38 Blame Me

Sir Kit saw Princess Eleanor walking at the very end of the cave.

He could not understand what had gotten into her. Why was she behaving in such a way at times like this?

'What is wrong with the Princess? She tried to convince me to save her but now she doesn't even care about us being found out by the enemies just because we have to cross water?' Sir Kit ran his hand through his wet hairs in annoyance.

He looked at his horse who had not forgotten the road as he touched his hair carefully. "You did a good job." Sir Kit whispered in Wind's ears as he saw her moving his head happily.

One thing Sir Kit knew about his horse was that he loved compliments. He could not understand the reason why Wind loved it but it gave him the motivation to do better.

Sir Kit's hand did not stop as he continued to carse Wind's back. "Now we need to be silent. Don't make noise and sit at the side."

Wind understood his master's instruction as he walked slowly inside the cave. Sir Kit's gaze followed his horse's movement as he saw him walking inside as slowly as possible.

A smile spread on his face but soon it was replaced by confusion.

'What is she doing?' Sir Kit thought as he walked towards the Princess who was too occupied to care about her surroundings.

Sir Kit's eyes had adjusted to the light as he took a deep breath making sure not to frighten the Princess but what was in front of his eyes frightened him instead.

Sir Kit could only see Princess Eleanor's back as all of her hairs were pulled in front but what graced his eyes was not the sight of cloth but of her bare skin. Maybe at some point in the struggle Princess Eleanor's clothes were torn. Although it was not visible because of her hair, once her whole body was ditched by water all of her clothes stuck to her body.

Sir Kit ran his hand through his hair as he tried to move his eyes elsewhere. 'Why are her clothes so thin?. It looks like they have merged into her skin.'

Sir Kit thought so but soon he heard some voices coming his way. The noise of animal legs running their way. Sir Kit's eyes widened as he looked at the Princess only to see her turning towards him in confusion.

Sir Kit feared that maybe Princess Eleanor would shout in shock. His hands moved before he could process anything else as he covered Princess Eleanor's mouth in reflection.

"They are here." Sir Kit whispered. He looked down only to realize that Princess Eleanor was looking at him with blame-filled eyes.

Princess Eleanor could not believe herself. Sir Kit was near her. He was close enough to one another that could even allow them to hear each other's heartbeats.

She swallowed hard as she looked at the man. Her gaze moved around but she could not see Wind.

'Where did the horse go?' Princess Eleanor thought as her body shivered. 'Did he go outside? Are we discovered?'

Princess Eleanor's mind was filled with many thoughts. What will she do if they really got caught? Princess Eleanor had no answer to that question but her worries felt irrelevant when she heard the voices coming from outside.

"Where did they go?" It was a man's voice. Although the voice was not clear due to the noise of the waterfall it was still audible.

"Who knows what the King might do if he found out that we had failed one more time." The other man said.

Sir Kit and Princess Eleanor were silent. They would even hear their breathing as they looked at each other. Princess Eleanor could feel the source of heat near her as her gaze shivered.

"We still need to search for them. We cannot risk one more Princess entering the Roulux Empire." The man said.

Princess Eleanor's ears were sharped. She understood that the people had made an attempt to kill another Princess. The struggle was real and it was only because Sir Kit was here that she had managed to survive.

Sir Kit and Princess Eleanor could hear the animals drinking water and soon the people went away. Their footsteps were audible as the cave fell back into silence.

Princess Eleanor did not know how long they were in that position. Maybe she and Sir Kit, both were too occupied with their thoughts to realize that they were still near each other.

Soon a wave of air brought them both to reality when Princess Eleanor shivered. Sir Kit took a step back as he turned his face around. His body was heating up and he knew that he needed to get the Princess dry soon.

Sir Kit did not waste any time as he removed his coat and held it in his hand. He extended it towards the Princess without looking at her. "Wear this Princess. It will keep you warm."

Princess Eleanor was silent for a few seconds. She could not understand what was happening. Why was Sir Kit so thoughtful about her but then she realized something. Her face heated up as she turned around before taking the coat in her hand.

Princess Eleanor did not waste any time as she covered her body with it. Her breathing increased and in the cave, she was loud enough for sir Kit to know that Princess Eleanor had understood what he had seen.

Although Sir Kit was ashamed, he still wanted to say that he only saw her back and nothing else. But he knew that it would be more awkward bringing it up on his own.

Sir Kit took a deep breath as he said, "Let's get you dry, Princess. I do not want the Emperor to blame me for not taking care of you."

Princess Eleanor understood that Sir Kit was trying to ease the situation as she too decided to play along. "And how are you planning to do it?"

"Of course, by the old way." Sir Kit said with a smile, "Let's create some fire."

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