1 My System Awakened

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"Everyone, be more conscious and maintain order. If I see anyone cutting the line, I'll throw them out." The teacher in charge of the test said to them with a glare.

Hearing such serious words, everyone queued up seriously. No one dared to cause trouble at this moment.

Ling Feng was also standing quietly in the group. His eyes were fixed on the white jade in front of him. The students before him placed their hands on the jade under the teacher's guidance, and a dazzling light rose from it.

"Qin Dashan. Innate Ability: Physical Enhancement. Rank: C."

"Wan Qinghe. Innate Ability: Fire Manipulation, Rank: D."


The teacher looked at the words that rose from the jade and read them out loud. These voices entered the ears of every student. They understood that the teacher was talking about their ability type and rank. This also represented their future cultivation path.

All the students had different expressions on their faces. Those with ecstatic expressions must have good abilities, while those with complicated or bitter expressions must not have good abilities.

There was another person in the crowd who was out of place with these people who were nervously waiting for his ability level. He looked a little dazed, as if he was out of touch with the world.

His name was Ling Feng. It had been two days since he transmigrated here.

During these two days, he had been trying his best to digest the original owner's memories.

To be honest, from a bystander's point of view, his background was extremely pathetic. He had been abandoned by his biological parents since he was young and grew up in an orphanage. He almost had no friends by his side, so he was a recluse.

Two days ago, something happened to the original owner, and he had somehow transmigrated and possessed this body.

He inherited the original owner's memories and naturally knew that this world was completely different from his previous world.

This was not Earth, but a supernatural world called Blue Star.

A thousand years ago, an unknown alien race invaded this planet. The entire solar system was attacked by a huge storm, and the Blue Star they were on became thousands of times larger. In order to survive better, many creatures began to evolve.

Most of them had grasped countless supernatural powers, and after hundreds of years of development, every citizen here could communicate with the awakened divine jade at the age of 18 and unlock their ability.

This was a world where combat strength was divided into levels. There were a total of nine levels of combat strength. In fact, legends said that there were levels above level nine, but that was the domain of a god. For the time being, it was not something they could come into contact with.

Abilities also coexisted with combat strength. Abilities were also divided into nine levels. The lowest was F-rank, and the highest was SSS-rank.

Humans had to use meditation to increase their combat power and work hard to increase their levels. After all, Level 1 was trash, and Level 9 was the most powerful. At the same time, it was the level everyone yearned for.

With different ability ranks, cultivation speed was naturally different.

The difference in cultivation speed between SSS-rank and F-rank was like heaven and earth. That was why the students had such strong reactions after their abilities were assessed by the jade. After all, this completely determined their future development.

Although the difference in ability might seem cruel and even unfair, humans had to rely on these abilities to continue reproducing and surviving in this dimension, obtaining a territory.

"Ling Feng, what are you daydreaming about? Hurry up and come over!" The person in front had already completed the test. Now that Ling Feng was the first, the grumpy teacher in charge of the test immediately shouted.

"Just do as I say and put your hand on the divine jade. Don't let your thoughts run wild!" Seeing Ling Feng come back to his senses, the male teacher immediately instructed.

Ling Feng nodded and immediately placed his hand on the divine jade. The jade was very white and extremely cold to the touch. However, the moment his palm touched it, it began to slowly heat up.

Was this the divine jade used to test one's ability? It was extremely special. Before Ling Feng could carefully feel the heat coming from his palm, he suddenly felt a change in his surroundings.

A dazzling white light suddenly appeared in front of him. Before he could see the white light clearly, the male teacher had already opened his mouth to chase him away.

"The test is done. Remove your hand."

Ling Feng nodded and did as he was told. The moment his palm separated from the divine jade, words immediately appeared on the divine jade. Was his ability about to be revealed?

"Ling Feng. Innate Ability: Clone. Rank: B."

So his ability was Clone. However, it was only B-rank. Although it was not the worst, it still disappointed him.

"Thank you, sir." No matter how his teacher treated them, Ling Feng still maintained his manners.

"You can leave after the test. There are still many students behind. Don't be in their way." It was a B-rank talent. The teacher's expression eased up, but he was still as irritable.

Ling Feng nodded and immediately retreated to the side. The teacher had already called the next student, "Next, you can come over."

Since he was done with his business, Ling Feng naturally had no intention of staying. As soon as he walked out, he heard excited voices behind him.

"Su Ranran. Innate Ability: Thunder. Rank: SS."

As soon as she said this, the scene instantly exploded. Everyone's gaze fell on the cold woman. At this moment, she seemed to be the center of the world.

Their gazes were filled with admiration, flattery, and envy. Even the usually irritable teacher was filled with joy.

It was actually an SS-level talent. He was in charge of testing so many students, and this was the first.

"Oh my god, it's actually an SS-rank ability! She's the first person in our batch to have that rank."

"Not only is she talented, but she also seems to be our school belle. Not only is she beautiful and talented, but she's also too enviable."

"It seems that our school hunk's ability is only at A-rank. Doesn't that mean that he's not compatible with the school belle?"

"Pfft, when has the school belle and the school hunk ever been compatible? The school belle is much better. She's like the bright moon in the sky. How can that crappy school hunk compare to her?"


The atmosphere was abuzz with murmuring. The teacher who had been extremely irritable from the beginning, nodded in satisfaction. In all his years in the field, this was the first time he had come across an SS-level student. Moreover, she was in his class. How could he not be proud?

Not only that, but the person who taught the SS talent would also receive an absolute bonus. That high bonus was now treasure in his eyes.

"Be quiet."

"Su Ranran, go down first. I'll look for you after I help them test their abilities."

"Next, get ready!"

Su Ranran, an SS-level Awakened, had undoubtedly dropped a huge bomb on the scene, causing many people to become excited.

To be able to produce an SS-rank ability, did that mean that the people behind them might also have an SS-rank ability?

Everyone immediately became excited and quickly went up to test their ability. However, everyone was disappointed. The students behind were not very talented. The highest ability was only B-rank.

Ling Feng originally wanted to leave, but the commotion caused by Su Ranran was too big, so he had no choice but to stop.

It was actually an SS-rank ability. Looking at his B-rank ability, it was really unbelievable.

Su Ranran was now the center of attention. Everyone who stepped forward was full of admiration and envy. Her face was indifferent as she continued to be the ice queen she was called.

Ling Feng was incomparably envious. That was an SS-rank talent. With such talent, he would definitely be able to enter one of the top ten famous schools. In the future, as long as he cultivated diligently and did not die, he would definitely be an expert.

However, looking at himself, he only had a B-level ability. No matter how hard he worked, he could at most be a primary school teacher.

In fact, a B-rank ability was not weak, but when a talent with an SS-rank talent appeared, there was no comparison at all.

They had only just awakened, and their abilities were not even at level one. Moreover, his ability was cloning. Even if he could release a clone, what was the use of a clone that could only inherit 10% of his combat strength?

As Ling Feng thought about this, he became more and more depressed. Just as he felt that life was becoming more and more hopeless, a cold mechanical voice suddenly rang in his mind.

"Ding! Unlimited Upgrade System binding successful."

"Innate Ability Clone detected. Binding successful."

Ling Feng stood rooted to the ground in a daze for a moment before his face revealed a look of ecstasy. He now had a system that every transmigrator should have!

The system only arrived after it was almost the third day since his transmigration. If he had system, why was his ability rank so low?

"Ding! The first time you bind to the system, you can receive a beginner's gift box. Do you want to receive it?"

"Yes!" Ling Feng answered without hesitation.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining a chance to upgrade your ability. Do you want to upgrade your ability Clone?"

Upon hearing this, Ling Feng was overjoyed. It was great, but he still had to think it through and not be rash. How could one ability upgrade be enough?

"System, how can I rank up further?"

"The host can obtain upgrade points after killing an enemy. When a + ability appears on the panel, the ability can be upgraded."

After confirming that there was still a chance for his ability to be upgraded in future, Ling Feng immediately said, "Upgrade my ability, Clone!"

"Ding! Upgrade successful!"

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