143 Epilogue

Issei is still standing in front of the window while Sirzechs and the others are situated nearby.

"Why don't you take a seat, Issei-san?" Michael inquired.

"No need... I won't be staying for long. I'm only here to look around the school for a bit. Call me being nostalgic if you want since this place is where it all started." Issei said while looking outside the window.

The side view of his otherworldly countenance and the slight smile adorning his lips made the ladies in the room become lovestruck all over again... They keep looking at him with a captivated expression.

It's as if he's a God's descent.... oh wait, he is a God now, isn't he? The highest-ranked God in history in fact.

But here he is lacking interest in his current status and his personality barely changes compared to the old him.

It's that selfless side of him that attracts them to him before...

"H-How are Rose and your other wives doing, Issei-kun?" Odin asked feeling a little awkward with the current atmosphere.

Heck, Odin is not the only one who feels this way. These group of girls looks like they almost couldn't hold themselves back from pouncing on him!

The lovestruck aura they radiate is too overwhelming...

Michael is relieved since it seems that even though his little sister gazing at Issei with a slight lustful expression, she doesn't seem to be losing her angelhood.

Looks like Issei's divinity had something to do with it... It appears the Heaven system couldn't bypass his divinity meaning that even if the angels felt lust towards Issei, they wouldn't be affected by the system.

But... he didn't know if he should be happy about this or not... If the female angels were to abandon the heaven and choose to follow him instead then... their angel race will be doomed...

"They're doing very well." Issei replied.

"Why didn't they come with you?" Odin said feeling a little disappointed that Rossweisse didn't tag along with him.

"Err... They're currently exhausted..." Issei smiled wryly while giving an awkward look to them. While the innocent girls didn't really understand what his expression meant, the adults present understand what he's trying to imply.

"Hoho, it's nice to be young... But be careful and don't take things too far, alright? They're currently pregnant after all." Odin said with a laugh.

"Ah, I know."

"So Ise, how many women did you bring home this time?" Azazel asked with a knowing smirk.

"...Why is that the first thing you ask?" Issei asked speechlessly.

"Hm, no reason... It's just that with your current look, I find it highly impossible if you didn't bring a couple more wives home with you... I mean look at them." Azazel pointed at the fidgetting girls' group to the side.

"Even when you're still a pervert back then, you're already quite the lady killer... But now... You're just on a whole another level. There's no way that you don't attract the ladies even more with your current new look. Don't you guys think so as well?"

Azazel asked Sirzechs and the others to which they nodded with a smile. Even the girls nodded with a blush.

Issei doesn't have anything to say to Azazel's words since it's true. But he didn't really have any intention to get more wives in the first place though...

"Well, setting that aside... How are you, Issei?" Azazel asked.

"I'm completely fine as you can see."

"Is there anything you want to tell us? Like what about your last clash with Nyarlathotep? Did you manage to kill it?" All of their expression turned serious when Azazel asked this question.

"No... She's pretty much alive. I thought that I managed to kill her in our last clash but apparently not." Issei said.

"What? Then we should prepare for its return." They said worriedly.

"No need... She's not a threat to me anymore." Issei said with a wave.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I'm stronger than her now. If I wanted to then I could kill her at any given time... but I don't have any reason to do that anymore since I've already sealed most of her power."

"At any given time? You mean... its nearby?" They tensed at this revelation.

"Well... she's back in the <Netherworld>. You could say that she has become one of my servants?" Issei said while tilting his head.

"..." All of their faces started to twitch a lot when they heard his words...

How long was it been since his last showdown with Nyarlathotep? 3 to 4 months? Oh, wait... It's 3 years for him on the other side, right? But that's still amazing!

We're talking about an increase of strength in God class here... not some low tier demon or angel class!

"Hahh... I swear, Ise... You never cease to amaze us..." Azazel said wryly.

"Hoho, I'm feeling more reassured than ever knowing that the man Rose choose as her husband is this outstanding," Odin remarked happily.

Michael and Sirzechs only smile wryly but they're happy that Issei just got stronger.

Since Issei is not evil then it's a good thing that he becomes stronger than ever.


Out of nowhere, three women that have similar features appeared right beside Issei wanting to hug him.

But Issei sidestepped to the side and the three newcomers' faces landed square on the floor.

"Ouch... Why did you avoid our hug, Adan?" This newcomer is none other than the Eve trio.

"Like I said... I'm not Adan." Issei sighed tiredly: "Perhaps I am Adan in my past life but the current me is not the Adan that you know."

"Hahaha! So you've returned, boy?" Another laughter can be heard soon after.

"Qu... Don't be rude. Issei-sama is not a boy anymore."

"Cheh, he's still a boy to me since his age is nowhere close to mine! That makes me his senpai, hahahaha!"

"I don't know how I should retort to your words just now... When lady Millet called you old hag, you're mad at her but here you are admitting that you're basically an old hag yourself."

"It's completely different!"

"What are you here for, QD," Issei said feeling more tired than before.

"I'm sorry to be a bother, Issei-sama." Arthur apologized in her place as usual.

"I'm here to celebrate your return of course! Let's have a drinking party, boy!" QD proceed to take a large bottle of wine out of nowhere.

"No. Did you forget what happens if I were to drink alcohol." Issei refused her outright.

"Oh come on. Don't be a party pooper!" QD pouted childishly.

"Hm? What will happen if you were to drink alcohol, Issei?" Azazel asked curiously.


"He's going to become a beast!" QD said with a grin before he could say anything.

"A beast?" They muttered in unison.

"Yup! A sex beast to be precise!"


"Your Mr. Cassanova here would become a sex-crazed beast that would rape any- Gueh!"

Before she could finish her words, Issei smacked her head.

"You totally deserve that, Qu." Arthur remarked.

"Don't say it as if I'm some sort of deviant," Issei said annoyedly.

"Bhuuu... But it is true though... You literally took on the kalars race all by yourself. There's around a thousand of them at that time and you nailed all of them." QD muttered while rubbing her head.

The girls' body who heard their conversation has their ears perked up.

No matter if it's Sona, Tsubaki, Le Fay, Elmenhilde, or even Gabriel... All of them noted this piece of information that they just obtained.

From the corner of his eyes, Issei noticed the Eve trio discussing something between themselves.

When they realized his gaze, they smiled mischievously at him.

Issei narrowed his eyes at this... They're plotting something...

"I still can't believe that he's Issei, you know..." Aika who has been observing Issei for a while said in disbelief.

"Well, I can understand why you can't believe it but he is indeed Issei Hyoudou himself. I can confirm that... Oh wait, his full name now is Issei Savant Hyoudou." Sona said while adjusting her glasses.

"Hee... By the way, Hyoudou. Where's Asia and the others? I haven't seen them in a while." Aika asked.

Her question made the whole room froze.

"Hm? They're at my home." Issei said offhandedly.

Aika could sense something was off after sensing the atmosphere so she just nodded half understandingly.

"I-Issei-sama!" Le Fay shouted suddenly: "I-I baked some cookies! Please try it if you're willing!"

She presented a bag of heart-shaped cookies to Issei.

"Oh? Sure." Issei took the cookies bag from her hand and proceed to eat one of them.

"It's delicious." Issei praised.

"Th-Thank you very much!"

"It should be me who's thanking you, right?" Issei smiled wryly at her.

"Y-Yes, I-I'm sorry!" Her face becomes more flushed after receiving his praise.

"No, you don't need to apologize either..."

The other girls pouted jealously at their little exchange.

They started thinking that they should've baked some cookies as well before arriving here...

Of course, if Sona were to really bake some cookies of her own then... it would be a completely different story...

Sirzechs and the others heaved a sigh of relief since it seems that Issei doesn't seem to be bothered by Aika's question just now...

"So, Issei... What's your plan from now on?" Azazel asked.

"Hm? My plan?"

"Yeah, now that you're the big shot of the multiverse... What is your next plan?"

"Nothing," Issei said almost immediately.


"I don't really have any plans other than keeping my loved ones safe. Things such as world domination or anything like that are of no interest to me. My only wish is to have my loved ones safe and happy, and that's it. No more no less."

"Hmm, I see... That's just like you I guess..." Azazel said with a smile.

This is what makes him special... Unlike most people who usually dream big. His dream is unbelievably simple... Minus his harem dream from before that is since that dream is big in its own right.

But this is also what makes him who he is...

All of them shares the same thought.

"You should aim higher, boy." QD said with a click of her tongue: "Perhaps you should go control the whole multiverse! That would be so much fun!"

"No. That would only be a bother for me. The amount of paperwork I need to sign would be enormous and my time with my wives and little princess would be reduced by a lot." Issei stated as a matter of fact.

"I feel you, brother." The four faction leaders said with a knowing smile.

It seems that not even the almighty Godking could face the dreaded paperwork.

"Wait... Little princess?" Azazel repeated in confusion.

As if right on cue, there's a spatial opening that appeared above Issei's head.

"Father!" And from it, Shirayuki pops out with her arms outstretched and a huge smile on her face.

Issei caught his little princess with a smile: "What are you doing here, little princess? Where's your mother?"

"This one is here, husband..." Shen Xi emerged from the same spatial opening.

They've already discussed before that in front of Shirayuki, Shen Xi would call him husband. So that she doesn't get suspicious of their relationship.

"Don't let her out of your sight, understand?" Issei said with a slight frown.

Even though Issei has already erected multiple barriers surrounding Shirayuki just in case some idiot wanted to harm her just like that trash before, he still won't let his little princess left unattended.

"This one understands." Shen Xi said obediently with a thin smile adorning her face. She's happy that her lord husband is this caring towards their daughter.

"Muu, father!" Shirayuki protested.

"Mm? What's wrong, little princess?"

"Why didn't you bring me with you!" She puffed her cheeks at him.

"Err, sorry... How about as an apology father will bring you to lots of places to play after this?" Issei said in a spoiling tone.

"Really? Yay!" She cheered almost instantly.

The DxD group are slackjawed at the sight of Shirayuki.

Alike... This little girl is so alike with him...

"I-Issei... Is this..."

"Yep. She's my daughter. My little princess and the apple of my eye." Issei said proudly.

"O-Oh... And is this lady your new wife that you obtained from the other world?"

"Her name is Shen Xi and... It's a long story," Issei said with a wave.

They could sense something was off with how Issei interact with Shen Xi. He's a bit cold towards her compared to his other wives... They concluded that there must be something more than meet the eyes between them so they don't ask any more questions...

"Father, who are they?" Shirayuki finally notices Azazel and the others.

"They're father's friends." Issei informed her while patting her head: "Now little princess. Introduce yourself to them just like how we practiced beforehand."

"En!" Shirayuki nodded obediently.

She goes down from Issei's lap before she introduces herself: "Nice to meet all of you. My name is Shirayukihime Savant Hyoudou... But you can call me Shirayuki. I'm currently three years old and I hope we can be friends." She ended her introduction with a slight bow and a wide smile.

All of them there, regardless of gender felt like their heart has been shot with an arrow right in the center.

"Kyaa! So cute!" The girls shouted at the same time. Their reaction is similar to Semiramis and the others when they first saw her.

But this time Shirayuki is prepared so she no longer feels afraid.

"Sh-She can be considered my great-granddaughter right, Issei-kun?!" Odin said excitedly.

"She could but I would prefer if you don't scare her with your enthusiasm."

"She's basically your split image, Issei... Seriously though, if she were to grow up then she would absolutely become a stunning beauty just like her parents." Azazel smirkingly said.

"I won't give her to you. Even if it's you, Azazel-sensei." Issei said seriously.

"...I never said I want to take her away though..." Azazel said with a sweat.

Sirzechs looks at Shirayuki with a regretful gaze. If Rias didn't mess up... this little cutie would've been his niece...

Michael on the other hand only looks at Shirayuki with a gentle smile. Knowing their parents then this little lady would be a kind lady when she grows up.

That means the peace they currently have will go on. The last thing they need is an offspring of the strongest True God going on a rampage...

"Well, I believe it's time for me to go. Come, little princess. Father will take you to lots of places to play." Issei called Shirayuki who's currently being cuddled by Gabriel.

"Okay! See you later big sisters!" Shirayuki excused herself with a wide smile.

The girls returned her wave with a smile of their own.

Issei then picked her up.

"Then I'll see all of you later." Issei said with a smile.

The girls nodded shyly at him while the guys waved back.

And with that, Issei leaves the room with Shirayuki in his arm.

Shen Xi gives a little bow at them before she followed Issei.

The girls felt a little disappointed seeing Issei leave...

"What do you think of that woman just now? The way Issei treated her seems a little off if you ask me." Azazel said when Issei disappears from their sight.

"Eh, that woman hasn't been really accepted by him to be his mate. We Dragons always give our mate a <Mark> and knowing that boy's personality coupled with the fact that woman didn't have his <Mark> on her so it's safe to say that woman probably took advantage of him during his defenseless state or something." QD said with a lack of interest.

All of them there know that Shen Xi is a Dragon because of the aura she radiates.

At this point in time, they've grown accustomed to a Dragon aura since almost all of Issei's wives are Dragons themselves.

With the exception of Semiramis, Forzelotte, and Scathach. The Kalars' are a mix in between their primordial ancestor and Issei's draconic essence so they could be considered half-dragon as well.

"So envious... I wanted to bear Adan's child once again..." The Eve trio said in pity.

"You've given birth plenty enough with the original Adan, Eve. And it's better if you stop calling him Adan since he already loses the memories when he's still Adan... You will only annoy him if you keep this up." QD said with a snort: "Come Arthur, let's go back."

"Well... since Ada- I mean Issei, is no longer here then we will take our leave as well. Ah wait, Qu... Can you lend me that invention of yours? That one you told me about, the one that shaped like red and white ball?"

"Oh, that thing huh... I don't mind lending it to you but, if you want to use that thing to make the boy become drunk then you better forget it since I doubt he would fall for the same trick twice."

"Hehe, don't worry about that. We will think of something when the time comes~"

While they're still having their little exchange with each other, they disappeared into the spatial opening QD created...

Once they disappeared, the faction leaders look at each other speechlessly.

"Issei-sama's child... I want one as well..." Le Fay muttered in a daze.

The girls who heard her mutter started imagining having kids of their own and they unintentionally blushed...

"Ne ne, So-tan..." Serafall nudged at her dazed sister.

"A-Ah? Wh-What's wrong, onee-sama?"

Serafall then whispered something to Sona...

Sona who heard her big sister's whispering had her face turned completely red just like a ripe tomato. But she gives a shy nod in the end...

Serafall who saw this grinned happily to herself.


Years passed by since then...

Semiramis and the others safely gave birth to their respective children and their everyday life is filled with nothing but endless joy.

The DxD world didn't really change much and they still stay peaceful... Not really surprising since one of the <ECH> company is situated there with Tio and Tilt running it as the president and vice president.

It is an undeniable fact that the<ECH> company has successfully taken the top place in its business field for years to come.

Issei sometimes pays a visit to the DxD world whenever he feels like it. The amount of work he needed to do has lessened greatly with the help of Rossweisse and the others who claimed to be his secretary.

And right now...

"Mm... Aah... Hah... Hn..."

A creaking and moaning noise can be heard inside Issei's room.

Issei is looming over a woman who spreads her leg to accommodate his entire length inside her.

The woman moaned lustfully with every thrust from his hips... Sometimes slow and sometimes it's deep and sudden.

The unpredictability of the way he moves made the woman anticipate of what's to come.

The way her bountiful breasts shakes only serves as a fuel to enhance his already endless libido.

He moves his face closer to her and passionately kissed her lips.

"Mmh... Mchu... Hhn..." The woman felt like she almost melted from the sheer pleasure. She could think of nothing else but him...

Issei bites her lower lips gently and then proceed to entangle their tongues together while still moving his hips in and out.

After he stopped kissing her, he moves down towards her left breast and started sucking on her nipple and lightly nip it with his teeth.

The woman shuddered even greater than before when he does that. Her moans grow louder and more sensual.

Her eyes are completely glazed over and she knows that the way she moans is completely unbefitting considering someone of her standing... This isn't how she supposed to act in front of him but there's nothing she could do since he practically has taken ahold of her entire body and soul.

Then Issei moved to her right breast repeating the same cycle with it...

"Ah... I-Issei-sama..." The woman mewled.

Issei's response to the woman's mewl is another deep thrust which made her moan yet again.

After thrusting for a while, Issei feels like he's about to come.

He wrapped his left hand around the woman's back lifted the woman lightly and started a round of fast thrust while his right hand is supporting her bouncy ass preventing her from slipping away from his clutch.

"Aah! Haah! Ahn! Mmn! Hahn!" The woman moaned loudly and wraps her arms around his neck.

"Ahn! I-I can't... I-Issei-sama! Issei-sama!" She wailed.

"Gh." Issei grunted lightly before he does a final thrust.

His length plunges into her deepest part while his seed floods like a broken dam into her womb.


"Ah... Ah..." The woman spasmed with her toes curled.

Her entire mind went completely white... The feeling of his hot seed filling her womb is so unbelievably good that she almost passed out.

Issei smiled gently at the sight of her orgasmic look.

He pulls her tight against his body as he continues to come still and then he kissed her.

"Mmh... Mmnn..." She moaned into his mouth with her eyes almost turning into a heart shape.

She's having multiple orgasms in the last few seconds. Now she understands why the other women needed help in dealing with his libido... A single woman won't be able to last this treatment of his.

She subconsciously took a peek to the side where another woman could be found twitching ever so slightly.

Her flaxen colored hair lays sprawled on the bed with her chest heaving up and down. Sweats covered her entire body and there's a small stream of white fluid flowing out of her crotch...

The woman's thought come to a halt when she felt the length inside her which just turned soft suddenly becomes hard yet again.

She felt slightly concerned at this... If he were to go for another round then... could she even handle it? Won't she lay paralyzed on the bed for the entire day just like her co-worker to the side?

"I-Issei-sama..." The woman meekly called out. Thankfully there's a sound of a bell ringing at this moment.

Issei flashed a teasing smile at the woman in his embrace before he whispered huskily: "Too bad... It looks like our time is up."

The woman felt relieved yet also disappointed at this.

"But be prepared for the next time since I will go slightly more serious... Grayfia." He then lightly nip her reddened ears.

"H-Hai..." Grayfia moaned.

"Now go take some rest," Issei said gently before putting her down on the bed.

Grayfia nodded obediently since she really needed this rest...

"I'll bring some food for you two later. For now, just go lay down. This is an order by the way." He chuckled since he knows that his two maids would be against this.

Who's the second maid that lays to the side you ask? Well, it's none other than Venelana herself.

A year ago the two of them confessed to him. Issei is surprised by Grayfia's case since he really thought that she's Sirzechs's wife...

As for Venelana's case... He's really not that surprised.

Political marriage is quite common and he could tell that Venelana and Zeoticus interaction seems a little off back when he was still a Devil.

He has nothing against her even if she's Rias's mother so he sees no reason to refuse her advances.

Issei gives the two women a kiss on their forehead before he started dressing.

Grayfia gazes at his back with an enamored look.

After giving her another smile, Issei went out of his room.

"Good morning, Issei-sama." A group of maids bowed at him.

Issei nodded lightly at their greetings.

One particular maid peeked at his room and smiles wryly at the two women that lays sprawled on his bed... She feels a little awkward seeing how her own mother and supposedly big sister lay powerlessly on top of his bed.

But then again... it's really not her place to say anything about it. It is their master's choice.

This maid is none other than Rias Gremory and her peerage.

"Issei-sama, Kozelotte-sama wanted to see you earlier." Akeno informed Issei respectfully.

"Oh, got it." Issei nodded deciding to meet his little angel right this instant.

They followed him from behind until Issei finally reaches Forzelotte's room. They excuses themselves when he reaches his destination.

This is enough... As long as they can stay by his side... Then it is enough...

Rias and the others gaze dreamily at his back...

The moment he opened the door to Forzelotte's room. he's greeted by the happy voice of his other little princess: "Ah! Papa!"

"Heheh, have you been a good girl, Koze?" Issei caught the running toddler that's headed his way.

Unlike Shirayuki who looks similar to Issei, she looks similar to her mother instead but she inherited Issei's eyes. Her full name is Kozelotte Savant Hyoudou.

Forzelotte is the one who named her and she said she wanted her daughter to have a similar name with her and Issei gladly assent to it.

Forzelotte has given birth to a daughter much to Issei's delight. In fact, all of his children so far are girls... Not a single one of his wives managed to give birth to a son yet.

But they're not in a rush since they still have lots of time before, nay... they have an eternity of time together.

Issei isn't really complaining since he welcomes any little princesses he could get.

"Yes, Koze has been a good girl!" Kozelotte nodded while snuggling her head in his chest.

"She has been quite a handful." Forzelotte who's inside the room said with a sigh.

"Hm? But she looks like she's behaving herself to me."

"That's because you're here." Honestly... Their father is a daughtercon and their daughters are fathercons... Is there another perfect combination than this...

"That means she's papa's obedient little angel, right?" Issei grinned at the little angel in his arms.

"Yup! Ehehehe." Kozelotte grinned back at him.

"Jeez... Sometimes me and the others are afraid that when our daughters grow up, they will still be as clingy as they are now with their father... How will they find their own husband later?"

"I won't give them to anyone!" Issei said seriously.

"Must you be against it that adamantly..." Forzelotte said speechlessly at her daughtercon of a husband.

"Don't worry papa! Koze will always stay with you!" Kozelotte tugged at Issei's shirt and flashed him a cute smile.

Issei's face went mellow right away looking at his precious little angel.

"I'm glad that you're this close to your daughters... but..."

"Heheh, don't worry, honey. I'll give you lots of 'love' too." Issei grinned mischievously at Forzelotte who blushed slightly in response.

"You... idiot... don't say that in front of our daughter..." She said with a slight pout.

"Me too! Me too! Papa must love me lots too!" Kozelotte chirped.

"Of course! Papa will always love you."

"Yaaay!" Kozelotte cheered completely oblivious that the 'love' her father meant was a different kind of 'love' that he shares with her and her sisters...

"Haah... I can't sleep at night thinking that someday you might just 'assault' your own daughters..."

"There's no way that would happen..." Issei said speechlessly.

"Ehhh... Papa won't 'assault' me?"

"A-Assault?! Who was it? Who taught you that word!" Forzelotte said angrily.

(AN: The "assault" here seems normal for English reader but Forzelotte said it in Japanese. And she said the shortened version of "sexual assault" to which Kozelotte copied).

"...You did. You say a lot of inappropriate things in front of our daughter." Issei said while giving Forzelotte a blank look.


"And you're a bit too strict. You must dote on her more." Issei added.

"U-Um... wait... I've doted on her lots already. You're the one who needs to be stricter to her."

"Koze don't want a strict papa!" Kozelotte said with puffed cheeks.

"Yes yes. Only your mama needs to be strict, papa is the nice one." Issei said dotingly.


"Ise... We will be having a very long talk later." Forzelotte narrowed her eyes angrily at him.

"Err... yes ma'am..." Issei said with a sweat.

"So this is where you are, dearest." A sweet melodic voice can be heard coming from behind Issei.

"Daddy!" Another toddler that looks the same age as Kozelotte hugged Issei's leg from behind.

Just like Kozelotte, this toddler looks quite similar to her birth mother and she also inherited her father's wine-red eyes but there's a tinge of red on her hair tip.

Her full name is Ai Savant Hyoudou.

Miraculously, both Forzelotte and Semiramis gave birth at the exact same time... Their rivalry didn't stop though. Now they're competing at who's able to give birth to the next child the fastest.

Needless to say that both of them are the one who keeps Issei busy at night most of the time.

"Oh, how's my little lovely Ai doing today?" Issei picked his other princess up with his other free hand.

"She's been great but... she won't stop saying that she wanted to meet her daddy almost all the time..." Semiramis said with a sigh.

"Daddy, Daddy~🎢" Ai hummed while hugging Issei's neck.

"...Seems like our worries are right... Looks like you've taken almost all of their affection." Semiramis said feeling a little jealous of how affectionate her daughter is towards her father: "You manipulated time just so you can spend most of your time with your daughter is commendable but in return, you took away most of their affection from us. Can you understand our worries as a mother, dearest?"

"Umm... Sorry?" Issei said apologetically.

"Hmph... You better give me another child soon then." Semiramis pouted.

"Your wish is my command," Issei said with a refreshing smile.

"Hold it." Forzelotte cut in: "That's quite sly of you, sister... Isn't today supposed to be my turn?"

"Ara? It is? Sorry, I can't remember." Semiramis said with a sly smirk.

"Otou-chama!" Another shout followed soon after during their little banter: "Let's fwight!"

A toddler with long flowing scarlet hair run-up to Issei with a wooden sword in her hand. Unlike Kozelotte and Ai, she looks slightly younger.

"Whoa there." Issei staggered lightly when that said toddler started clambering his leg until she finally settled on the last free spot, which is his head.

When she's settled there, she started asking Issei to fight her.

"You're so energetic this morning, little fairy." Issei remarked happily.

"Heheh, looks like little Erza couldn't wait to defeat her father it seems." Semiramis chuckled at the sight of Erza who keep nagging Issei to fight her.

On a side note, Erza's full name is Erza Belserion Hyoudou and she's obviously Irene's daughter.

"You shouldn't feel too happy about that... Did you forget her demand if she were able to defeat him?" Forzelotte said with a slight frown.

Semiramis smile froze a bit when she's reminded by Forzelotte.

"Heheh, isn't it a good thing that their dream is to defeat their old man?" Irene who just arrived said amusedly.

"It is indeed a good thing... but what's bad is that she wanted her old man to be her boyfriend if she were to win!" Forzelotte snarled: "And what's worst is that you and Scathach are encouraging her for it and you're also the one who taught them about it in the first place!"

"Hahaha!" Irene laughed jovially.

"Don't just laugh, you musclehead..." Forzelotte rebuked tiredly: "Knowing that they're the descendants of the strongest Dragon sometimes worry me... If there's anyone capable of defeating him then it would be his own descendants but I don't know how I should feel about it."

"You should feel happy, sister. That means our daughters will be second strongest at the very least." Irene smiled.

"Umu. What Irene said is right. Now my next dream of having my children defeating their father is one step closer." Scathach said right after she appeared right next to Irene.

"Shishou? You're here alone?" Issei asked. He thought that their daughter will be with her.

"Mikumo is with the others already. They're waiting for you in the dining room." Scathach said with a smile.

"Oh, okay then. Come, little princesses, let's have lunch with your sisters and mothers."

"Okay, papa/daddy/otou-chama!" The three toddlers replied in unison.

"But you mwust fwight me after that, otou-chama!" Erza added.

"Sure sure, whatever what my little fairy wants." Issei then carried the three toddlers with him.

Forzelotte, Semiramis, Irene, and Scathach smiles warmly at this sight.

"Hm? What are you girls waiting for? Come." Issei looked back and said lovingly towards his wives.

""""Yes, dear.""""

And that's how they spent their time together in bliss...

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