The will of Banaras - the gaming legend Book

novel - Fantasy

The will of Banaras - the gaming legend


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Futanari, Yuri, Harem and It's R-18 for a reason (After ch 10) Bina did not know why, but she had memories about a game she had never played before. All she knew was that 'Fortune' was the new hit sensation all over the world and she was good at it. But still, she had no time to play as a professional in the newly established league for the game with her job and financial condition. This all lasted a short while though and her talent caught the eye of the 'best' player in the league. When approached, Bina refused to participate in the league as a player. She even convinced the world that her childhood friend played her 'avatar' who began to be hailed in her place which Bina did not mind. But Shen Kusakabe could not simply let such a talent go. So he made her a deal - she will not have to play in the games if she helped them as a researcher and a sub coach . This is how Bina's life changed and she became a legend inside the gaming community.


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