. If he guessed correctly, there must be some mysterious items in the wooden hut.

Or it is a special scene that can be transferred.

Walking down the hillside, the temperature suddenly dropped. He looked around by the moonlight in the sky, and his face froze slightly with ease.

In the open space in front of the wooden hut, there is a large pile of tombstones scattered here and there!

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