37 Never-ending

Princess Eleanor did not think much.

There was still a little fear in her heart that the enemy was following her. Maybe it won't take long for them to catch her but that was just a thought. But the fear it brought was much higher.

Princess Eleanor nodded her head as her hold on Sir Kit tightened. The cave was visible to the eyes, even though it was dark, Princess Eleanor knew that once the daylight came it wouldn't be seen easily. The waterfall was hiding it very well.

Although Princess Eleanor walked with Sir Kit into the cave, she was skeptical. Her legs were following behind but her eyes stayed on her knight and the horse who walked as if he was familiar with the place.

'How did Sir Kit know about this place?' Princess Eleanor thought, 'It is not an easy place to spot and one can only know about it if they had visited it before? Has Sir Kit been here?' Many questions revolved around Princess Eleanor's mind as she tried to push them behind.

"This.." Princess Eleanor said in surprise as a water droplet spread on her body. Her steps paused. Her eyes shivered as her hold on Sir Kit tightened.

"What is wrong Princess?" Sir Kit asked in a slow voice. His eyes looked at a distance trying to figure out if someone was following them.

Princess Eleanor did not know what to say. Her throat shivered. She knew that she would not walk by taking the step they were. Princess Eleanor bit her tongue when she realized that Sir Kit did not understand her silence. "We will need to cross the waterfall."

Sir Kit raised his eyebrows. It was the only way to reach the cave. Although there was a small opening at the side, it was not safe as there were a lot of slippery things there and Sir Kit feared that if Princess Eleanor slips and falls it will make a sound loud enough to attract the enemy's attention.

"If we do not then maybe we will not see tomorrow's light." Sir Kit said as he held Princess Eleanor's hand. He could not take any risks. Noises were coming their way, although it was still away and Sir Kit was sure that princess Eleanor could not hear them, he also knew that they were near.

"They will be here soon. I could hear them coming." Sir Kit whispered as he forced the Princess to sit on the horse. His hold tightened around her waist as he realized how hard the Princess was struggling.

"I cannot hear anything." Princess Eleanor argued. She tried to push Sir Kit away but no matter how hard she tried, she could not release herself from his tight hold.

"Maybe that is because the Princess is not a trained fighter. Maybe your ears are not shaped by the wars so you are not aware of it but trust me, Princess, they will come here soon. And if you want me to protect you then stay still and don't make any noise." Sir Kit said as he hit Wind with his leg.

The horse got the order from its owner and walked into the waterfall without any fright. His footsteps were strong and powerful as his direction was determined.

Princess Eleanor shivered as water spread on her whole body. No matter how much she tried to control it, the waterfall was never-ending. The stream following the water was thick.

Princess Eleanor tried to control her racing heart. She wanted to curse. She tried very hard to maintain her cool even though she knew that it was hard. Her body shivered as the wind blew.

Princess Eleanor closed her eyes and soon she felt cold. She was thankful that she was in the dry area but it did not help much when the cold was getting to her.

Princess Eleanor knew that she was near the Roulux Empire. Although the Empire was known to have all the naturally occurring elements, Princess Eleanor knew that the Angevin Kingdom was known to be near the desert of the Roulux Empire.

'Of all the places to be stuck here with.' Princess Eleanor bit her lips as she struggled hard.

Sir Kit did not force the Princess anymore as his hold on her loosen. He knew that Princess Eleanor had a temper and he did not want to tackle her now.

Once Princess Eleanor was free, she walked down the horse as she walked to the very end of the cave. It was not a deep cave but it was well protected.

Princess Eleanor looked down. 'Of all the times I had to wear this?' She thought as she opened her well-braided hairs.

Princess Eleanor blamed Nia for the situation she was in. Because they are near the dessert her lady in waiting had given her thin clothes to wear in fear that she would feel hot. Princess Eleanor was well aware of it that it was not Nia's fault that she had a thin layer of cloth on her body and now she was drenched in water from hair to toe, but she could not help but blame her.

Princess Eleanor swallowed as she tried to readjust her black hair. Her hair was pushed forward trying to cover as much as it could. Although it was dark and there was no light in the cave, Princess Eleanor was still afraid.

Maybe the darkness had intensified her senses and she was extremely aware of her surroundings. But all knew was that no matter what she had to keep her senses awake. She had to feel safe even though there was no danger around.

Princess Eleanor's hand ran through her hair when she heard some noises coming from outside. Her body stiffened.

Sir Kit's words played in her mind, 'They will be coming.'

Princess Eleanor held her breath as she turned around only to realize that Sir Kit was standing near her. Extremely close to her liking.

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