41 Basecamp

Sir Kit looked at Princess Eleanor. He wanted to say a lot of things but what made him curious was that the Princess was not sleeping although her eyes showed how tired she was.

Sir Kit took a deep breath as he added a few more dried leaves to the bonfire. "You know the leaves cannot keep burning forever. After a while, the fire will die, so Princess Eleanor should focus on drying her body right now rather than thinking about other things."

"My clothes are almost dry." Princess Eleanor said in a small voice as she removed the coat from her body. Although her dress was not completely dry, it was on the verge of it. Princess Eleanor knew that the heat emitting from the fire was low, but so was the light. So even if Sir Kit tried he won't be able to see anything. "So why not Sir Kit focus on answering my question. It is not a difficult one."

Sir Kit was silent. He looked at Princess Eleanor for a brief second. Although ordinary knights would not be able to spot but he could clearly see the areas on Princess Eleanor's dress that were still wet.

Sir Kit took a deep breath. "We need to extinguish the fire soon. The cave does not have a huge source of air. If the fire continued to burn this way for a long time then it might lead to suffocation. So Princess Eleanor moved a little closer to the fire."

Princess Eleanor was silent. She couldn't bring herself up to say anything. She bit her lips as she followed Sir Kit's instructions. "Happy."

Sir Kit laughed. His mild voice revolved in the cave, making Princess Eleanor shiver. Sir Kit looked at the Princess before adding a few more dry leaves to the bonfire.

"Now getting back to your question." Sir Kit said as he looked at the flames going up. "You know that Empire has all the types of sessions on its land at the same time."

Princess Eleanor nodded. The Roulux Empire was a unique place on the continent. Known for its unique features. The knights and the military are trained in every climate in the Empire, and maybe that was the reason why they were considered to be the strongest. They could survive and fight to win in any situation.

Sir Kit's lips rolled up. "So the Princess might also know that the Angevin Kingdom is near the deserted area of the Empire. Once we cross the boundary, we will be able to enter the desert."

Although Princess Eleanor knew it she did not respond. She waited patiently for Sir Kit to complete.

"In the Roulux Empire, we have named our basecamp. Many basecamps belong to different families, specially built to train those knights. The number 13 that the Princess is talking about is the basecamp of House Beaumont."

Princess Eleanor swallowed, "It belongs to the Grand Duke's house?"

Sir Sit smiled as he saw the confusion and amusement on Princess Eleanor's face. How could she show two completely opposite emotions at the same time was beyond him.

"Yes, Princess is right. As I had said earlier. I belong to House Beaumont. It is the safest place for you to stay." Sir Kit's tone was mild but the weight his words held was huge.

"I understand. But will the knights know it?" Princess Eleanor extended her hand towards the fire. Her clothes were now dry and she could not help but feel sleepy.

'Is it because Sir Kit has answered my question honestly that I have let my guards down or is it because of the heat that my body has relaxed. Why am I feeling so sleepy?' Princess Eleanor thought as she struggled to keep her eyes open. She yawned from time to time but she still did not want to sleep. How could she sleep when Sir Kit was alone there with her.

Although Princess Eleanor trusted Sir Kit, she was embellished. 'Last night was different. When Sir Kit was in the room then, all the other guards were outside keeping a lookout. Is it because I am alone that I feel like this?' Princess Eleanor's hands formed a fist. She swallowed as she looked at Sir Kit with her sleepy eyes. 'It's okay. I had chosen Sir Kit to be my escort. I should trust him.'

Sir Kit nodded his head. He knew that Princess Eleanor might fall asleep any second. Her head was already on her knees as she looked at him sideways. "They are knights from House Beaumont. They all know the meaning of numbers. And Lady Gisella is with them. Even if others forget, she will never forget it."

"Hmm…" Princess Eleanor hummed, "I hope Lady Gisella and Nia are safe." Princess Eleanor's voice was soft, almost like a whisper. No matter how much she tried, she could not keep herself awake. She was engulfed in darkness as her breathing smoothened.

"They will be Princess," Sir Kit said but when he did not receive any reply he looked at Princess Eleanor only to find herself sleeping soundly. A smile played on his face. The leaves he was about to add to the fire were not added as he kept them aside.

Sir Kit knew that the leaves would not help a lot, but it was an emergency resort. 'At least, it came in handy today.' Sir Kit thought with a sigh. He looked at the side only to see Princess Eleanor moving around in a sitting position. His hands were wrapped around her knees as she slept peacefully.

Sir Kit got up as he walked towards the Princess. He took the coat that was at the side and laid it on the ground, before helping Princess Eleanor to sleep on it. Sir Kit's movements were careful as he feared that harsh moment might wake the Princess up.

Once he saw Princess Eleanor comfortable, Sir Kit walked towards his place before lying on the ground. He closed his eyes as the fire was about to die. 'Let's have a peaceful sleep today.'

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