43 Element

Princess Eleanor's eyes opened as she rubbed below her gaze.

She did not know why but Princess Eleanor was feeling heavy. Something was pulling her down and she was aware of it. Princess Eleanor bit her lips as she took a deep breath. Her eyes were now wide open and the lingering sleep that she had in her eyes were long forgotten.

'Where am I?' This was the first thought that lingered in Princess Eleanor's mind. She moved a little only to feel the hand around her tightened.

Princess Eleanor's body stiffened as she looked at the side. She bit her lips as she saw Sir Kit sleeping peacefully. He was still wearing his mask, but his eyelashes were still visible. He was too close to her.

Princess Eleanor felt like she could even touch his eyelashes if she extended her hand but before she had the chance her hands were held tightly.

Princess Eleanor could not understand for how long Sir Kit was awake but soon she realized that he wasn't fully awake. His body had moved reflectively.

'Is he that sleepy?' Princess Eleanor thought but soon she realized that the man had not slept for a few days straight. Maybe he was too tired. But the Princess could not understand how well trained his body should be to respond subconsciously.

Princess Eleanor took a deep breath as she tried to relax herself. She knew that her brother used to do this too. He was always so tense while sleeping that his senses were too strong. But Princess Eleanor knew that if once relaxed then the protective barrier would loosen.

Princess Eleanor tried to take a deep breath as she relaxed her body. It did take time but once she felt her body relax, Sir kit's hold on her hand loosen. Princess Eleanor's lips curled up as she moved away.

Princess Leanor took a deep breath as she rolled to the side, presenting that she was still asleep but once she was out of Sir Kit's hold she got up from the ground. There was still Sir Kit's coat on the ground. Princess Eleanor held it up in her hand as she walked out slowly from the den, into the cave.

As Princess Eleanor walked she could see Wid standing beside the waterfall. Although they were behind it she feared that the others could see the horse through the gaps.

"Come here." Princess Eleanor said in a soft tone. She did not want to wake Sir Kit up but the horse did not respond. Princess Eleanor's hand on the coat tightened as she took a deep breath before engaging in deep thoughts.

'What was Sir Kit walling him? It was an easy name. Something with the element. But what?'

Princess Eleanor rubbed her forehead in defeat before she knew the answer. "Wind"

As soon as princess Eleanor said those words the horse looked back at herself. Princess Eleanor's heart stopped for a few seconds as she sat at the corner of the cave. A place that was in the dark but she could still see the entrance of the den.

Princess Eleanor patted the soil beside her as she said, "Come Wind, sit here." She did not know if the horse would even listen to her. After all, the horse had ignored her completely but to Princess Eleanor's surprise Wind moved towards her side as he sat down.

Princess Eleanor's lips curled up as she looked down at her coat. Princess Leanor swallowed. 'If I take a look it won't be a big deal. No, it won't. Sir Kit himself gave it to me.'

Princess Eleanor repeated the things in her rain as she put her hands on the coat. Once she found the thing she was searching for her eyes widened in surprise.

Princess Eleanor's lips curled up as she took the thing out without wasting any other second.

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