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What is THE WIDOW.

Read ‘THE WIDOW.’ Online for Free, written by the author Iam_Pheekee, This book is a Sci-fi Romance Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, DARK Light Novel, KILLER Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: The strong acting weak towards her husband. After being maltreated, she couldn't bare it any longer then an incident hap...


The strong acting weak towards her husband. After being maltreated, she couldn't bare it any longer then an incident happened. She Murdered him on Cold Blood.

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[Hush: Are you a fan of K-Drama? if yes, join this ride] Welcome to my life ! My name is Han Hoo Nan, popularly known as the wild orchid. I’m a second year college student who wish she had never met a Prince in her life. Those fairy tales about Princes being charming, sweet, kind and all loving… well I don’t believe in them no more. Not all of them are all that sweetness, because with the Prince I came across, girl he’s one hell of a mean, arrogant, selfish and ignorant Prince. Yeah he’s a Prince in real life. I don’t know why all the girls wish to be with him. Only if they knew his true colors. Oh my goodness you will come to understand me. I’m not the mean one, he is. Dear Young girl out there, don’t pray for a Prince, just pray for a good man. “Han Hoo Nan!!” Well that’s the mean prick of a Prince Young calling me. Why does he always have to mention my name in full? “Where is the cup of coffee I ordered you to bring ?” it’s him again. Does he have any idea how tiring it is to always be on errands. I don’t blame him, he’s got everything and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I wish I could just give him a punch and knock some sense into him. “Han Hoo Nan!!!” his voice got louder . “ I’ll be right there your majesty!” Huh!! I’m tired…So tired. From washing of his clothes with my hands whilst there’s a washing machine, cleaning the utensils with my hands while there’s a washer and ironing all his clothes for the whole month. Why me!! God why me!!! Wondering why I’m doing all these chores? Well I’m going to tell you how it all started. How I ended up as his maid/slave for hundred days. I can’t wait for this to be over. I didn’t ask for his help in the first place and now I owe him. It never ends because my dumbass ego would always come my way and cause me to break his rules. Well this is how it all started. PS: Kindly don't forget to leave your comments and reviews

Je_Sha_De · Urban
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Reading from all sub-genres of fantasy, he had come to see and understand many concepts. At one point, he started taking up concepts or teachings, no matter how subtle or useless they seemed. Who needed magical rituals and curses in real life... if they worked, then many probably, but they didn't, unfortunately. While playing a game that was based on the dozens of books of his favourite author, he selected a character from one of the books, Alaric van Violet, a villain through and through. He planned to use free-form magic, which was magic based on knowledge contained in the books, such as rituals, prayers and rune magic, to make this favourite villain a person of great respect, living up to the title 'Villain'.  Just as he clicked on the play button, he unfortunately died. He was awake for too many hours, his brain shut off and he entered eternal sleep... or not, since he awakened into the body of his version of Alaric! ... - The focus lays in political intrigues, adventure and much preparation with explanation about magic and such. - MC is OP, especially in the earlier stages, he doesn't act weak and only lacks resources to get what he wants. - MC is incredbly ruthless, this includes sacrificing humans and toturing. He is ruthless because it is the path he chose, so he doesn't care about how other people see him, as long as it fulfills it's purpose. - MC is Gay, but the relationship is more of a side-story than the focus, it will appear more at the start till it diminishes later on, classic and no drama. - Each Chapter has around 1.600 words, daily updates can be expected. - The novel is written in a mix of first-person and third-person. - Join my discord server for some artwork and notes, as well as for questions regarding the novel:https://discord.gg/EWGDg79pta - [English is not my first nor second language, enjoy my novel with caution. I appreciate any edit suggestions]

Luninu · Fantasy
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23 Chs
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