Sir Kit was looking into Princess Eleanor's eyes who sat in confusion.

"You have to hold on to me Princess. We need to get away from here." Sir Kit's words were strong but he could not maintain his face. His eyes that were visible to Princess Eleanor looked sharp as if they were ready to attack at any given moment.

Princess Eleanor nodded her head. She knew that this was the moment where she could not bring her emotions out. Although fear lingers in every cell of her body pushing herself into the past she knew that this was the present and in order to survive she needed to follow Sir Kit who she had decided to trust.

Sir Kit did not say anything else but pulled Princess Eleanor near him. Although his fingers were filled with blood and it ruined the Princess's dress it was irrelevant to the situation.

Princess Eleanor felt the inertia as she held onto Sir Kit with all of her strength. Sir Kit could feel her racing heart but he ignored it. There was a mission in front of his eyes and he needed to keep the Princess safe. Princess Eleanor's safety was the first priority rather than her fears.

Sir Kit looked outside the window as he saw his horse at the end. He had a special house that he had trained since he was a pony. A house that knew and recognized his voice. A horse who had been to countless battles with him and had won them.

Sir Kit did not waste time as he shouted, "WIND"

The horse's ears stood up as he heard a familiar voice. He looked in the direction and found his master moving his hands. Wind knew what his master was saying. He had been trained in that way. He ran towards the carriage as he jumped up and took a long leap as he crossed the barriers of soldiers.

Wind reached the carriage as he waited for his master to sit on him. His eyes looked at a small figure in his master's arm but he did not react.

Sir Kit did not waste any time and as soon as the house stood there he held Princess Eleanor and sat on the house and left.

Wind was a trained horse who knew how to avoid swords and knives coming it's way. His reflexes were fast and so was his speed.

"FOLLOW THEM." A loud voice was heard and soon the troops took hold of their horses and ran behind them.

Princess Eleanor was fearful. She did not know what was happening anymore. She sat in front of Sir Kit and when she turned around to look in the front she could not figure out anything. They were in the forest and the sun was setting down. The speed was fast and Princess Eleanor's eyes shook.

"We cannot afford to lose one more Princess."

"We have to complete the mission."

"This way."

"Make sure we have them."

Princess Eleanor could hear many voices. Although she could not see from the back what was happening, she knew that the situation there was not good. They wanted her life and they came after her.

'So thus this means they left everyone else unharmed?' Princess Eleanor thought. She was happy for others but not for herself. The fear of death was lingering in her gaze.

'Will they follow me till the end?' Princess Eleanor's mind was a mess, "Will they only stop once they kill me?'

Princess Eleanor could hear the noises of the horse coming her way. She couldn't understand her situation. The image of her parents was lingering in front of her eyes as her body shivered.

Princess Eleanor's mind was playing illusions with her and she could not distinguish between the past and what is the present. The sky was getting darker and her heartbeat was getting faster. Princess Eleanor's throat was dry. She wanted to ask Sir Kit 'When will it be reached? Where are we going? Will we survive?' But Princess Eleanor did not say a word for fear of getting discovered.

Sir Kit must have understood her uneasiness as he looked down. One of his hands was still holding Princess Eleanor near him, trying to keep her secure. The changes in her body language were not unnoticed by Sir Kit. He knew that She was frightened but the enemy was still behind them and was ready to attack at any moment.

"Hold me tight, Princess. Make sure to wrap your hand around me but from inside the coat. We cannot risk your hand getting exposed outside." Suir Kit said in a low voice near Princess Eleanor's ears.

Princess Eleanor followed the instructions without meaning any fuss. Her mind was already playing tricks with her and now she knew that she could only trust Sir Kit.

'This is not the past.'

'My parents and brother are already dead.'

'I cannot die yet. Not until I uncover the truth.'

Princess Eleanor closed her eyes as she forced herself to come out of her illusion. Her head rested on Sir Kit's chest as she could hear his strong heartbeat.

Princess Eleanor tried to focus on the rhythm of Sir Kit's heartbeats to distract herself/. Her chaotic breathing normalized as her body relaxed a little.

Princess Eleanor moved a little to find a comfortable position when something tricked her, making her eyes wide. Her heartbeats increased as Princess Eleanor swallowed. Her gaze was focused on only one thing as she tried to reach it.

"Princess?" Sir Kit said as he felt slight abnormalities in Princess Eleanor's behavior.

As soon as she heard her name, Princess Eleanor shook her head. Her hands held Sir Kit's waist tied as she looked at the object that she wanted to see all along.

Sit Kit did not understand what was happening but he knew that the horses were coming near him and he needed to do something soon. His hold on Princess Eleanor tightened as he instructed, "Faster Wind."

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