35 Lifeless Doll

Princess Eleanor looked at the badge that was placed in the innermost part of Sir Kit's jacket.

Her eyes shook. Her breathing hitched as she moved to touch it. She could feel that it was made out of pure gold. Before she had a chance to touch it, the horse increased its speed as she jerked off.

Princess Eleanor had no other choice but to hold Sir Kit tightly. The man knew that if he stayed any more near the enemy it wouldn't be long before they got caught.

The sky was getting darker and Sir Kit knew that they just need to wait till the night falls. Once they are in the dark, they can not get caught at all. All they need to do is stay put and wait for the right time to through the enemy houses off.

Sir Kit could feel Princess Eleanor's hands around his waist tighten. His gaze sharpened but he controlled it.

'I need to find a way out.'

'We just need to stay near the borders.'

Sir Kit thought as he took a few deep breaths. His gaze was shivering as he moved the horse towards a familiar place. A place that he had discovered near the border. A place where they can hide and not get caught.

'I need to move faster.'

Sit Kit leaned near the house. Princess Eleanor who sat in front of him, facing the man leaned back towards the horse's neck. She was confused and could not understand what was happening as her throat ran dry.

Princess Eleanor's back was leaning on the horse 'Wind's' neck as Sir Kit whispered in a soft tone. The wind blew in her ears as Princess Eleanor shivered. "Wind, Let's leave them behind."

Wind understood its master's words as he took a leap. The sky was turning back and Sir Kit knew only a few minutes would be required for them to disappear in the night.

The horse ran faster and at a particular time, it turned left behind a huge tree. Sir Kit kept quiet. The silence was intoxicating and Princess Eleanor's heartbeats were running fast. She could not understand what was happening to her anymore. Her gaze was shivering as she could feel Sir Kit's body stiffen.

Sir Kit could sense the uneasiness in Princess Eleanor's body language. He was silent as he looked down at her as he whispered in her ears softly, making sure that only the two of them could hear it.

"Just wait, Princess. They will leave soon." Sir Kit's whisper brushed through Princess Eleanor's ears. She could not understand anything as her body trembled. She wanted to nod her head but was afraid to touch Sir Kit even more. Although only the clothes separated them, Princess Eleanor was afraid to cross the line.

Princess Eleanor's hold on Sir Kit's clothes was tight as he understood that the Princess knew what he was getting at.

Soon the horses pass through them. They could hear the noises of the dried leaves as the horse's legs touched the ground creating a ruffling noise. Princess Eleanor was as quiet as a lifeless doll. She made sure not to make any noise.

Princess Eleanor closed her eyes as she tried to breathe as softly as possible. She wanted to maintain the image of a dead person so that others could not find out that they were hiding there.

Sir Kit smiled as he looked at the Princess. He knew that all of the enemy horses had left the area. There was only silence in the surround. The trees that they were hiding behind were huge and as it was always almost dark no one could identify that someone was behind them.

Sir Kit knew that they were still on the territory of the Angevin Kingdom and the enemy would not know the places to hide. Others would not have known but this place was near the desert area of the Roulux kingdom and Sir Kit has surveyed the area many times.

Sir Kit took a few deep breaths as he sat straight on the house. He looked at Princess Eleanor who was looking at him with confusion.

Princess Eleanor raised her eyes as she wanted to ask him, 'What is wrong?' But she was afraid to speak.

Sir Kit smiled. At this point, his eyes had already adjusted to the darkness and he could see the Princess clearly. He shook his head as he said in a soft tone, "We have left them behind, but let's hide for now. I think they will stay in the forest a little longer."

Princess Eleanor swallowed as she nodded. Her hand was still wrapped on Sir Kit's waist as she was afraid to loosen it. There was no guarantee that the people would not attack soon and Princess Eleanor did not want to take any risk. She wanted to complete her revenge before she died.

Sir kit did not say anything as the horse started to walk in an unknown direction. Princess Eleanor did not know which way they were leading as she looked towards the road.

The forest was dark and the horse 'Wind' was leisurely walking as if they were on a walk. Princess Eleanor was confused as she said in a whisperer. "Why are we going so slow?"

Sir Kit smiled. He did not reply right away but took his time. The air was turning colder as the moon was shining brightly. "Because he does not want to make noise and alert the enemy of our location." Sir Kit looked straight into Princess Eleanor's eyes as he continued, "If my assumptions are correct, once they did not find us they would try to trace the steps back. So to avoid encountering them we need to be silent."

"But his walking does make some noise." Princess Eleanor argued as she could hear the leaves crushing under Wind's lead.

"Yes, but is the Princess forgetting something?" Sir Kit said in a low voice, "We are in the forest and there are many wide animals here."

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