Reviews of The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere


The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere

Urban Cloning Power

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The synopsis is quite wrong, never mention the system and even got the talent grade wrong 😤

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Synopsis is wrong. He doesn’t have a F rank skill, but a B rank skill and it isn’t upgraded to SSR Rank. world background is similar to real life other than being awakened. Mc character design is garbage, at chapter 4 you might just cheer for the female lead. Ignore tag of high iq, more like entitled mc who already has a pretty decent talent but asks the system for a higher upgrade. The system is rather unnecessary in this novel as it should have been supplemented that everyone can see their own status in a game like screen. In fact, the mc asks system why he won’t get a higher upgrade, and while translation is terrible, the reason for that is because his body can’t handle it. The reason I say the mc doesn’t have a high IQ because upon exiting a mystic realm (dungeon training instance), he is asked by a man if the mc had gotten a skill drop. The mc replies he had and used it already. This is a huge red flag because now it just sets up the more enemies come because you had something rare trope, which will later invoke my boss’s boss or my brother’s master cliche to fill up the story Also the female lead tries to cheer up the mc saying that, “it is not the rank of the talent, but how you use and the effort you put in it”. MC ignores the female lead’s words thinking she’s insulting him. Translation definitely needs to be better as it takes away from the reading experience especially with an entitled mc who thinks that because he has a system and clones, he shouldn’t be working as hard.


Maybe this book deserves a better score but thanks to a worse than MTL level of translation even 1 star is a lot for this. Webnovel please fix your translation and editorial work


what is the raw of this one, i just love clone novels, cant wait for it to be selected. please comment the raw if you have it, please please please.


It’s seem to me, it’s copy from Korean manhwa “Auto hunting with my clones”


raw 🔗 plz .


who are the useless people who got the clone ability and called it bad tho, must be one of those everyone is stupid except mc


the main character is incredibly hateable, annoying and self entitled, and the synopsis is just wrong on many points


trash with bad plot and awful translation


translation is so bad. it is killing my brain cells.


Couldn't find the raw. Please let me know if anyone finds it. Thank you. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


How can such a trash story have so many power stones smh --------------------------- -


Hello !! How many floors should a bag of rice have, how many floors should a bag of rice have, how much should you pay for a bag of rice, how much should you wash a bag of rice, each grain is muddy, to whom you gave a bag of rice! Spicy Tiansai! ! ! Jiraiya swimming in the sea of ​​dragons and angelica, popsicles melting under the street lamp


Money must of been paid to get so high on the web rankings. 3.7 stats but is #1 with less than 200 chapters?? 1/) translation quality is bottom of barrel machine quality 2.) Character is irrational and bland and hateable 3.) System is there just to say there is a system. 4.) Plot jumps around and story (if there is one) is hard to follow. 5.) Writing quality even for web novel is AWFUL


Idek what the author is thinking. Huge problems all over. The description and the actual story and totally different, the mc gets b rank ability, and the percentage is 10%. The highest the level the novel says is sss (says f-sss) the system mentions ssss+ (the system created the +). There are people in the MC’s class who got abilities of a lower grade than himself, but for some reason b grade abilities seem to be trash in this world. The fl for some reason singles out the MC staring at her after she gets her ability, and like others said, everyone else should be staring at her too. Someone in the comments said that the fl tried to cheer mc up about his ability being low grade and he just completely ignores it (not the grade of ability that matters, but how you use it and the effort you put in) most of this stuff happens in the first 3 ch.


Its the second time I've heard of a "SSR" today, what exactly is it? Above SSS? This new term feels very forced to me lol


an average quality CN webnovel, brought down by bad quality machine translation, "translator" just pump out as many chapters as they can and didn't bother to edit, and correct any mistake. Don't bother to pay or vote for this novel just read free machine translated one.


Another story about a system and its useless host. It's tiring to see the same stories over and over again. I quit after 4 chapters because it was terrible. The writing quality is aweful. The author is too anxious to play with the system that we know next to nothing about the world but we can see the MC doing nothing and getting stronger, got a rare treasure and draw the attention of the school belle. I repeat I stopped after 4 chapters. The MC transmigrated and the host previous life was terrible. Parents abandoned him and he got no friends. Very convenient when you are an author who doesn't want to develop characters.


The first 40 chapters were good but after that the rest of the novel quickly goes downhill to the level of a mtl novel and it is disappointing