54 Leave a Mark

Sir Kit could not understand what Princess Eleanor was thinking in her mind.

He could see the panic in her eyes as if he needed to wash his hands at the earliest. What was bothering her was beyond his imagination.

Sir Kit walked outside of the tent as he washed his hands. He did not want to trouble the Princess more than she must have. 

Soon Sir Kit walked back inside the tent as he looked at the Princess whose face was a little pale. He did not know what happened to her. She was just fine a minute ago and now she looked like she was genuinely sick.

"Princess?" Sir Kit said in a worried tone. Although he wanted to pretend that Princess Eleanor was sick and stressed after getting attacked, he only wanted to act. And yet the Princess had made it a reality.

Sir Kit's eyes looked at the bed where the small bottle of perfume was wrapped in his handkerchief, Princess Eleanor followed his gaze as her eyes widened.


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