36 Stalactite Milk Pond

'Stalactite Milk!'

Let alone Vaan, everyone recognized white liquid dripping from the stalactites hanging down from the cave's ceiling at first glance.

The deep concentration of mana contained within the Stalactite Milk was not something easily overlooked by anyone with even the slightest sensitivity to mana.

"Oh my god! This cave has Stalactite Milk! A Stalactite Milk Pond must be nearby!" a young warrior exclaimed.

Upon hearing that, the eyes of Captain Rhys and the rest of the escort group beamed with excitement.

Suddenly, Captain Rhys recalls something before turning to Vaan unexpectedly.

"Did you already know there was such a large cave with Stalactite Milk, Brother Vaan?" Captain Rhys inquired expectantly.

However, Vaan shook his head.

"I did notice a high concentration of mana before we entered this cave, but it having Stalactite Milk was still beyond my expectation," Vaan calmly replied.

He intended to use the high concentration of mana to quickly restore Linette's mana pool, but he ended up striking the jackpot instead.

When mana reaches the saturation level of density, it condenses into a liquid form with miraculous effects on all lifeforms.

But depending on the environment in which mana achieves condensation, its miraculous effects vary and go by different names.

Stalactite Milk is the name of mana liquified in caves, full of earth elements.

"We don't know how big this cave is. I will go back and fetch my sister before we continue to explore the rest of this cave," Linette stated.

Vaan gave Linette a brief glance before he nodded.

Although the cave contained a high concentration of mana, it was mostly found inside the Stalactite Milk; thus, it wouldn't pose any danger to Lillias's life.

But even if Lillias drank the Stalactite Milk, it would only benefit her body instead of harming it.

Ultimately, Stalactite Milk is no longer a lump of earth-attribute mana but a miraculous medicine capable of increasing the body's affinity to earth and thereby improving the person's talents.

No doubt, Linette would reap the most benefit out of the Stalactite Milk out of everyone in the group.

'A fortuitous encounter amid a perilous danger… Is this a coincidence, or is Linette blessed by the heavens?' Vaan wondered.

Either way, Vaan was still going to hug Linette's thighs.

Linette returned with Lillias a few moments later and said, "I'm back. Let us continue to explore the cave."

"Yes, Lady Linette."

Captain Rhys and the rest of the escort group answered.

In the dark depths of the cave, the only source of light came from the reflective glow of dripping Stalactite Milk.

As the group descended the downward slope, the soft glowing light revealed a small pond of semi-transparent white liquid at the bottom of the cave.

"There really is a Stalactite Milk Pond here! And this amount… It must have accumulated for at least a hundred years!"

Everyone's eyes lit up.

Vaan and the others shortly arrived beside the Stalactite Milk Pond before assessing the area for hidden dangers.

"Be careful. Powerful magic beasts and monsters usually guard the natural treasures," Captain Rhys warned.

However, there was no such thing.

Vaan was the first to confirm it with his Magic Vision.

Even if magic beasts can camouflage into the background with complete stillness, they still wouldn't be able to hide the mana flow in their veins from his eyes.

But while everyone was inspecting the Stalactite Milk Pond's vicinity, Vaan studied the escort group's subtle expressions.

The young warriors could not hide their greed.

After finishing their assessment, the young warriors immediately rushed to the Stalactite Milk Pond before Captain Rhys angrily barked, "Stop!"

Caelan and the other young warriors quickly froze before facing Captain Rhys with confusion.

"Captain, why are you stopping us when there's enough Stalactite Milk for everyone?" Caelan inquired.

"Insolent!" Captain Rhys spat in anger, "The Stalactite Milk isn't yours! What gives you all the right to take it?!"

"But we obviously found the Stalactite Milk Pond together. So why wouldn't we have a share?"

Caelan and the other young escort warriors frowned, wondering if their captain was trying to monopolize their share of the Stalactite Milk.

However, their words only fueled Captain Rhys's anger.

"How disgraceful! Have you been blinded by greed?! We found Stalactite Milk Pond together? Don't kid yourself! Without Vaan's instruction and Lady Linette's earth magic, we wouldn't have discovered the cave in the first place!"

"Lady Linette has said anything, yet you are all busy dividing the Stalactite Milk among yourselves! Are you trying to embarrass me to death?!" Captain Rhys snarled.

"Even if you get a share, the amount will only be decided after Lady Linette has spoken!"

After being reprimanded by Captain Rhys, the young warriors regained their senses with startled looks while Vaan, Linette, and Lillias watched them bicker in silence.

Linette wasn't just a simple client; behind her was the behemoth known as the Delarosa Household.

A single bad review from her could decide the end of their Steelguard Escort Group's business. And even if they don't go out of business, the higher-ups will not spare them.

"I am deeply regretful for not disciplining my men properly. Again, I apologize for showing you such an ugly scene, Lady Linette. I hope you can be magnanimous and overlook their mistakes."

Captain Rhys apologized.

"I hope there won't be a second time," Linette coolly replied.

"There won't! I will make sure of it, my lady!" Captain Rhys promised before giving his men a stern look. "Did you hear that? Quickly apologize and beg for Lady Linette's forgiveness!"

After the young warriors expressed their apology, Linette sought Vaan's opinion, "How do you think we should divide the Stalactite Milk Pond, Vaan?"

Vaan could see that Linette valued his opinion.

After pondering for a short moment, Vaan answered, "Given the threat posed by the Rank 3 Dark Hellhound on the surface, I believe Lady Linette monopolizing the Stalactite Milk Pond will guarantee our survival."

"I don't think the Steelguard Escort Group will agree to this," Linette frowns.

Upon hearing her response, Vaan cracks a smile before adding, "Of course, if my lady wishes to pursue fairness, we could divide the Stalactite Milk Pond into three equal splits between Captain Rhys' group, Lady Linette's group, and myself."

Vaan didn't doubt his words would spark some disagreement from the young warriors, but it was the best way to secure his interest.

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