44 Same but Different

Princess Eleanor's eyes widened as she looked at the seal in her hand.

Her eye was focused on the seal as her throat ran dry. She ran her thumb around the seal as she was in deep thought.

'It looks like the one I had seen before. Or am I wrong?' Princess Eleanor bit her lips as she looked at the design. Her eyes focused on the badge that was kept at the side of the coat. As Princess Eleanor looked into it she realized that although the badge was made out of gold, the edge was rough.

Princess Eleanor looked at the flying dragon on it. It was an image that had stuck in her mind, with a good and bad memory.

As Princess Eleanor looked at the seal and the badge, although she saw them as a little similar, there was still a difference between them. Very minute but it was there.

Princess Eleanor's eyes sharpened as she looked carefully at them. Although both had a flying dragon, Princess Eleanor saw the change in them. The dragon on the badge had a longer neck with wide spread wings as if it was ready to attack the prey while the one on the seal had a shorter neck and steam body as if it was flying in the sky looking at the world down.

Princess Eleanor bit her lips in confusion. ALthough both looked the same, but the difference could be seen only when they looked closely.

As Princess Eleanor was about to think further into this, she had a voice coming from inside. Her eyes widened as she kept the seal and the badge in their original position. Her heartbeats were running fast as she tried to act as naturally as possible.

Princess Eleanor kept the coat over her knees as she looked outside. Although she could only see the waterfall, but she also saw the light coming through it. The reflection was beautiful as she could see the rays separated.

"This…" Sir Kit's voice came into her ears as Princess Eleanor looked at the man in confusion. She smiled innocently as she blinked her eyes.

Princess Eleanor knew what was on Sir Kit's mind. She saw his hand rubbing his neck as if he was lost for words. His hairs were not neatly combed as they usually wear but it looked good on him.

Although Princess Eleanor had never seen Sir Kit's true face she knew that he was a handsome man and looking at him now, walking up from his sleep Princess Eleanor's heartbeats ran faster. Was it because this was the first time she was this close with a man? Or because she was in his arms a few minutes before?

Princess Eleanor's cheeks turned red as she bit her lips. She did not want to think about it any further. She swallowed hard as she tried to maintain her cool.

"You were sleeping and I did not want to disturb you. I thought Sir Kit needed his missed rest so I did not try to wake you up." Princess Eleanor's voice was straightforward but there was a slight tremble in them. She could hear her own heartbeats running fast as she tried to control them as much as she could. She took a few deep breaths as her hand on the coat tightened.

Sir Kit's eyes followed down towards the coat that was sitting on her knees. Princess Eleanor did not understand how to react as she swallowed hard. She got up and walked towards Sir Kit as she extended her hand towards him with his coat, but to her surprise, the man did not move.

Sir Kit stood there in front of her looking at the Princess. Her eyes stayed on her body as he realized that although her coats were dry she still had minimum blooding that was tinted by blood. It looked especially eye-catching on her whole dress.

"You should wear this till we reach the Empire." Sir Kit said as he looked outside. He identified the time according to the light coming inside. If his assumptions were correct then it must be around early morning. "We should go now if we want to avoid anyone spotting us. I am sure they might be near here somewhere so we need to be extra careful not to get caught."

Princess Eleanor nodded her head in understanding. She knew that where they were was a place where many wild animals roamed. The people who tried to kill them might come their way as well to drink water and if they saw each other then everything that they did to save themselves would be in vain.

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