3 Your Cheat Has Arrived

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[Player Li Song has been detected to be the first player in the game to become an official Beast Tamer. You are now on the Ranking Board. Do you want to hide your name?]

At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in Li Song's mind.

"Hide my information."

Li Song basically did not have any hesitation. Keeping a low profile was the way to go, if one was too famous, they would just draw unnecessary attention.

Although he did not know what was going on in the outside world, there would still be some problems if he was targeted by someone.

[Achievement Reward: [First Beast Tamer]

[First Beast Tamer]: Pioneers are always respected. Success rate of taming beasts +1.

Li Song casually glanced at this achievement and did not pay much attention to it. He had this when he was playing the game too. He did not know if it was useful or not.

After settling this matter, Li Song called out softly, "System panel?"

Compared to the others, Li Song's reaction was the fastest. A panel that only he could see appeared in front of his eyes.

[Player: Li Song]

[Profession: Beast Tamer]

Tamed Beasts:

[Blood Pact: Abyssal Tauren (Bull Two)]

[Cooperation Pact: None]

[Friendship Pact: None]

[Master-Servant Pact: None]

At the Beast Tamer stage, the number of beasts a person could control was limited to three at most.

This was the setting of the game. At first, Li Song did not understand it either. When he saw the beasts that he liked, he wanted to take them under his wing. Only in the middle of the game did he realize this limitation.

At that time, the monsters in the outside world were basically all around Level 50. When he encountered the stronger Overlord-rank monsters, their levels were basically above Level 60. Meanwhile, the Tamed Beasts that he had subdued had already reached double digits. However, the Tamed Beasts were basically Level 40 Elites. He could not defeat the monsters at all…

If they were to gang up on him, he would be beaten up badly.

It was like a father beating his son…

At that time, he finally understood that having more Tamed Beasts did not mean it was better… He quickly released most of the Tamed Beasts and relied on the cheat to turn the tide. Otherwise, just leveling up would probably take a few weeks, which was almost a year in the game.

In the real world, although he did not know if he could subdue them without limit to the extent of becoming an army by himself, he felt that it should be impossible. Putting everything else aside, intimacy was very difficult to raise.

A Master-Servant Pact of the lowest level was not very useful.

If one held a Master-Servant Pact and asked the Tamed Beast to sacrifice its life, the Beast Tamer himself would be the first to suffer a backlash.

Not to mention food… This was not a game. Did people really think that Tamed Beasts could raise their potential by eating grass every day?

No way, no way!

Since that was the case, Li Song set a rule for himself. He would only take in high quality ones!

If necessary, he would only use the Master-Servant Pact to subdue some utility monsters.

Li Song looked at the other side of the system.

[Global Ranking]

First: Name: [Hidden] Region: [China] Tamed Beast: [Hidden]

[National Ranking]

First: Name: [Hidden] Region: [China] Tamed Beast: [Hidden]

[Regional Ranking]

First: Name: [Hidden] Area: [Shanghai] Tamed Beast: [Hidden]

There were two rankings under the first ranking, and he was the only person on all of them.

Number one on the three rankings!

But there was nothing to be excited about.

There was no reward.

Pacts were not that easy to make. Even if the initial Tamed Beast had a certain degree of kinship enhancement, it would still take some time for the humans and beast to reach a mutual understanding and sign the contract.

As for the Tamed Beast Ranking, Bull Two, this ordinary-looking Abyssal Tauren, was far from the top. The one ranked first was an Eight-Headed Dragon. It was unknown which fool had such good luck.

After the Eight-Headed Dragon matured, it would naturally reach the level of an Overlord. If one was lucky enough, it was not impossible to break through the shackles and reach the Legendary Tamed Beast stage.

Its Beast Tamer was truly lucky.

However, it was also extremely difficult to nurture the Eight-Headed Dragon. The first thing the Beast Tamer had to do was coordinate the relationship with the eight heads that had their own consciousness each.

The species of the Tamed Beast determined the upper limit of its growth, and the quality of the Tamed Beast determined the speed of its growth. For a monster like the Slime, no matter how hard it worked, it was destined to never reach the Overlord-rank. It was already proud enough to reach the Elite-rank.

Li Song had spent a lot of effort in the game. After modifying the source data, he had broken Bull Two's racial limit. The Abyssal Tauren were only the elites of the Abyss race. The Overlord-rank was the upper limit, and it was extremely rare and hard to reach.

Now that he had returned to the real world, there was no cheat to use. Li Song did not know how far he could go.

However, if the settings that he modified for Bull Two were still preserved… then everything would be fine.

He continued checking.

He also wanted to try the other two functions, [Resale] and [Mission].

Li Song was very familiar with [Resale]. He had used it a lot when he was playing the game. Although it was only sold for half the price of a merchant's, it was convenient and fast, so he used it a lot.

However, he did not know how [Resale] worked in the real world.

Sell things for real money?

The [Mission] function was something he had never seen before. It was obviously something new.

There were only two missions.

Main Mission: [Survive]

[Survive]: The beginner's protection period will end in three months. At that time, the protection of the various districts will be retracted. Monsters that have gone crazy will invade the city. Surviving is your only choice.

Reward: 1000 EXP

Side Mission: [Release]

[Release]: In the various regions, monsters will be continuously released. Please be prepared.

Reward: None

Li Song: "…"

Rather than calling it a mission, it was more like a notice. After all, Li Song had lived for so long, this was the first time he saw a mission without any rewards.

As for the 1000 EXP on the main mission, he directly ignored it.

Having played the game before, he was very clear that this game, as it was about taming beasts and domination, had a very slow tempo and a huge amount of experience points were required.

These 1000 experience points were still useful for him now. After three months, he might not even be able to level up once with it.


Li Song sighed softly.

According to the mission board, Shanghai was not doing very well.

If it could not endure the attacks, Shanghai would become a wasteland in three months, and millions of people would become food for the monsters!

Even after the Blood Pact and the drastic changes to his body, Li Song did not feel safe.

"Also, I wonder how my little sister and elder brother are doing in my hometown…"

However, Li Song could only try his best to remain calm. Thinking about other unnecessary things would only make his thoughts more and more chaotic.

If there was a chance later, he would definitely go to his hometown to look for them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Li Song stood outside the window and looked up at the sky. He could only see thunder rumbling, but it was blocked by the barrier floating above Shanghai. There were also the angry cries of the Thunder Falcons.

Their voices was sharp and piercing.

If Li Song had to describe what it was like to face tens of thousands of Thunder Falcons, he would say: It is like the end of the world!

In front of him was a message box.

Monster: Thunder Falcon Level 38 (Elite)

Monster: Thunder Falcon Level 41 (Elite)

Monster: Thunder Falcon King Level ??? (Overlord)

Due to his low level, the Thunder Falcon King's level could not be displayed. However, the lowest level of an Overlord-rank monster was 50.

The information displayed was too little.

Perhaps it was because Bull Two had used the Blood Pact that it could not fully control, but this time, it seemed to have completely fainted. Such sounds could not wake it up.


A black vortex appeared and wrapped Bull Two within it. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

Tamed Beast Space.

After becoming a Beast Tamer, Li Song directly grasped this ability. In that space, it might be more suitable for Bull Two from the Abyss race to recover.

Li Song returned to bed.

Tonight, tomorrow, and perhaps the week after that would be difficult to get through.

Many people might die.

The change of the world would cause even greater darkness to emerge as the dark thoughts in people's hearts grow. In the end, some things might be irreversibly destroyed or be wiped out by this darkness itself.

Humans were never good. Li Song had the right to say this.

However, he did not want to get involved in these matters. China was a nation that fought with its life on the line. He would rather stir up trouble in peaceful times than stir up trouble in troubled times.

Because this country always made the right decision, even against the odds.


Li Song sat in front of the computer and flipped through some information.

He had tried it. There was water and electricity. Even the Internet was not down, although it was limited to Shanghai. This was the same for mobile phones.

However, this could be considered a blessing in disguise.

Although the Internet was around, no one went online. Everyone was gathered in the game's forum.

This was also a function of the system. However, it was a pity that it could only be used in Shanghai for now.

Therefore, he could not contact his relatives in his hometown.

The forum was extremely lively. Almost everyone in Shanghai was expressing their opinions. After all, it was difficult to remain calm in this situation.

"What happened to the world?! What's going on with the Thunder Falcons outside?"

"Is the apocalypse coming?"

"My Tamed Beast is a big dog. This thing is called a Tamed Beast, right?"


"I summoned a big worm. The system says it's called the Thousand Feet Poison Centipede. It's so disgusting. I hate bugs the most!"

"Didn't you guys notice the rankings? Someone got first on the three rankings!"

"The person's from Shanghai! Maybe Shanghai will survive this disaster in three months!"

"If it were me, I would probably hide my name as well…"

Most of them were useless nonsense.

Li Song flipped through the pages quickly and finally found something useful at the end of the first page.

The poster's name was Liu Zhengyu. The post was titled [An announcement with details regarding the apocalypse, and a letter to all the citizens of Shanghai].

Li Song immediately knew who posted it after seeing the title.

At this moment, they had acted swiftly.

The first few pictures were very clear.

The photo was taken in the air at the edge of Shanghai. It should be a military drone, but the scene displayed was completely different.

It showed the barren land, and the distant mountain peaks.

"Yes, this is the scene outside Shanghai."

"I regret to inform everyone… that we may no longer be on Earth."

"However, please do not panic. Stay calm and stay at home for the time being. The troops are already moving out of the military zone. They will reach various districts in a few hours."


"Side mission…"

"Main mission…"

"The government has joined forces with the military to establish the Demon Suppression Division… We will do our best to protect everyone's safety."

"I hope that all citizens will follow the law after reading this letter. Don't do anything that will make these enemies happy."

The entire article was not long and did not use any difficult phrases. It was basically all in plain language, so there was no need to try hard to understand the meaning behind it.

There were also quite a number of people who said nice things in the thread.

However, when the side mission [Release] really started, no one knew how many people could abide by it.

He pondered for a moment.

Li Song sat in front of the computer and started to operate the keyboard at lightning speed.

His physique had improved tremendously. Fortunately, the life energy also raised his control of his own body. Otherwise, his keyboard would have been smashed to pieces.

Although he had never tried it before, Li Song felt that it should not be a problem for him to lift 500 kilograms with his bare hands. After all, the Abyssal Tauren could tear a tiger or wolf apart with their bare hands.

Not to mention Li Song, who had a Tauren with extraordinary potential.

After a while, Li Song hacked into a server easily.

After browsing through it, he learned many things that ordinary people could not know. It was about the same as what the post said.

Other than the fact that someone had left the protective zone, there was also the fact that a ground-to-air missile had been secretly launched.

After removing all traces, Li Song left a hidden back-door on the computer. He closed the computer screen and leaned back on the computer chair, deep in thought.

Indeed, Li Song was a hacker and a part-time programmer. His codename was Old Ghost.

He was top three in the world.

While he was deep in thought, he heard a mechanical voice in his mind.


[Cheat—Li Song's self-made version (Pirating Games is Illegal), successfully loaded!]

[Synchronization completed!]

Li Song suddenly sat up.

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