39 Fire

Princess Eleanor followed Sir Kit into the cave.

Soon she found a place she had never seen before. A small opening at the end of the cave.

Princess Eleanor's heart beats fastened. Her steps were slow as she softly stepped on the ground. Her fingers held Sir Kit's coat tightly around her body.

Princess Eleanor swallowed as she looked around only to realize a strong breathing sound coming her way. She did not understand if it was someone or something and in the confusion, she collided.

Sir Kit felt a soft touch on his back. He looked back to see Princess Eleanor rubbing her forehead. Although he could not see her, he could still figure out her outer layer. He could sense her body moving.

"There is someone here?" Princess Eleanor whispered but her voice revolved in the cave. It felt like an echo frightening her a little.

Sir Kit could not help but smile. "It's only Wind." He said as he continued walking to a familiar place. "Princess can sit here and I will make sure to keep us warm."

Princess Eleanor's throat ran dry. She did not understand the meaning behind Sir Kit's words. Her body refused to move as she stayed standing in the place.

'How does Sir Kit know this place?' Princess Eleanor thought. 'He is way too familiar with it. Have the been here before? Does he come here often?'

Princess Eleanor could hear some noises coming from the end where Sir Kit had walked off. She could sense with the waffling noise that there was a stake of hay here.

'Is it Wind's food?' Princess Eleanor thought as she looked at the horse. She could only see his outline in the dark but could still see his large body. 'Does Sir Kit want me to sleep near the horse?'

'Although I do not hate the idea, isn't it too much to ask from the Princess?' Princess Eleanor bit her lips. 'Or maybe like others, Sir Kit does not consider me as a real Princess now that I have no support?'

Princess Eleanor took a deep breath as she started walking toward the horse. She did not want to hear it from Sir Kit so she took the first steps. 'I always thought that people never told the truth when they said that Princesses are ignored when they are not useful. But they had some truth in their words after all. A Princess without power can never be used as a useful tool.'

"What is the Princess thinking?" Princess Eleanor heard Sir Kit's voice as she came back to her senses. Her legs paused as she looked at the side in confusion. Her gaze tried to readjust as she tried to figure out where Sir Kit was.

"Princess, don't go near Wind." Sir Kit's words revolved around the enclosed space. "He is not too familiar with you. He is not very friendly with strangers. I fear that he might hurt you unintentionally."

Princess Elenor tilted her head. Her eyes were closed with confusion. "You do not want me to sleep there?"

Sir Kit did not understand Princess Eleanor's words at all. "I never said the Princess needs to sleep there. Why would the Princess assume so?"

Princess Eleanor felt guilty as she shook her head. Her face was hot as she felt embellished coming up with a situation that never existed. "Then? I remember Sir Kit said that he will help me get dry?" Princess Eleanor's voice turned low as her hold on the coat tightened. Although the coat was also ditched in water, it was giving her an unknown warmth.

Sir Kit did not know what to say to Princess Eleanor's words. "It is my mistake." Sir Kit was sure that he had said that they will be creating fire but now it felt like the Princess had completely ignored his words.

'Maybe she just listened to the first half and came up with a possibility rather than listening to the second half and understanding.' Sir Kit sighed but he did not say anything. His hands were still holding the two stones.

Sir Kit knew that there was no point in delaying any further. He held the stones as he rubbed them together. Princess Eleanor's ears peaked up. She could not understand where the voice was coming from but soon she saw a spark.

Princess Eleanor's eyes widened as the sparks started lighting the room but before she could see anything clearly they disappeared. Princess Eleanor felt heartbroken but soon she realized what Sir Kit was trying to do.

"Fire." Princess Eleanor whispered under her breath and soon a spark fell on the glass and it burned. The cave that was under darkness was now lightened up. Princess Eleanor could see clearly around her.

Sir Kit observed the change in Princess Eleanor's expression. The small den inside the cave was small. He knew that even if the enemy came to the waterfall at night, they could never see the fire. Even the glow won't be emitted out.

Princess Eleanor walked towards the source of heat. She felt alive again. The coldness she experienced was washed out by a feeling of bliss. Her eyes shivered as she extended her hand to the bonfire. It was then that she realized why she could hear the sound of hay.

Princess Eleanor could see wood at the side of the den. There were a few stones along with dried leaves and grass. As her gaze moved further she realized that the stones that Sir Kit had used are specially used for starting a fire.

'But how did he know?' Princess Eleanor took a deep breath as she closed her eyes for a brief second. She knew that she needed to embrace herself and be strong in her speech if she wanted to get some answers from Sir Kit.

Soon Princess Eleanor opened her eyes as she looked at Sir Kit whose face was red. He refused to look at her as he looked everywhere but at her. Princess Eleanor took a deep breath as she took a step toward Sir Kit when the coat slid down making her realize the reason why Sir Kit refused to acknowledge her existence.

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