47 Injure?

Princess Eleanor took a deep breath as she tried to maintain her composure. She could act and she was sure of it. After all, Princess Eleanor had acted a lot of time to pretend that she was okay and happy.

Princess Eleanor closed her eyes as Wind stopped in front of their tent. Sir Kit held her back before moving down. He took her in his arms as he moved into the tent.

Princess Eleanor could hear many voices coming her way. Her heart was beating faster but she tried to maintain a subtle facial depression.

"What happened to the Princess?" Princess Eleanor could hear Lady Gisella's voice coming her way.

Princess Elanor's heartbeat ran faster. 'Where is Nia. Is she here? Did something happen to her?' Many questions started flowing into her mind.

"Princess." Nia's voice came as soon as her body hit a soft mattress. Princess Eleanor knew that she was on a bed as her hands were held tightly. "Is she alright? Why isn't she opening her eyes?"


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