10 Chapter 10

1 Year Later.

"Why are we here?"




"Are you listening to me Alex, why are we here!!!?"

"Be quiet Cao Cao, I am trying to get a better view of the surroundings for our reconnaissance mission."

The sources of the two voices traveled through a dense forest in an unknown location, taking care not to make any unnecessary noise as they moved toward their destination.

"Listen to me, if we get caught, which I am sure we will, I will get away from here as fast as I can."

"Yeah, sure, that's what you're good at anyway."

A deeper walk through the forest revealed a somewhat exciting sight to the hungry eyes of the former and to the great consternation and dread of the latter, it illuminated their forms due to the flickering glow of the stream they were situated above.

The light revealed a handsome young man with shiny black hair combed back in an elegant manner, bright golden eyes and a somewhat lascivious smile stamped on his thin lips. The young man was dressed in a simple tight black leather shirt that did little to hide his muscular physique, blood red leather pants and brown combat boots to finish the aggressive look.

Sitting next to the young teenager was a boy around thirteen to fourteen, he was a handsome young man with short black hair and blue eyes. He wears a combination of Japanese school uniform (more specifically, the gakuran worn by Japanese students in the fall) and ancient Chinese costumes.

Cao Cao sighed resignedly at the perverted attitude of his friend, teacher and considerate older brother and only watched while Alex jumped on the highest branch of a nearby tree to get a closer and more unrestricted view of the scene below.

One day, his perverted friend would be killed.

Of all the women he could have perverted, why the Valkyries? That's right; your friend decided that he needed some research material along with some form of thrill. What better way to get that material and thrill than to spy on the dangerous but beautiful collectors of Asgard-worthy souls?

Even though he had been traveling alongside Alexander for a year, Cao Cao was still unable to believe seeing his friend act in such a perverted manner.

Looking at Alex, the possessor of the Supreme Longinus was able to hear Alex muttering things like "Jiraiya-sensei was right, this is paradise" and "Maybe I should write my own Icha Icha" among other things Cao Cao didn't understand.

Alex laughed as he watched the wonderful scene below, eyes observing every aspect of the scenery in the back of his head and madly scribbling down ideas for his book.

Bathing in the cool water of the natural stream were a horde of beautiful valkyries, enjoying the pleasant sensation of the water on their naked bodies without a hint of discomfort or worry.

Their golden eyes followed each indignant drop of water from their chins, between the fissures of pudgy, swollen breasts, down to their tense warrior stomachs before reaching their destination. To ooze from a tempting mound of female flesh, to a woman's most sacred treasure.

Some might say they were jealous of the water droplets for being on all these heavenly bodies, but he was not. Why? Because he would be INSIDE those celestial bodies ... if they would let him. These women were hard to fucking win over.

"Cao Cao, are you watching this beauty?" Alex laughed in a lewd laugh as he pointed to a tall black-skinned woman among the ladies in the bath.


"Are you ignoring me?"


"Answer me when I'm talking to you, you lazy bastard!" Alex turned away indignantly, his eyes twitching wildly when he didn't get an answer.

He soon got his answer, however. An angry, spear-tipped, mob response, because all around the tree he was sitting in was a whole horde of half-naked women, dangerously pointed spears pointed directly at him and the most scorching stares he had ever received ... recently, at least.

The most disheartening point was that he couldn't find his friend, disciple and younger brother for consideration anywhere.


"You invaded our kingdom for the last time, you filthy man!" the same woman whose pudgy ass he was admiring a few minutes ago stated in a dangerous tone as she took a step forward. "This time, we will make sure you receive your just punishment."

How in the nine bloody hells had he not felt their presences? Oh right, he wanted a thrill, so he turned off all his powers before coming to spy on the beauties.

"Note to self: blame Albion." thought Alex quickly.

[Hey, it wasn't my fault this time] shouted Albion at his partner.

"Yes it was, who suggested visiting Asgard, huh?" asked Regulus sarcastically.

[Yes, I suggested visiting Asgard, not spying on the Valkyries] shouted Albion.

Alex quickly began to think of a plan so that he could leave the scene with minor injuries.

"Ladies, can't we settle this like responsible adults and not resort to violence?" he placated nervously, jumping down from the tree with a smile. And dodging the spears that were trying to pierce him on all sides, "I think that's a no."

With a nod from the dark-skinned beauty, the Valkyries formed a semicircle behind him while the brunette woman took the lead, leading indifferent Alex to walk among the dangerous women.

On the bright side, the brunette woman was walking in front of him and he was getting a hardening sight of her buttocks swaying with each step. Oh yes, they could capture him a million times if he got the same view every time.

It wasn't long before he found himself escorted into the city of female civilization, through the busy but militaristic streets of the city, around the houses that looked like fortresses and all the way to the center where a tall castle stood.

A few minutes walking to the castle and he was standing before the leader of the Valkyries, Brunnhilda, a woman of passion, anger and power.

The leader of the Valkyries was a tall, blond woman, dressed in black and blue armor. A pair of piercing blue eyes stared at him, fleshy lips stretched into a nasty scowl. The top of her armor was clearly straining to contain the giant mounds of flesh she called breasts, obscenely protruding in front.

To Alex's eternal delight, the armor did not extend to hide her most precious possession. The gigantic proportion of pasty ass flesh squeezed onto the throne was simply intoxicating. Those thick, feminine thighs and crossed legs could crush rocks with ease, and judging by their occupation, they might have already done so.

"Milady, we found you spying on us while we were bathing." the dark skinned woman reported in a firm tone as she bowed.

"I see." the blonde leader murmured thoughtfully as she watched the brown haired man, "You infiltrated our kingdom last time, this time I won't make the mistake of leaving you alive."

A bead of sweat ran down Alex's head, "That's what you said last time."

The cheeky comment did not acquire the desired effects, although Brunnhilda remained as stoic as ever, merely signaling for her warriors to surround the entire castle from all sides, "I was careless, I admit, only because I did not expect that a pitiful excuse of a man can display the skills necessary to evade my warriors"

"Saying all that still doesn't change the fact that I spied on your sweet ass and still escaped." the brunette man retorted brazenly, feeling a few spears sting his skin.

"You men are all the same." she began in a somewhat disgusted tone, "Always thinking with your dicks instead of your head."

"What head?"

A subtle twitch of an eyebrow was all the indication that Alex needed to know he was annoying the woman, "Besides serving the purpose of reproduction, I would have annihilated the entirety of your dirty species."

"See, even you admitted that we are good at rocking your world." Alex smugly retorted, earning another round of spear blows, "Watch where you poke those things!"

"I did no such thing!" Brunnhilda roared in anger as she rose from her throne and walked towards the man, anger and disgust overflowing from her eyes.

The valkyries surrounding the Hakuryuukou wisely turned away from the man and left him at the mercy of the approaching leader. Alex simply looked on in appreciation as the enraged woman stomped toward him like an angry bull while watching the swaying of her plump breasts.

But before Alex could say anything, his eyes widened as a magical sensation passed through his body, the magical seal he had created to watch a person had been destroyed.

"I see, so you have finally awakened your power Tobio." thought Alex with a smile.

Unfortunately for Alex, Brunnhilda interpreted the mischievous smile as a sign of disrespect and grabbed him by the collar with a fierce growl, "You think continually invading my kingdom, spying on my warriors and making such vulgar remarks is finding it funny?!"

"Normally I hate doing that sort of thing since it goes against my code of honor." Alex began in a rather vague tone, gaining the attention of the valkyrie leader who blinked, not expecting that kind of response, "But you leave me no choice."

In the next few seconds, the busty woman found herself firmly seated on the Hakuryuukou's lap, his hands digging into her soft, plump buttocks while a pair of thin lips practically sucked the life out of her through her lips.

Her entire body heated up like a furnace, an unusual heat ignited in her feminine core. A trickle of liquid oozed from her womanhood down her plump thighs. Confusion, anger, hatred, curiosity, and a myriad of bizarre emotions coursed through her confused thoughts as the man manipulated her body in ways she hadn't thought possible.

'What is that?!'

The heat intensified, the unusual wetness of her womanhood increased, and a strange knot formed in the mouth of her stomach as she felt the man insert his tongue into her mouth and crush a long, solid, throbbing rod-shaped appendage against her covered core.

It was all over just as it began. The Hakuryuukou disappeared from her grasp, dispersing into tiny particles of blue and white dust before being scattered by the wind. A confused, thunderous, and ... excited remained seated on her throne as Alex escaped.

"See you later baby, maybe next time you'll let me ride that sweet ass of yours."



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