36 Aftermath

Princess Eleanor was silent as she could not understand Sir Kit's words.

Princess Eleanor could hear the noise of the leaves moving on the trail when a wave of air passed through them. As it was already night their senses have increased by a certain degree.

Princess Eleanor was silent as she waited for Sir Kit to explain further. She wanted to know what he was thinking. Why was he not explaining further?

Princess Eleanor felt like her question was genuine. The horse was making a sound and as per Sir Kit's words, if the enemy came back won't they hear the noise of their horse walking?

Sir Kit understood that Princess Eleanor had not gotten the point yet. He sighed as he continued to explain, "We are in the forest Princess and there are not only horses here. We have many wild animals here which walk at night." Sir Kit Smiled as he continued, "The enemy thinks that we are on the run to save our lives so why would we walk slowly in the forest without a care?"

Princess Eleanor's eyes widened, She now understood what they were trying to do. Sir Kit wanted to fool the enemy into thinking that they were some wild animal from the forest who had come out to find food or water.

Princess Eleanor left like a fool to not understand Sir Kit's words as she looked up at him. Sir Kit was looking forward as his face was serious. He was trying to figure out the direction toward the place.

Princess Eleanor smiled as she felt secure near the man. 'I did a good job closing Sir Kit to be my protector. I knew that he would not let any harm come my way.' Princess Eleanor thought as her eyes were filled with determination.

Princess Eleanor did not know how long they had walked but she could now hear the faint voice as the water came her way. "Is there a waterfall nearby?" Princess Eleanor asked as she looked straight.

Soon behind a large rock, Princess Eleanor could see a water wall. Although it was night, the water flowed under the moonlight. Sir Kit held onto the Princess as he looked down at her. "We should get down now."

Princess Elenor nodded her head. She was excited to see the water. Her gaze looked around only to realize that there were no animals there. Princess Eleanor breathed a sigh of relief as she knew that such places are a lifeline to many wild animals. Who knows if she will encounter some lion or tiger here.

"Hmm.." Princess Eleanor touched Sir Kit's shoulder as she held tightly onto him. A smile was on her face which soon evaporated into thin air.

As soon as Princess Eleanor's legs touched the ground her whole body was in pain. Princess Eleanor had never sat in the house for such a long time and the aftermath was showing on her body.

Sir Kit understood what Princess Eleanor was going through as he held on to her for a few seconds before the Princess could get her center of gravity.

"Thank you," Princess Eleanor murmured as her eyes turned towards the waterfall. The water coming down formed a stream of the river which flowed towards a distance. Princess Eleanor realized how thirsty she was. The whole thing has taken a stroll on her.

Princess Eleanor walked towards the water as she bent down. Although it was dark, she could see that the water was drinkable. Princess Eleanor did not waste any more time as she darkened the water by forming a cup shape in her hand.

The water was cold. Maybe due to the cold air blowing. Princess Eleanor felt like she was in heaven and even if she had to suffer, it was worth it. But soon she felt a shadow beside her.

Before Princess Eleanor could turn back a strong pair of hands mimicked her actions of drinking water. Princess Eleanor looked at the side only to realize that Sir Kit was drinking the water beside her.

Once she was content, Princess Eleanor looked at Sir Kit and walked toward the horse. "Will others be safe?"

Sir Kit listened to a soft voice as he turned around only to see the confused and worried face of Princess Eleanor. He wanted to explain to her that nothing would happen to others as the knights present there all belonged to the House of the Grand Duke, House Beaumont.

But Sir Kit simply nodded his head. He knew that if he tried to explain anything else, Princess Eleanor would need more explanation for it. Sir Kit realized long back that Princess Eleanor was a curious soul and currently he was not ready to answer her questions.

"They will be. Trust me." Sir Kit managed to say as he looked at Princess Eleanor, "Princess we need to hide. Come here."

Princess Eleanor had many questions but she decided to trust Sir Kit's words. If he said others were fine, she could only hope that his words were true. Princess Eleanor only hoped that Nia and Lady Gisella were safe and sound.

Princess Eleanor followed Sir Kit as she reduced the distance between them. Sir Kit's words were still fresh in her mind. This is a forest and there would be wild animals near them. Princess Eleanor did not want to be their dinner just yet.

Soon Princess Eleanor realized that they were walking toward the waterfall. To be precise they were walking towards the mouth of the waterfall.

Princess Eleanor swallowed as she held Sir Kit's clothes in fear. She could not understand what was happening but as Sir Kit stopped, Princess Eleanor saw a vacant space at the very end.

"We will stay there tonight." Sir Kit said as he looked down at his clothes that were held tightly by Princess Eleanor "Don't worry Princess. We will be safe in the cave. No one will know that we are there."

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