The White Phoenix

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What is The White Phoenix

Read ‘The White Phoenix’ Online for Free, written by the author Midnight_Raven0425, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering SUPERPOWERS Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "I won't bow down to you. I'm The Queen... I'm The White Phoenix!" Farah craved for a normal life and she had it. She ac...


"I won't bow down to you. I'm The Queen... I'm The White Phoenix!" Farah craved for a normal life and she had it. She achieved it but then The Ancient Phoenix came into the picture. He made Farah the next Phoenix stronger than anyone else. Even though she didn't ask for such power, it was given. She fulfilled the Ancient Phoenix's wish, to build a land uniting all the different types of Phoenixes and she named the kingdom after the Ancient Phoenix— Gazaria. Little did she knew she was only fulfilling the prophecy. Repeating what has happened 500 years ago. The Queen of Hell once again escaped the depths of her cage and will do everything just to destroy Gazaria. Farah fought as best as she could, but unfortunately she lost. With the help of an old friend she'll travel with the man she'll fall into— Oxoluz. Together with the help of her friends they'll find a way to bring back Gazaria to it's former glory. In the end, will Farah once again have the life she'll always want or she'll end up doing what have happened 500 years ago. "If we lose again, we will no longer have something to save, everything is on me now, it is time for me to choice, what is right and sacrifice what I want," Farah said as a lone tear fell in her eye. "No I won't let you! We will fight together," Oxoluz said and held Farah's hand. "Together?" Farah asked. "Always." Oxoluz answered and claimed her lips. --------------------------- :: Do call me Midnight! I'll call you guys (my readers) as Raven! Yay! :: WSA ENTRY 2021 :: NOVEL WRITTEN BY A 14 Y. O. TEENAGER FROM THE PHILIPPINES. :: Instagram :: @wake_at_midnight :: Twitter :: @clalelroums :: Facebook :: Lychee Morelli :: UPDATES WILL BE DAILY ( 2-3 CHAPTERS A DAY) :: TIME FOR UPDATES ( 7 PM — 12 MIDNIGHT) (GMT+08)

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I. AM. SPEECHLESS!!!!! How???? I just cant- You're so talented!!! I love it so muchhhh!!! Everything was great, the plot, the flow of the story, EVERYTHINGGGG!! Keep it up! love love<3


The story is incredible! You have a knack on explaining the world-building of the novel. I really like it. The way you describe these lands, plus their language (in chanting spells) if I can give you more stars than this review, I would gladly do so for the world background~ [img=recommend]


First off, the synopsis already got me hooked. I'm only a few chapters in and I already like it. I'm very curious about Farah's identity and the things she will encounter in the future. I'm also quite curious about Ysandria and what kind of mayhem she's going to unleash. Content structure wise, it's good! The grammar is organized and the story is easily understood. Keep it up Author-san!


This story gives me puzzles to think that It would literally makes a reader crave for more chapters. Such a talented author with a good plot. It was a great feeling finding this kind of masterpiece :) Congrats author!


I dont know the exact words to describe this. It is just so great and how the story goes is great as well. So far so good this is such a great novel.


I like the plot its new uniqe and not like other or based on a generic plot I can say its good the characters the land etc, Overall I like it and I will look for further updates to come [img=recommend]


The story is very original, and the world layout is very thorough. The character details are very well thought out. There are quite a few punctuation errors, but the story plot is solid, and I believe it has a lot of potential. Keep up the work Author! You are definitely staying on my WSA Potentials List❤️


The book is great. the background is well explained and fleshed out. the characters are well introduced. it is a great novel. I recommend this book🙂


This book is amazing! I just started reading it but I'm already a fan. The author described the characters and the world in detailed. I can actually imagine myself being there.


Excellent worldbuilding just too much info dumps but I guess I can live with that. Interesting plot and a typical concept found in western literary books. The grammar needs some working on though.


This novel is absolute gold. It's on its own league! Even I ain't able to compare it to mine. A romance and fantasy, it is indeed worthy of joining the spirity event!


Surprised at the same time amazed by how a 14-year-old girl wrote this kind of novel. It was a unique plot, I must say, more probably, it has the same as the one with Alpha and Mage novels. I am not saying that it is the same, it has a unique touch that you will be asking over and over again, what is next? What is the next part of the story that you had read from the very start? It was something like that. So keep up the good work with writing this craft!


This book is so good. The characters are those whom you can relate on and the way the story was told is good too! You should not miss this one!


The story is very intriguing and has a good writing style. The story is interesting enough to keep you wanting to read more. Good job Author! 🥰💖


the synopsis is so good! i want more chapters! this book is filled with originality and you can't miss this! grab a cuppa and enjoy reading this well made novel !


i am too, is speechless, the author did a great work on creating a world filled with different emotions and it is just so good you should not miss this


it is so amazing how the author came up with different ideas and the characters are so good you can relate to them! this book is so good that it actually deserve exposure!


Writing Quality : Marvelous, there are some minor mistakes but it doesn't hinder the reading progress. The authors style is smooth and it flows in really well. Stability of Updates: As of giving this review, it currently has 12 chapters. It is still too early to give it a proper rating but I'll give it a 5 in hopes of the author updating daily. Story Development: Decent pacing, not rushed and not too slow. I won't give a description about how the world was made nor the story because, the readers must read it themselves. If they don't read it they'll be missing out on something good ;) Character Design: I won't dive deep into this, but the characters have a veil of mystery around them and the author is slowly revealing it giving the satisfaction of discovery. Well thought of and likeable character. World Background: The novel takes place in a fantasy setting and the world is decently built, again it has only 12 chapters for me to properly give a description about the world, but it is currently looking good. Overall: A good read, must add to your library and keep up with the current chapters. ^^


I love this story even if it is just a few chapters. The world background is good, so is the character development. The words is so smooth as well and the update is great too


Wow!! this is so good!! I love fantasy novels and this just takes the cake. I feel like I was watching a movie as the story progresses, and I can't wait to read more!! This is truly fantastic, I love it!!!!!


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