The Witch Queen and Her 7 Brides (Yuri)

Jack was a "man" born without magic in a world of witches and wizards. Despite this, he longed to become a powerful witch like his mother. After her death, After waking from a dream Jack wished for his dream to come true and was reborn as Emily. As the Witch of Legend, Emily discovers the true meaning of magic and navigates a world filled with love, adventure, and dangers.

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Being Thrown into the Wild Practical Magic Class Part 1

"Please welcome the representative of the Adventurers Academy First-years, the young Witch of Legend, Emily Clark!" Headmistress Susan announced, and my heart raced with excitement and nervousness.

"Thank you, Headmistress. It is an honor and a privilege to stand before you all today as the representative for the new students joining this wonderful and illustrious academy. I believe I speak for all my fellow classmates when I say that it is an honor to learn not just from the professors and faculty, but also from the students who came before us. Here's to a great and magic-filled year," I stated, my voice filled with pride and gratitude.

"That was well said. I'm impressed," Headmistress Susan complimented, and I felt a surge of relief.

"She was amazing," an excited upperclassman commented.

"Such a brave speaker."

"She's so beautiful," an unknown female voice of a first-year whispered, and a blush crept up my cheeks.

"I want to see her magic," stated one of the professors, igniting a mix of anticipation and pressure within me.

"Quiet!" Yelled out the Headmistress, silencing the murmurs instantly.

As the opening ceremony concluded, Headmistress Susan addressed the first-year students, revealing the next phase of our training: practical magic and survival training in the wild for a month. The professors would be stationed in different areas, but only intervening in life-threatening emergencies.

"Aww, are you serious?" one student sighed audibly, expressing the sentiment shared by many.

"I am quite serious," Headmistress Susan replied sternly. "You are all training to be adventuring witches and wizards, and you will need to gain immediate experience in order to do so."

To ensure fairness, I learned that I would be paired with the other top two students - May Bledsoe, my dear assistant, and Sasha Long, the third-ranked student. We would be sent to a more challenging area with Professor Clark as our guide, although she wouldn't be responsible for grading us.

May, Sasha, and I nodded in understanding, ready to face the upcoming challenges.

"Good. All the necessary supplies have been gathered, so listen for the professors to call your names and head to them. Dismissed," Headmistress Susan concluded.

Turning to my companions, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt. "I'm sorry you got dragged into going to a harder area because of me."

"Don't be sorry, Emily," May said with a smile. "I'd go anywhere with you."

Sasha laughed, lightening the mood. "What a romantic thing to say. And please, call me Sasha."

Blushing slightly, I replied, "I'll try to remember that, Sasha."

Just as we were about to leave, Professor Clark approached us. "Are you girls ready for your first assignment and class?"

"Yes, Ma'am," we replied in unison, brimming with determination.

"Emily, here are the longitude and latitude of our destination. Can you teleport us there?" Professor Clark asked, placing the responsibility on my magical abilities.

"Yes, Mo... I mean, yes, Professor," I corrected myself, trying to maintain professionalism.

"Wait, Professor Clark, are you saying Emily can use mass teleportation?" Sasha asked, sounding surprised.

"Well, to be honest, I don't fully understand it myself. It's more like space magic that connects places, and I wouldn't call it mass teleportation. Emily, how many people can you teleport at the moment?" Professor Clark questioned, seeking clarity.

"I can create a space that fits and teleport up to five people. I can use all forms of magic, and space magic comes from the dark affinity, like how time magic comes from the divine affinity. So, I can combine the two, and it will feel as though no time has passed when we arrive. As such..." I explained, trailing off as I prepared to cast the spell.

"Oh, space, that which we dwell in, oh time, that which we pass in, come together so that we can reach our destination that much quicker, Teleportation," I chanted, pouring my mana into the spell.

Suddenly, the scenery shifted, and when I opened my eyes, we found ourselves standing in front of a beautiful forest teeming with greenery.

"Where... where are we? We are by a beautiful forest and greenery?" Sasha asked in awe.

"Dear, are you okay?" May asked, concern etched on her face.

"Ha, huh, huh, I didn't expect it to take that much mana... May, I need you to give me some of yours," I admitted, realizing that my mana had been drained more than anticipated.

"Professor Clark, Emily needs mana. Can you take Sasha somewhere else for a moment?" May requested, taking charge of the situation.

"Yes... Yes, very well. I shouldn't have asked. I shouldn't have... Sasha, please come with me for a moment," Professor Clark replied, leading Sasha away.

"Is Emily going to be okay?" Sasha asked. 

"Yes, she will be fine. This has happened before, and it is not as bad this time. Just come with me," Professor Clark reassured her. 

"Okay, they are gone. Take a slow breath first, dear," May advised Emily. 

I followed May's instructions, and doing such I rose up, and grabbed her hand, and pulling her close. 

"Thank you, I love you. I will be taking some of your mana now..." I said. 

"You can have all the mana you need as long as we can stay together forever, dear," May replied. 

After exchanging their love-filled words, I bit May's neck to aquire some of her mana, and May bit mine to gain some of my life essence. It was a mutual contract to keep us together forever. Once the act was over, May gave me a deep and sensual kiss, and I reciprocated. Soon, my mother and Sasha returned.

"Are you okay now, sweetheart?" My mother asked me. 

"I'm okay, I promise, my dear mother. You're not in Professor mode right now, you know," I reassured her, grateful for her presence.

"I was too worried. I know I asked you to do this, but please don't use the teleportation magic again until your mana pool becomes larger, okay? Please promise me," Mother Klare requested, her concern evident.

"I promise," I assured her, understanding the importance of conserving my mana.

"Are you okay, May?" Mother Klare inquired, shifting her focus.

"Ehehe, I'm perfectly fine, Mother Klare," May responded, her voice laced with a playful tone.

"Whew, I'm glad you are okay, Emily, and I guess you too, May. Though I'm confused and would like to know more. For now, where are we?" Sasha asked, joining our conversation after returning with Professor Clark.

"Welcome to the Ancient Forest, otherwise known as the Lion's Den. For the top-ranking first years, this place is where you three will be doing your practical magic and survival training. You will be expected to hunt as a team, cook as a team, clean as a team, and survive as a team. I will be here to teach you different spells to use, but that is it. I will be using a magic recording device, so you all will be graded later on. By the end of the month, you all will be expected to have exterminated at least a hundred beasts as a team and increased your mana pools by 10 times. I know it is a high bar, but it can be done in this environment. Good luck to you three. Dismissed," Professor Clark explained, setting the expectations for our training.

With a final word of encouragement, Professor Clark dismissed us, leaving the three of us to embark on this daunting challenge.

"Alright, team," I addressed May and Sasha, my voice filled with determination. "We have a month to prove ourselves. We will face countless trials, but together, we can overcome anything. Let's work as a team, support one another, and make the most of this experience. Are you with me?"

May and Sasha exchanged determined glances before nodding in unison.

"We're with you, Emily," May replied, her eyes filled with unwavering loyalty.

"I'm ready for the adventure," Sasha added, her voice tinged with excitement.

As we stepped deeper into the forest, our journey began, and the true test of our skills and teamwork awaited us.

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