The WITCH & Billionaire's heart Book

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The WITCH & Billionaire's heart


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Luna Goodwick is no ordinary witch. Her parents are one of the councils in the White Witch Wiccan World. The White Wiccan Elders and the council foresee her power as a threat to the Wiccan World. She was born with a dark heart and she could kill all White Witches unconsciously. And the only way to fix her magic is to clean her heart with true love's heart. The White Wiccan council decided the most difficult decision in their entire race, to send a witch, to send Luna to the human world before her powers full transition, the full moon of her eighteenth birthday. Will Luna Goodwick find her true love? Or will she banish her white witch's race? Or will she destroy the human world? ***DISCLAIMER **** All names, places, text content is used for creativity and entertainment purposes only. NO offense or any violation intended. Hello lovely readers! Thank you for all your support. Please boost my book by taking time to Vote and tapping the power stone. I would love to hear your thoughts. Don't forget to leave a comment. You are all appreciated. Thank you! L_stellaluna