172 Past Chapter 2: Aki Nijou

"...E-Eehh~, what might you be talking about? Can't you see that Shiria is a bonafide cute girl~❤? See? SEE?" Shiria pushed her full breasts forward emphasizing her words. She even started speaking in English rather than Japanese.

"..." Issei doesn't say anything other than inhaling and exhaling through his smoking pipe. His gaze doesn't stray anywhere other than her eyes.

The way he keeps looking at her makes Shiria starting to have a cold sweat: "Aah, if you keep looking at me with such passionate gaze, even I would be shy, you know~? Although I don't mind having a date with you if that's what you want, but what if your fiancee gets jealous?" She tried brushing it off with a joke but Issei is still staring at her silently.

Under his penetrating gaze, she finally becomes deflated and automatically confirmed Issei's suspicion.

"A-Ahahah, that's a first for someone to see through Shiria's gender right away." Akaya forced a laugh.

"Uuu, my first time meeting such a hottie and he discovered my deepest secret right away... But just so you know! Shiria is thoroughly a girl inside her heart! What matters the most is not the outside but what's on the inside!" She was feeling depressed a minute ago but then she suddenly regained her energy back and stated with confidence: "So take responsibility!"

"While I admit pointing out your secret is a bit rude of me... But why should I take responsibility?" Issei said while looking at her confusedly.

She truly sees herself as a girl 100% without a single doubt and it's not really his business. But why should he take responsibility?

"Isn't it obvious? You've taken ahold of a cute maiden's deepest secret, if you were to spread it around, Shiria's reputation would plummet instantly! Not only would Shiria's career end, but it would also make me unable to find a good husband in the future! So you need to take responsibility!" Shiria explained with a "grievance".

She's acting like a mistress who was about to be abandoned by their lover...

"Then won't he also apply to that logic of yours?" Issei pointed at Akaya who shivered immediately: "After all, he seems to already know this secret of yours from the start."

"Commander Akaya doesn't count since he's more like a father figure more than anything." Shiria instantly denied it.

Akaya somehow felt awkward and relieved at the same time... Why is it that, even though he is supposed to be happy to not becoming a boyfriend for his cute teammate since "she" is a guy, he also feels bitter for being seen as a father figure?

Even his other teammates nodded their heads in agreement. How saddening...

Don't get him wrong. Shiria is very cute but to be asked to be her boyfriend is kinda... yeah... no, thank you. He likes girls and everything that is cute but to like a cute "boy" is a no no.

"...It's my bad for revealing your secret but you can feel rest assured that I won't tell anyone else about it." Issei said after a brief pause.

"I don't trust you! Now, take responsibility!" Shiria leaned forward and asked Issei with passionate eyes.

"I refuse. I already have a fiancee as you can see."

"...Hmm, true... I don't want to be a thieving cat... But all is fair in love and war!" At first, Shiria was feeling perplexed but she suddenly regained her spirit in the next second.

"What love you little brat. We just met today... There's no love between us." Issei said speechlessly.

"Haven't you heard about love at first sight?" Shiria giddily said: "And Shiria isn't a little brat! She's already a full-fledged lady!" Once again, she pushed her full breasts outward to make her point.

"The size of your breasts doesn't reflect your age. And for all I know, that might also be a fake." Issei calmly refuted her claim.

"It's not fake! Here! Touch it! You can feel the springiness and the firmness of my bouncy breasts clearly! There's no silicon involved!" Shiria felt insulted that Issei thought that her breasts were fake! They were real, alright?!

She immediately went forward and tried to grab Issei's hand wanting to put it towards her breasts but Issei avoided it... Although, that doesn't stop her from trying again and again until she finally just decided to push her entire breasts towards his face.

"Keep your distance, you little brat. Don't push your breasts towards me." Issei groaned in annoyance.

"No need to be shy, you can touch them~"

"I'm not being shy you idiot!"

"...Somehow, he seems very easy to talk to, isn't he?" Demitra whispered.

"...Um, indeed. It's so surprising that I even started doubting if he was a different person from last night." Yan Ming who's at her side responded.

They looked at the bantering Issei and Shiria and couldn't help but feel a little surreal.

Akaya also secretly heaved a sigh of relief seeing this commotion before him.

It looks like he is indeed not a violent or evil man. Well, maybe not violent isn't really correct after what he saw next.



Issei finally knocked Shiria head.

She crouched on the floor while holding her hurting head.

"Enough." Issei said annoyedly: "You can be a girl or whatever you want, just don't bother me."

"How could you hit a girl's head so easily like that?" She said while pouting.

"Hahaha, okay, let's stop it right here, Shiria." Akaya laughed: "Once again, nice to meet you, Hyoudou-dono."

"Mm." Issei nodded slightly at his greeting.

"Let us introduce ourselves once again..." Akaya then introduced himself followed by his team.

Minerva and Shiria also told Issei their body measurement but all they received is a deadpan look from him much to their disappointment.

"With that out of the way... Issei-dono, we're here to offer something to you. We're wondering if..."

"I refuse." Issei cut off Akaya's words before he could finish.

"Eh? But, I still haven't..." Akaya trailed off.

"You're probably going to ask me to do something troublesome such as joining your Venus team or whatnot. Well, even if that's not it, I would still refuse anything that you offered." Issei said calmly.

He has been in this scenario before after all. Especially in a world where there's monsters running rampant or some super villain. The authority of that world would always invite him to join their team much to his annoyance...

He intentionally lured all those monsters from last night but that's only because he wanted to protect his wife's family. If not, he won't bother...

This world is not on his last legs so there's really no reason for him to lend a hand. Besides, the team in front of him is pretty capable of handling those monsters.

He doubts that they're the only team in this world that is dealing with them.

Akaya's words got stuck in his throat since what Issei said is on point. He was about to ask Issei to join his team since he seems very powerful.

They all saw how easily he killed all those monsters last night so they thought they could invite him to join their team but...

"U-Umm, let's hear me out first..." Akaya forced a smile.

"I'm here to accompany Aki and that's that." Issei stated without a room for argument.

When Akaya was about to say something else, numerous fireflies ranging from all colors gathered and started to take shape surrounding Issei startling Akaya and his team.

"Those are..." Minerva opened her eyes wide open after sensing a large amount of <Element>.

The <Element> started to take shape of a tiny humanoid figure and depending on their elements, they have a unique trait of their own.

Such as the fire element that take shape of a blazing spirit that is surrounded by flames, the ice element that take shape of a snow woman, and so on.

All elements are present with one leader of each element. For example, the snow woman who clearly different from her brethren and a size bigger than the rest. She also has a miniature crown on top of her head.

If her kindred is at the size of a ping pong ball, then she's at the size of a basketball.

When they've finished taking shape, they started to chirp around Issei and Aki with a joyful expression.

"What is..." Akaya and his team dumbfoundedly looked at the sight before them.

Aki who saw their shocked expression giggled to herself. Looks like not even the <Element> of her world could resist his charm...

[King! King! King!] The Elemental spirits hummed a tune joyfully.

Akaya and the others couldn't understand their language but they could see them which is a first.

Usually, only Minerva could "see" these spirits and even they're extremely rare and she could only see their blurry outline. Seeing them fully materialized like this is a first for her...

Issei raised his eyebrows while observing them... They're a bit different than the spirits that he knows but not that different.

He extended his left hand and touched the Ice Spirit leader's head gently to inspect it.

The Ice Spirit let out a giggling sound enjoying his touch. The other Spirit leader who saw this felt envious so they immediately crowded Issei's entire body.

One of them tugged onto his hair, another is on his shoulder, another is on his back. Some were even bold enough to repeatedly peck his cheek. Perhaps if he wasn't holding his smoking pipe, they would've peck his lips as well...

His aura is almost like a drug to them.

In no time, almost his entire body is covered by the spirits' leaders. Only their leader crowded him while the other lower-ranked spirits crowded towards Aki instead.

Issei didn't react negatively to their action since he knows that most spirits are mischievous and a bit spoiled by nature. They possess a pure heart that dislikes conflict but that doesn't mean they won't retaliate if they're threatened.

In a way, they're just like children.

Once he finishes inspecting the spirit, he pulled his hand back from the ice spirit head much to her disappointment. But soon she chirped happily and joined her kindred spirit to crowd his entire body.

"This..." Akaya's team becomes thoroughly speechless.

Akaya inadvertently looked at the smiling Aki looking for an answer.

Aki who realizes his gaze said: "This is not something that can be explained briefly... And, I won't tell you anything unless Ise-san allows me to."

Akaya who heard this sighed bitterly to himself. Looks like she has completely given her heart to Issei...

"Well, if there's nothing else then..." Aki was about to end their meeting here when Minerva interrupted politely.

"Please wait."

"Hm?" Aki and Issei looked at her.

"Minerva?" Even her teammates are looking at her cluelessly.

"We understand that you're unwilling to join our team... But can you lend us assistance if the need arises?" Minerva asked with a smile.

"..." Issei looked at her a few moments before he exhaled through his smoking pipe and said: "I don't mind. This world is Aki's home after all."

"Then we give our thanks in advance." Minerva bowed deeply not missing the hidden meaning of what Issei just said.

'This world?' She thought silently to herself. There's something off with how he said it...

"If I may add something else." Yan Min took this chance to add something: "Can you train us?" She asked hopefully.

"No." Is what Issei said almost instantly.

"..." Yan Ming frowned before she gives a disappointed sigh.

She truly wanted to get stronger... Seeing the man before them are clearly an expert, it would be extremely beneficial for them if they could be trained by him.

But since he refuses then there's nothing that they could do.

What can they even offer in return for his service anyway? From their investigation, they know that he's rich so money is automatically out of the question.

Aki suddenly thought of something before she whispered lightly: "Ise-san."

"Hm?" Issei responded.

Aki then leaned towards him and whispered something to his ear.

Issei thought for a moment once he heard her words.

"...If you wanted to then sure." Finally, Issei nodded at her request.

"Thank you, Ise-san." Aki smiled in response.

"Fool, is there any need to say thank you between us?" Issei said lovingly before he pulled her into his lap and proceed to kiss her hair.

Aki blushed deeply at his action. She acted like a tame kitten inside his embrace.

The girls who saw this display of affection also had their faces flushed but their reaction is quite different from each other.

Minerva took out a sketchbook who knows from where and started scribbling the scene before her in excitement.

Shiria flashed a dreamy and jealous look at them while muttering: "Ah... If he also did the same thing to me... Kyaah~❤" She started hugging herself while letting out a girlish squeal.

Yan Min and Demitra couldn't help coughed weakly with their cheeks blushing furiously.

The two lolis covered their face with both their hand but they still peeked at them through the gap between their fingers while Akaya is stupefied at the sight of the current Aki.

They have seen how their commander flirts around girls but this is just on a whole another level... If they have to make a comparison, their commander is a middle schooler while Issei is a bonafide adult.

"All right... Let's go." Issei urged Aki: "Unless you want me to carry you just like usual then I don't mind." But he didn't forget to tease her.

Aki who heard him had her already red face turned another shade redder and she hastily stood up on her own.

"Too bad... I haven't held you enough just yet." Issei chuckled.

"I-Ise-san!" Aki teared up at his teasing.

Issei laughed one last time before he also stood up.

His expression reverted to his calm self and said towards Akaya's group: "If you want training then follow us."

With that said, he walked outside the room followed by the embarrassed Aki. The spirits are still clinging to their body despite their earlier interaction.

Only after Issei said a few words to them that they reluctantly left his body but they're still lingering around him.

Yan Min and the others looked at each other before they also followed after them leaving behind the stupefied Akaya.

Why is it that it feels like he just got replaced? Akaya thought wryly to himself but soon he also left the room and go after them.


"..." Akaya's team dumbfoundedly looked at the scenery before them.

Weren't they just enter through a door? How come a whole hill and mountains suddenly appeared before them? It's like they just stepped into another dimension...

They can see some unknown animals roaming around the sky and the forests not far from their location. A giant beast that is the size of a whale, a bird-like beast who has multiple wings, a winged white tiger-like beast, and is that an actual Dragon that they see?!

There's a single towering tree in the distance. The tree height easily bypasses the cloud above them and they couldn't see the top no matter how hard they try.

It's like... It's like they just stepped into a fantasy world!

"Welcome to <Fantasy>." Aki welcomed them with a thin smile.

They speechlessly looked at her demanding an explanation.

"In this place, you can train yourself indefinitely. Whether it be physical, spiritual, or even mental training... Ah, do note that this place is basically still a prototype so there may be some mishap that could happen but it shouldn't be life-threatening." Aki explained: "Now, that's a brief explanation from our part... If you're still interested then please put on this bracelet."

Aki snapped her finger and golden bracelets presented themselves before Akaya's party.

They dazedly looked at the bracelet before them still feeling baffled by the whole situation.

Issei who's also present didn't say anything and he keeps inspecting the dimension in case something needs to be fixed. The spirits are still flocking around him but Issei isn't bothered by them.

"Ummm... Just how are we supposed to do the training again?" Akaya inquired.

"By defeating the creatures that you see of course." Aki responded: "Think of this place just like an RPG game. The more monsters you kill, the stronger you get. Simple, right?"

"..." The corner of their mouth started twitching after hearing her explanation. That doesn't really explain anything, to be honest... Sure, the concept seems simple enough but... how? How does it work?

"I understand your doubt so why don't you try killing a few horned rabbits over there after you put on the bracelet? Don't worry, we're not trying to trick you or cause harm for that matter." Aki patiently explained.

Akaya and his teammates looked at each other for a few moments before Akaya is the first to put on the bracelet while saying: "Let's just try it, girls. There's no harm anyway. Aki is not an evil person, this, I guarantee you."

"We're not really worried about them hurting us... With their strength, they don't need to resort to trickeries if they really want to harm us." Demitra said calmly while putting on the bracelet.

"What Demitra said." Yan Min nodded in agreement. She too also put on her bracelet followed by the rest of the girls.

"So all we need to do is kill one of them, right?" Yan Min asked for confirmation.

"Yes." Aki simply nodded.

Yan Min nodded faintly before she locked onto a seemingly harmless horned rabbit in the distance and sprang into action.

The targeted bunny doesn't react until Yan Min is right in front of it but by then, it's already too late.

With a swift strike, Yan Min immediately killed the rabbit. There's no blood that gushes out from the now dead rabbit and after a few seconds, it turned into a particle of lights and entered her bracelet.

"This is..." Yan Min gasped in amazement sensing the surge of "experience" influencing her body.

The feeling is extremely faint but she could feel it... She could feel that her strength grows by a tiny margin.

"How is it, Yan Min? Any changes?" Demitra come close to her and asked.

"Um... It is very faint but I can feel it... I can feel my strength grows by a tiny bit." Yan Min nodded positively.

"Eh eh, really?" Shiria exclaimed in surprise.

They crowded together discussing the feeling Yan Min just felt. Only Ayaka stays behind standing beside Aki.

"Aki... Just who is your fiancee?" Akaya asked seriously: "His strength aside... This whole place is already beyond what a Maken could do. Even Minerva Maken which is capable of sending someone to another dimension pales in comparison."

Aki ignored his question by feigning ignorance. She keeps tapping on the projection screen in front of her without having the intention of replying to Akaya's question.

Akaya who saw this could only sigh bitterly to himself.

"Master." A respectful voice resounded near Issei in the distance.

Esdeath's group presented themselves behind him.

Ranging from Esdeath, Altair, Sirius, Naru, Zin, Xiaotao, Lieyan, and Bing'er.

They immediately kneeled after they've arrived.

The eight of them are wearing a matching military uniform and hat but with a different color. The <ECH> symbol is etched on their clothes and hat.

But Esdeath can be seen wiping her hand with a piece of cloth and the very same cloth is stained with a red color.

"M-Master? To what honor do we owe your early visit?" Esdeath exclaimed in a panic since she's not very presentable at the moment.

She used her magic to wipe her whole body clean and even secret took out a bottle of perfume and proceed to spray it around her body.

She destroyed the stained cloth and created a small piece of ice to look at her reflection to see if there's any blemish on her face.

Once all that is done, she acts as if nothing just happened. All of this only takes three seconds with how fast she moves...

Altair and the others snickered at her frantic action. Who told her to keep messing around with those 'rats'?

Esdeath sends them a quick glare before setting her gaze aside since Issei started speaking.

"Any abnormalities?" Issei asked without looking in their direction.

"None, Master. This world you created is flawless so far." Altair replied.

"As your first world creation, we must say that it's almost perfect, Master." Lieyan said praisingly.

"Um... As Lieyan and Altair said. Except for the 'creatures' which serve as mere decoration, the rest is flawless." Xiaotao nodded in agreement.

"...And it looks like you've brought a 'willing' test subject for the next phase." Esdeath glanced at Akaya's group who finally realized their presence.

Esdeath's eyes glistened slightly at the group of newcomers.

"...Esdeath." Sirius reminded the slightly excited Esdeath.

"Ah, apologies... It's been a while ever since we have a new 'guest'." Esdeath said with a smirk: "The current 'guests' are... not up to satisfactory anymore, you might say."

While the spirits that are surrounding Issei have innocent personality. Esdeath, Altair, and Sirius are not normal spirits since they've been influenced by Issei's memories and divine energy.

Hence, they're not really "innocent" any longer. As can be seen from Esdeath's sadistic tendencies.

"They're not that kind of guest." Issei said: "Well, I will have them stay in this world for a while. See if there are any anomalies during their stay here. You girls can observe them if you like but don't harm them."

"Yes, Master." They said in unison.

"Shall we bring the immigrants here as well while we're at it, Master?" Xiaotao added.

"...Let's wait for a while longer." Issei said after thinking for a moment.


Once the report is done, they stood up while still maintaining a respectful stance.

"Aki." Issei called out.

Aki who heard his voice immediately went to his side.

"Any problem?" He asked Aki who just observed Yan Min's progress.

"None, Ise-san... It looks like it's been a success so far. But further investigation might be needed for a more accurate result." Aki said.

"Hmm..." Issei hummed to himself and give a thoughtful look.

"Who are they?" Yan Min group whispered amongst themselves while looking at Esdeath's.

"From the way they're treating him... They're probably his underlings?" Demitra said thoughtfully.

"So it's safe to say that he's a big shot right? Not many people nowadays would just kneel like that to someone! And their uniforms... It's just like us! They're wearing a matching uniform just like from the military does!" Shiria mumbled with sparkling eyes.

She started imagining what Issei would look like on one of those uniforms... She almost drooled at her imagination... A super hottie clad in a cool military outfit and holding a whip while looking at the tied-up her with an evil smirk... Kyaaah~❤!

Shiria's friends looked at the squirming girl with a deadpan look... Isn't it obvious? Not to mention his strength, even his wealth is so astronomical that he probably could buy their whole organization if he wanted to.

And what's with all that squirming? Minerva also seems to be acting the same as her though...

But she has a point. They seem to be wearing a matching military uniform just like them even though they don't recognize from what country or organization the uniform is.

So at the very least, he must be a commander of some sort? They noted this new piece of information inside their mind.

"It's too bad that he already has a fiancee though... Ah, perhaps we could be his mistresses?" Minerva suddenly said with a smile after snapping out of her delusion.

"Ohh, not a bad idea~! Perhaps we could steal his heart one day and be his main wife!" Shiria exclaimed in agreement: "Of course, I don't plan on losing to you either, Minerva-chan!"

"The feeling is mutual," Minerva smirked back.

They ended their words with a handshake as if they reached some sort of a deal.

"Cut that out you two..." Demitra sighed tiredly looking at these comedic duos.

The two of them stuck out their tongue mischievously.

While they're joking around with each other, an exquisite and eyecatching large golden fox approached Issei with a light step.

The golden fox size is as large as a lion and it has nine tails fluttering behind it.

Issei who saw this golden fox had his gaze filled with tenderness and also a little blaming look.

The golden fox on the other hand has a mischievous look on its face.

Once it arrived at his side, the golden fox nuzzled its head towards his neck.

"What are you doing here? I thought I told you to go rest." Issei questioned it while stroking its head and said in a scolding tone.

"Fufufu, my body is not that weak that it couldn't handle a little walk, dear." The golden fox mewled at him.

"*Sigh* You know this place is not fully safe yet, Yasaka... Don't be negligent with your and our child safety," Issei said with a sigh.

"This world is safe enough for our kind, dear. No need to worry." Yasaka said with a giggle: "Ah, apologies for intruding to your alone time together, Aki-san." She said apologetically at Aki.

"It's fine, Yasaka-san. I don't mind at all." Aki said with a smile: "If anything, I might need some help to handle Ise-san at night..." She wryly said at the end.

"Ara? Ufufufu, I don't think I can help you with that one... Even if all of us sisters band together, we still couldn't outlast him after all." The two girls giggled at each other.

"So... Who are they? New sister candidates?" Yasaka said teasingly while looking at Shiria's little group.

"..." The corner of Issei's mouth twitched at her teasing: "No, they're not..."

"Hmm, I wonder... Kunou would surely sulk if she were here though. Thankfully she's with the others right now." Yasaka giggled.

"Okay, let's continue our talk later." Issei said before setting his gaze at Shiria's group.

He beckoned them to come closer.

"Aki has already said this but let me say this again... This place is not completely stable yet hence, your safety is not guaranteed. You're free to back out anytime you want but note that once you do back out, you will not be able to re-enter this place and your memory will be erased." He said to them once they arrived to his front.

"Umm, but Aki said that it's not life-threatening, right?" Akaya pointed out.

"The life-threatening here isn't really like what you think..." Issei frowned slightly. They won't exactly die since he can revive them but that doesn't mean that they won't "die".

"In summary, do expect at least putting yourself in great danger. You won't die but that's that. You might still lose a limb or two." Issei concluded in a cold tone.

They trembled after hearing his cold voice. It made them remember the first night that they meet.

"So, are you still sure about this?"

It took them a few seconds to get their bearings back but soon they looked at each other and gives a firm nod.

"Of course. It would be weirder if there's no danger involved to get stronger. In fact, it would disappoint me if there isn't." Yan Min answered with a smile and her tone is very firm.

Her friends also nodded along in agreement.

Issei only gives a plain nod at their words.

"Well, let's hope you don't take your words back... Then feel free to explore this place. You can go back anytime you want by asking Esdeath and the others. Esdeath, go tell them more about the world. You can train them if you want." Issei said before he turned away.

"As you wish, Master." Esdeath said with a faint smile. Train them? Oh, she's 'train' them alright...

Issei went away with Aki and Yasaka in tow. After a few steps, the three of them disappeared on the spot...

"Okay, you lot. You're dealing with me now." Esdeath grinned at the shivering group who saw her grin.

"Don't be too rough on them, Esdeath. They're still our 'guests' after all." Altair chuckled humorously.

"...Don't take things too far or Master will be angry." Sirius chimed in.

"Jeez, you and your hobby. Boring..." Lieyan yawned uninterestedly.

"I still don't understand why you love torturing people..." Xiaotao shook her head in confusion.

"That's because it's fun!" Esdeath said refreshingly.

They could only shake their head at her words. Just who did she take after? Their master doesn't like torturing people unless they touch his reverse scale.

Shiria's group shivered even more greatly upon hearing their conversation.

"U-Umm, can we still back out?" Minerva raised her hand tremblingly.

"Too late!" Esdeath's grin widened.

Soon, their scream resounded clearly on the vast new world...

Thus, their hellish 'training' begins...

Such days went on, where they're being 'trained' by Esdeath. Only she alone did the 'training' while Altair and the others are not interested.


Issei lay on the bed wearing a disgruntled and also resignment expression seeing the young woman crawling on top of his body.

She's a young woman in her late adolescent years, with a fair skin complexion and an extremely alluring figure. Bountiful breasts, full hips, thin waist...

She has long, straight silver hair that runs all the way down to her hips with several bangs framing her forehead, and has striking slitted red eyes.

On her forehead, there is a white, crescent moon-shaped mark turned a full 90-degrees clockwise.

Her most striking feature is her white fox ears and nine large fox tail that is swaying around behind her back.

She's wearing a modified red short kimono. Her bountiful breasts peaked out of the gap from her upper part creating a lust-inducing valley and her peachy butt is practically out in the open with how short the kimono length is.

Under her kimono, she doesn't wear anything else...

The woman exhaled a heated sigh while looking at Issei with her lust-filled and predatory eyes. Her slitted red eyes glow briefly before she proceeds to lick Issei from his abs up to his lips...

"Haah~, so delish~" She sighed in contentment while lapping her seductive lips with her lilac tongue.

"..." Issei could only heave another sigh seeing his current predicament. His entire body feels extremely hot right now and he could barely retain his sanity... if he were to let go just for a moment then all hell would break loose and that's not exactly what he wanted.

Not like the current predicament is also what he want though... He should've listened to them... He thought bitterly to himself once again.

The woman grinds her peachy butt across his lower half staining Issei's pants with her juice.

"Aha~❤!" The woman exclaimed happily seeing she that got the reaction she wants sensing the pitching tent that is currently poking her butt: "I can't wait any longer..." She hastily tried to take Issei's pants off.

"...Mihime..." Issei muttered bitterly.

"Mm~? Don't stop me now... I've waited far too long for this... All of us does~❤" The woman named Mihime whined acting spoiled.

Behind her, a group of naked young women also slowly crept upon their location.

After Mihime finally succeeded in freeing the sealed Dragon out of its seal, all of the women gasped in amazement before their breathing grows more rapid.

"As promised, I'll go first since I'm the one who managed to spike his drink~❤" Mihime said towards the impatient group of women.

Although they're feeling discontented, they still decide to follow the agreement they had and wait for their turn.

"Muh? You haven't started yet?" Another woman entered the room in a carefree manner.

She's a beautiful woman with white long hair that reaches her hips. Her eyes are heterochromia colored, one of them is golden while the other is red.

She could be seen carrying an intricately designed katana with a coiling Dragon on the scabbard.

Her clothes are in tatter though... And there are shallow cuts all over her body but it can only be counted as a mere scratch.

"Oya~? You're done already? Did you actually win?" Mihime exclaimed in surprise.

Even the other women in the room are also surprised by her arrival.

"Mmh... I won't say that I actually win. She was clearly holding back or I wouldn't have arrived so soon or even arrive at all for that matter." The woman heaved a sigh while recalling her fight just now: "She doesn't even use her spear back then... I'm still pale in comparison to our elder sisters. Thankfully they're currently away or our plan would fail."

"Fufufu, as expected of her, I guess... But seeing how she let you win, then it's safe to say that she gave us her blessing." Mihime chuckled before she continues saying: "So, will you be joining us, Lucia?"

"But of course. We've planned this for a long time now... It would be stupid if I don't participate." Lucia snorted before she stored her katana away.

She proceeds to rip off her tattered clothes in a straightforward manner and there's no shame in her expression as if being seen naked is not a big deal.

"Could you heal my injuries? It would be disrespectful for me to embrace his body while I'm in this state." She said towards Mihime.

"Sure thing." Mihime used her magic to heal her wound and in no time at all, Lucia's body returned to its flawless state.

She has a toned body and yet it still looks soft and her skin is pearly white. A pair of D-cup breasts. Long legs that would put any supermodel to shame... Overall, she has a perfect body just like the rest of the women in the room albeit not as alluring as the fox woman before her.

"Thanks." She nodded in gratitude before she steps closer to the bed and her eyes homed in on Issei. Her cheeks become slightly flushed and the desire in her eyes couldn't be more obvious.

Seeing the towering dragon on his lower half made her entire body feel burning hot.

"Hurry up. It's my turn next." She urged Mihime.

"Sure sure~. Now where were we... Oh right. It's time for you to take my, no... Our virginity, O-t-o-u-s-a-m-a~❤"

Then she lowered her body to connect their body together...


Issei's eyes snapped wide open right before the contact.

He looked around the room and heaved a sigh of relief seeing the two women by his side.

They're none other than Yasaka and Aki who are currently laid exhausted on the bed.

He becomes utterly confused by his dream just now... but ultimately decides that it must've only been a bad dream. He only has one daughter right now so there's no way that dream could be real.

It must be true since he will never see his daughters as a woman. They will forever be his little princesses! He declared proudly to himself inside his mind.

"Muu... dear?" Yasaka eyes fluttered open slightly sensing his sudden movement.

"It's nothing, just go back to sleep." Issei said gently before kissing her forehead.

"Did you dreamt of something?" Yasaka asked.

"Well... I dreamt of our child." Issei chuckled wryly.

"Fufufu... To think that you even dream of them even before they were born..." Yasaka giggled lightly: "I wonder what should we name our first child... I was thinking... Maybe Mihime?"

"Err..." Issei who heard her words had his body went stiff.

"What's wrong? You didn't like it?"

"No, it's just... I was thinking of another name." Issei hastily said after a brief pause.

"Oh?" Yasaka propped her head with her hand waiting for him to continue.

"How about... Yuel instead? Let's use Mihime for another time." Issei said with a sweat.

"Yuel? Fufu, how doting can you be... Using the same initials as my name... But I love it." Yasaka smilingly said: "Okay, let's use Yuel for our first child."

You might ask why they don't prepare a name if it was for a boy. That's because they already found out that the child in her belly is a girl a month ago.

"Alright, then it's settled... Go back to sleep for now." Issei said.

"Um..." Yasaka nodded weakly with a smile before she returned back to the land of dreams.

Seeing this, slowly gets up from the bed and looked down the window.

He and his two wives are inside their temporary abode. Which is at the top of the Yggdrasil tree.

The reason why most worlds he rules over have a Yggdrasil tree is because the tree could help him maintain the world and made them flourish. Just like its name implies, a tree that binds the world and binds earth, hell, and heaven together.

He observed the team Venus current condition and after a few moments of observing, he doesn't sense any abnormalities inside their body. Looks like so far so good, he nodded to himself.

He noted that normal humans seem able to live normally in this world.

He wear his clothes and stepped outside heading towards his daily routine for the day. He need to finish his routine before his wives wakes up so he can't waste too many time.

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