51 Hurthing

[Note- The chapter may contain self-harm. You have been warned]

Nia took a deep breath as she moved toward the Princess.

"Princess…" Nia said in a soft tone. Her body was trembling. "What do you want to do with this?"

Princess Eleanor smiled as she moved her hand. Her eyes looked at the things in Nia's hand. Princess Eleanor looked at the small fruit knife in Nia's hand.

Nia sighed as she moved toward the Princess. Princess Eleanor took the small knife from Nia's hand as she pointed to the rugs. "Place the rug below my legs."

Nia followed as she looked at the Princess again and again.

"Bring the perfume and boiling water too." Princess Eleanor said as she watched Nia going out.

Princess Eleanor bit her lips as she took a deep breath. The medicinal box was kept near her so Princess Eleanor took the step that was only in her mind.


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