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Great book with interesting story. The powerlevel of the MC follows an exponential curve, starting from zero and picks up massive speed - while still feeling "reasonable". The writing quality is good, updates are stable, the story is captivating, the characters are interesting and the background is presented to the reader through the story step by step naturally. Well done!


1. I got a dig bick 2. You that read wrong 3. You read that wrong too 4. You checked 5. You smiled 7. You are wandering why you are still reading this 8. You saw that mistake, right? (On 7) 10. But did you see that I skipped 6? 10. You checked 11. And saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9 12. I said "saw you" not you saw 13. I also skipped 2 14. You got tricked 15. I'm just wasting your time, but if you were entertained, leave a like and happy reading! 16. This is by no means, copied. It's original.


A more “savoury” version of my review at 80 chapters: This is a peak-tier gem. Writing Quality: Pleasant- Very few grammar mistakes and a good level of dialogue-text. System text presented clearly. 5 stars Updating stability: 1ch/day- Great in my books. One of my only gripes with this novel though is the short chapters… some conversations spill into the next chapter which can break immersion. The release frequency balances that out so not detrimental. 4 stars Story development: There’s an established overarching goal and arc goal. It works towards meeting the arc goal with great storytelling and interesting developments and schemes in the background. Probably the best point about the novel. Lemons do not detract from the experience- in some scenes it’s described, whereas others are just post-coital conversations, something I’m grateful for! No dragging of lemons across several chapters + the novel isn’t all about seducing females to get to the top, though that is a part of the MC’s success. 5 stars Characters: The MC is perfect! Rational, practical, good at 😏, and most of all possessive. Definitely No NTR in this novel. Other characters have been portrayed well: Bodyguard recruits are as naive as recruits, City lords are as scheming as they should be, and potential harem members are buttered up well (developments are quick but not dissatisfyingly so). 5 stars World Background: An easy to understand power system which is definitely appreciated! Info is disseminated in dialogues naturally and through non-chunky paragraphs. Hope there’ll be some expansion on the blackthorn kingdom and demon fronts, maybe some political manoeuvring etc in the future. 4.5 stars The MC is an ambitious man who will scheme and subjugate [women] his way to the top. If you like this premise, then you’ll enjoy the novel for sure.


Hello you, yes you, the lost and curious readers who have stumbled or been guided here. This is my third novel and entree to WSA2022, so I welcome and thank all for the support this novel can get. This isn’t an official review of my novel so just treat it as a Q&A area. I’ll do my best to answer all of your questions (without spoilers)🙏


This story moves crazy slow. The lack of progress and constant POV switches to fairly unimportant characters is getting really tiring. Dialogue is also used or exposition at least half the time, and it makes everyone sound fake. Oh, and like so many of these types of stories, the MC knows literally everything for essentially no reason. This "super intelligent" MC got killed in a completely avoidable way and lucked into getting revived at the start. It's not a great character. Decently entertaining story, but not good writing.


Hunting witches? Im in. ( ° 3 ° ) .


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Best ongoing novel on this site right now. I am at chapter 179 and cant wait for more. Storyline, MC, character development, cliff hangers - all top notch


It’s a story about a misogynist in a misandrist world. BUt there’s hardly any difference in this world and any other generic plain medieval world on this platform. There are a lot of other minor things that bothered me enough to drop it without reading to full but I’ll mention the most glaring. The mc is supposed to be super smart but the author can’t write him smart. So they made others stupid. He will mention the most obvious common sense stuff and then say others were blown away by his intelligence. He’s basically the one eyed king in the land of blind. The world is misandrist but there’s hardly anything mentioned about it. (Except maybe male red light districts. If it even counts as one.) And the repeated (and frankly stupid in this kind of story based novel) trope about mc ”conquering” women to the point of belief reversal with his tool. Anyway I’ve avoided spoilers (I think). This was not for me. Though author’s grammar is fine(which is a prize here), the writing itself can be improved.


literally bought privilege and the author quit writing. not very happy.


Well, looks like another novel is being dropped.. Paid so much on Privilege too... Sad to see it go like that.


exp is my sword.... Exp my point... Exp my life... EXP MY EXISTENCE!!!! Now go and read this masterpiece, thank you[img=recommend][img=recommend]


Honestly the author wrote a great story here with lots and lots of potential but they stopped updating and left no reason why, if they ever come back I’d probably keep reading it but from now on if I see an interesting book and the authors other novels were dropped I probably won’t read them or I’ll wait until it’s completed. Sucks to spend money for something and it goes to waste.


just a question: why is your update schedule so chaotic? i really hate when am waiting hours and refreshing every 10 min and at the end there is no update please at least follow the schedule you have given the readers and inform us when to expect the next chapters am not sure if should continue reading the novel as sometimes it feels like you are going to drop it same happened with prime originator too i really loved the story and the world building but one day you stoped then i found out later that you haven't dropped it


started pretty good but is losing momentum in the past 50 chapters. (reviewing this at chapters 140). The pace slowed down to a snail and author spend several chapters to write about daily life of mc (in novel time, not even a week went by in the past 60 chapters). and it's not even a high intensity arc. mc is just stopping by in a town, reading books and flirting around. I will give this a shot again when more chapters are release but I seriously hope author picks up the pace where the story moves forward each chapter. right now I feel like I can skip 10 chapters without missing anything relevant in the story.


Review as of chapter 93, no spoilers First of all, I can't tell anything about the updating stability yet, as I binged all 93 chapters. 😅 I started this novel for the sm*t, but got hooked by the story, world building and it's charakters. If you like magic theory and an intelligent MC, then this novel is for you! One of the best things is: the system does not feel annoying like in some other novels where every single action HAS to do something with it! It rather blends into the story and world in a wonderful way :) Have fun reading! 😁👍


it's a wonderful story and has nice plot. read the former one and it's good and definitely recommend. Keep trying author. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .


We need more chapters p/w, only 1 chap per week ain’t enough


I only have good things to say about this novel. Honestly, I have never been hooked quite as quickly as I was with this book. The plot is engaging, entertaining and also well thought out. The writing quailty is superb. The dialogue and interactions between characters feels very organic, and character personality quite fleshed out. One of the things I appreciated the most has to be the MC personality and smarts. Instead of taking the route most webnovels do and making everyone else astoundingly dumb to make the main character seem smart, the author has genuinely put in alot of effort towards making the MC come off as a genius compared to those around him, while still keeping the surrounding characters and antagonist smarter than normal. My only regret is that there are only 113 chapters so far, I read everything in just a few hours and just want more.