20 Who Dares To Provoke Me?

Ling Feng was already on his way to school early in the morning.

Instead of going into the classroom when he arrived, he headed straight to the teacher's office.

There was a knock on the door, and with the teacher's permission, Ling Feng walked in. The grade teacher stood up and smiled at Ling Feng, "

"You're quite early. Alright, let's go, I'll take you to the awakening room!"

The teacher didn't say much, but Ling Feng could feel a hint of gentleness in her tone.

Perhaps he knew about the changes after his talent evolved to A-rank. Thinking of this, Ling Feng couldn't help but feel a little emotional. Teachers in this world were so pragmatic!

When he arrived at the awakening room, the awakening Jade was placed in the middle. However, Ling Feng did not walk over. Instead, he stood at the door, waiting for the form teacher's instructions.

"Ling Feng, place your id card on the inspection platform."

As he spoke, Ling Feng took out his identity card and placed it there.

After the beeping...

[Identity: Ling Feng, a student of the No. 3 High School!]

The teacher also had a smile on his face. He said to Ling Feng, "Alright, come in. Ling Feng, it's not like you've never experienced this before. just place your hand on the awakening jade."

Ling Feng stretched out his hand and placed it on the divine jade. Instantly, a bright light appeared.

He only felt his brain go dizzy for a moment before he quickly came back to his senses. this was something that he had not experienced during his first awakening.

Then, the smile on the form teacher's face became even wider. He looked at Ling Feng like he was looking at millions of star coins.

"Yes, not bad. Ling Feng, your talent is A-rank. 

"Next, I'll tell you about the special privileges of A-rank awakened.

"Yes, teacher!" Ling Feng also smiled.

"You've transformed from B-rank to A-rank. I'm sure you've experienced how slow the cultivation speed of B-rank talent is. There is a huge gap between the two.

"Take S-rank and B-rank, for example. The former only needs three days to break through to rank 1, while the latter needs a full three months!

"I'm telling you this because I hope you won't blame the school for the differential treatment.

As for the spirit sense mystic realm, it's a special mystic realm that helps with cultivation. The rules of the realm are somewhat special. Whether it's killing alien races or meditating, it will greatly improve your combat power.

"All in all, the spirit-sensing mystic realm will be of great benefit to you! I hope you can make good use of this opportunity!"

Ling Feng also understood. To put it simply, this realm was a dungeon used to increase one's proficiency.

To others, it might be very important, but to Ling Feng, it wasn't of much use, not to mention that he had the system.

After all, his clones were able to share their combat experience.

Wasn't that combat experience better than these proficiency points? The answer was that it was stronger than these proficiency points.

But no matter what, since he had this opportunity, he couldn't waste it. Who knew if he would have some special opportunities?

Moreover, this mystic realm sounded so special, so it should look very special as well. This time, he would take it as a chance to broaden his horizons. It would be a great honor to tell others!

"Alright, now you know what the spirit sense realm is used for. It's about time, and the spirit sense realm is about to open. Come with me."

With that, the form teacher walked in front and led Ling Feng toward the spirit-sensing mystic realm.

The realm was located in a building. the building was called the advanced mystic realm building. If not for the teacher, Ling Feng would've never known that there was such a building in the school.

This building was located at the back mountain of the school. Ordinary students would never come into contact with this place. Ling Feng was here for the first time, let alone the high-grade mystic realm building!

The buildings here weren't very tall, and each one was almost two or three stories high. However, the distance between the floors was great, which showed how large the area behind the mountain was.

Following the head teacher, they entered the high-level mystic realm building. It was filled with students, and it was very noisy. At a glance, there were at least a hundred people.

However, the form teacher looked at Ling Feng and said, "This is our class's area. there are only two A-rank awakened in our class, and the other one is Li Wu. So, you have to perform well, and don't let me down! "

"By the way, I still have something to do, so I'll leave first. Li Wu should have arrived long ago. You guys have to get along well!"

With that, the form teacher waved goodbye and left. Ling Feng also politely bade farewell.

Then, he sat on a chair at the side and watched the group of people talking. He didn't feel anything in his heart. Instead, he enjoyed the quiet feeling.

He took this opportunity to sort out his own combat strength.

Beginner Tier-2, A-rank talent, Clone.

His attacking methods included Energy Slash, Flame Spurting, United as one, and the Tier-2 Heart Flame.

However, he still had to keep some trump cards. The first two skills were enough to be used on a regular means, which meant the other two were his trump cards.

With four skills, in addition to his combat power at Beginner Tier 2, he must be one of the top figures in the entire high school.

It might be easy to improve from Tier-0 to Tier-1, as it would only take three days for an S-rank awakened. However, to improve from Tier-1 to Tier-2, talent was not the only thing required.

He still needed to put in countless times more effort!

Even Su Ranran, who was an SS-rank talent, had not been able to cultivate to the second rank. From this, one could see how difficult it was to advance from the first rank to the second rank.

Not to mention the A-rank awakened in the hall; there was definitely not a single person with Tier-2 combat power. So, Ling Feng had nothing to worry about.

at this moment, a voice from afar interrupted Ling Feng's thoughts.

"Yo, who's this? It's Ling Feng?"

What's going on? how can a piece of trash with only a B-rank talent come to this place?"

Li Wu walked over and stood at the side, looking at Ling Feng with a mocking expression. He was the other A-rank awakened in the class.

Li Wu's voice was very loud. As soon as his voice fell, the people who were talking in the hall all looked over.

Ling Feng could also see through Li Wu's thoughts. He just wanted to let this group of people see his school belle.

However, he didn't say anything and only frowned slightly. After all, Li Wu was like a pug, barking continuously at him.

Seeing Ling Feng remain silent, Li Wu's spirits were also lifted. After all, these people who thought they were superior to others liked to mock those who were weaker than them to gain a sense of superiority. Unfortunately, he had found the wrong person.

"Get out of here before I get angry. Ling Feng, this is not a place for B-rank trash like you to enter! "

Upon hearing Li Wu's words, the rest of the people also joined in the fun.

"No way, a B-rank awakened can enter? That's the biggest joke I've heard in years!"

"Yeah. do you really think that the detector at the door is for show?"

"That's right, what's the school doing? Why would they allow a B-rank awakened to enter?"

Li Wu's words didn't gain the crowd's confidence. Instead, it gained their suspicion.

However, he flew into a rage out of humiliation. He had nothing to say to the rest of the people who were Awakeners with the same talent. However, he could still educate a B-rank.

With this thought in mind, Li Wu stretched out his hand toward Ling Feng, as if he wanted to lift him up.

He didn't expect Ling Feng to be one step faster than him. He took a step forward, grabbed Li Wu's collar, and lifted him up.

"What are you? How dare you talk to me like that?!"

Li Wu's face turned red as he was lifted up, and his feet kept swinging in the air.

"Let me go, I'm an A-rank awakened!!!"

"Help! help! B-class awakened have sneaked in! What are you guys doing?"

Ling Feng's anger grew even more intense as he heard this. He slapped Li Wu across the face and threw him to the ground.

"Even S-rank awakened would have to walk away with their tails between their legs when they see me. You, S-rank, dare be arrogant in front of me?"

The left side of Li Wu's face instantly swelled up like a pig's head, even though Ling Feng didn't use too much strength.

Li Wu was also terrified. How could a B-rank be stronger than him?

At this moment, the teacher on duty also heard the commotion and quickly ran over.

"What happened?"

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