16 Killing Intent

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The door was wide open, and everything inside was thrown around in chaos.

It was as if the perpetrator was not afraid of getting caught. At the same time, there were sounds coming from inside.

"F*ck! This person isn't poor, right?"

"Why isn't there anything valuable?"

A rough male voice scolded, "Third Brother, is this the rich second-generation heir you were talking about?"

"Did you also get scammed by someone!?"

The man named Third Brother replied, "Search carefully. I heard that the person living here is a rich second-generation heir!"

"He doesn't go out at all. The clothes he wears are all high-end goods. It's said that one piece of clothing costs tens of thousands!"

"If this isn't a rich second-generation heir, what else could it be? Let's search!"

As he spoke, the man called Third Brother also started to curse, "F*ck, this person usually doesn't even step out of the door. Where else can he run to in the middle of the night? He caused me to waste my efforts here!"

"If he's here, just tie him up and let him hand over the passwords and what not. We won't have to suffer like this anymore!"

The rough male voice that spoke earlier continued, "Where else could this person have run off to? We'll just wait here for him to return!"

Another unfamiliar voice said worriedly, "There shouldn't be any problem with us doing this, right?"

"Recently, those people in the army seem to have gone crazy…"

Third Brother scolded, "What are you afraid of?!"

"Didn't you see what was said on the forum? We can't do anything about it now. If you don't give it a try now, those powerful people will eat us up sooner or later!"

"Besides, after we force him to transfer us the money, we'll just kill him. Who would find out that we did it?"

"Those people in the army can't even take care of themselves. By the time they realize it, it will be too late!"

The worried voice said, "But… this…"

"Liu Ming, you're an idiot."

Third Brother cursed, "You took the money yesterday, and you also enjoyed the women, right? That's enough for you to work ten years less, right? What are you pretending for? What are you saying? There's no turning back!"

"From the things that we've done, if tried on Earth, you'll be shot eight times. If you don't fight now, you'll just have to wait for people to chew your bones into pieces!"

The voice finally stopped.

Third Brother's scolding did not stop at all. He was nagging like a mother.

This was a sign of nervousness.

Although he had already committed a few crimes and had even done this when he was on Earth, he still could not help but feel a little nervous every time this happened.

This nervousness was not necessarily due to fear. It was just a normal physiological reaction of humans.

Bang bang bang.

There was a knock at the door.

The people in the room were shocked. They saw a young man in his twenties standing outside the door. He was looking at them with a smile on his face. His eyes were like crescent moons and his smile was warm like spring.

"Excuse me, what are you looking for?"

"Are you looking for death?"

There was no lack of politeness in his tone. He maintained a good upbringing, as if he was a passerby who extended a helping hand to someone who needed help.

"F*ck, who are you?"

The boorish man cursed, "You scared me!"

Li Song walked into the room and said to himself, "You guys have been killing people these past few days? You don't have to deny it. I heard everything you said."

"It's good that you have killed people. If you are murderers, I won't feel guilty anymore."

"After all, robbery is not a crime worthy of death. It's fine as long as you're crippled."

Third Brother frowned and felt that something was amiss.

When anyone saw this scene, they would not run up and say a bunch of ridiculous things.

They seemed to have met a lunatic, but they asked anyway, "You are Li Song?"

"That's me."

Li Song nodded and looked at them, "Unfortunately, there is no reward for guessing."

"Who the hell do you think you are?!"

The boorish man was so angry that he laughed. This was the first time he had seen someone like this. The other people that they had committed the crime against all wanted to kneel down and beg for mercy when they saw them.

With a swipe of his hand at his waist, a shiny dagger appeared in his hand, "Give…"

But the next moment, he was unable to make a single sound, and a pair of large hands clamped down on his neck like a pair of tiger pincers. In the next moment, his entire body was actually directly lifted up, and his feet madly stomped about in midair while his entire face flushed extremely red.

With Li Song's current physique, he had arrived in front of him in an instant. There was no way to stop him.

He placed his other hand on the man's arm and bent it like he was bending chopsticks.


The sound of bones breaking rang out, followed by the coarse man's blood-curdling scream.

His arm was actually forcefully broken!

A few lights went out in the house opposite. No one wanted to cause trouble.

A hand reached out again and pinched the rough man's mouth like he was pinching a chick.

Li Song's voice rang in his ears like a whisper from the abyss.

"Yes, isn't this good? Why kill people? It doesn't feel good to be dying, does it?"

Seeing that the rough man's face was gradually turning pale and his eyes were rolling upwards, Li Song finally let go.

If he used more strength, the man would really die.

"Cough cough cough cough…"

After the rough man landed on the ground, he hugged his neck with one hand while his other arm was bent at a 90-degree angle. It looked extremely strange as he started coughing crazily.

He looked at Li Songhong in fear. In that instant, he felt like he was about to die. However, his eyes were mostly filled with anger and malice.

He did not think that he could not defeat Li Song. It was just that Li Song had launched a sneak attack. After all, his Tamed Beast had the potential to reach Overlord-rank! In their group, his strength had always been the strongest!

He said with an ugly expression: "We lost today."

At this moment, how could Third Brother not know that Li Song was not someone they could easily bully?

However, he had already made up his mind. Next time, he would call more people over!

This was a rich target!

They were all at Level 1, but Li Song was obviously not.

He was at least Level 2!

That would require a total of 100 experience points. In the black market, 100 experience points was already close to 2 million yuan in value!

What did this mean? It meant that Li Song could spend at least two million! He did not think that this harmless-looking guy would dare to fight monsters on the streets!

He was definitely rich!

With this thought in mind, the third brother took another deep look at Li Song, wanting to call everyone to leave.

Li Song did not intend to stop him.

According to the usual time, Zhou Dan would be back soon.

It would not be too late to make a move after seeing Zhou Dan. He did not want to cause trouble in his own home.


At this moment, there was suddenly a strange cry in Li Song's bedroom. Then, a skinny monkey-like person walked out excitedly, "This rich second-generation heir is definitely not simple. Guess what I found?!"

"This person is definitely a top hacker! He hacked into the entire Radiant Crystal district's surveillance system, and all the images can be seen here! This is too awesome!"

"He also has access to a special network. Look at what I saw. Tomorrow, Shanghai will set up an organization that specializes in dealing with monsters. It's called the Night Suppression Division! This person is really bold. He hacked the network of the upper echelons in the government! There's a lot of insider information here!"

"This person is definitely rich. How can a hacker of this level not steal hundreds of millions to his own account?"

"If we control this person… we will be rich!"

"Even if he refuses to cooperate, we can just expose him! For such a person to live in such a small district, there must be something wrong with him!"

Skinny Monkey saw too many things at once. He was so excited that he did not notice that there was another person in the room. His mouth was as loose as a machine gun.

"Why aren't you guys talking?!"

"A few hundred million!"

"After this, we won't have to worry about anything for the rest of our lives!"

"Do you think you can't become stronger with so much money?!"

Skinny Monkey was still excited.

The atmosphere in the room changed drastically.

Third Brother and the others looked at Li Song greedily.

In an instant, they forgot about the matter of calling for more reinforcements.

What they did not notice was the friendly smile on Li Song's face.

The moment the Skinny Monkey came out, his expression changed.

It was filled with killing intent.

"Think about it yourselves, what's the point of doing this?"

"Are you in such a hurry to die?"

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