6 A request

A small piece of gold was visible.

Princess Eleanor took a step forward as she extended her hand to grab hold of the thing. There was a half dragon face that was engraved in it which was still visible.

Princess Eleanor's eyes widened. Her body felt weak but before she could touch it, Sir Kit held the Princess's hand, effectively stopping her.

Princess Eleanor looked up at the knight. Her throat was dry. All the flashbacks that she had wanted to forget now started overflowing in her mind.


The night was dark as the carriage rode through the forest.

"When will we arrive?" Princess Eleanor asked her mother. Her eyes were filled with innocence and sleepiness.

"It won't be that long." Eleanor's mother replied in a soft tone. 

The carriage was moving smoothly as the surroundings were silent. Who would have thought that everything would change so drastically and awfully.

There was blood everywhere and soon Princess Eleanor could hear the screams of her family echoing around her. Her brother's hands that were covered in blood which were trying to cover her eyes from seeing the bloody scenes even in the last moment, was still fresh in Princess Eleanor's mind. 

But soon there was silence. Not because the fight was over but because she was pulled into a strong arms hiding within. She could not hear anything as she was pulled into an unconscious state.

But Princess Eleanor's eyes caught something in her gaze before she lost consciousness. A badge of gold that was tinted with blood. A badge with a flying dragon engraved on it.


Princess Eleanor's eyes stayed on Sir Kit as she pulled her hands away. The man that had helped her did not belong to her kingdom's army. He had come along with the ones that had murdered her family. Yet he had tried to save her.

"There is something there." Princess Eleanor managed to say as she looked to the direction of the badge. 

Sir Kit followed the Princess's gaze as he fixed the badge, pushing it further inside, making sure that it was no longer visible.

Princess Eleanor bit her lips as her eyes narrowed subconsciously. She wanted to see the complete image on the badge. She wanted to know the truth behind her family's death.

"Sir Kit, can I ask you something?" Princess Eleanor asked in a soft tone. Even though there was a slight tremble in her voice, she managed to cover it up with a smile.

"Yes Princess." Sir Kit said for the first time. His voice was filled with a young man's charm. A mature voice quality which would be able to make ladies imagine a lot of scenarios.

Princess Eleanor maintained her composure as she focused on the things at hand. "I think you are aware of the fact that Lady Gisella has informed me about the prophecy."

Sir Kit did not respond. His eyes only stayed on her. She wanted to know what his expression might be but the mask covered most of his face.

"What does Sir Kit think about it?" Princess Eleanor continued as she looked at the knight.

"I do not understand what the Princess is getting at." Sir Kit said. His eyes showed his uneasiness.

"Lady Gisella said that you will be my escort. But I will be honest with you, Sir Kit. I do not want to enter the Empire. I would be alone there with no way out." Princess Eleanor looked down, as her face dropped a little. Her gaze did not look up at Sir Kit but there was a cunningness in them.

Princess Eleanor walked towards the chair as she sat down in disappointment, "I would be alone there. With no help at all. Although I am sure that my uncle, the King, would send some soldiers and servants with me, I hope you know what kind of situation I am in."

Princess Eleanor looked up as she stared at Sir Kit's eyes with an unspoken determination, "I am afraid for myself. If I stay here, I would be married off one day or another. But if I do go to the Empire and not get chosen as the Crown Princess, I would still have to stay there forever. Then what will happen to me?"

Sir Kit looked at the Princess who spoke those words without any fear. He could not comprehend why someone would be so vulnerable and say things like these so openly. Sir Kit belonged to the Empire and telling him that she does not trust the people there was a risky move and Sir Kit knew it.

'She is making a risky move. But why?' Sir Kit thought as he observed the Princess. There was nothing that he could pinpoint.

"Is there a reason why the Princess is saying all these to me?" Sir Kit asked. He looked at the Princess as if he was eagerly waiting for her next words.

"Yes. I am telling you this because I need someone who would help me." Princess Eleanor said with a smile. She leaned forward as her eyes sparkled with excitement. "I want a loyal sword with me when I enter the unknown land. I want someone to protect me there."

Princess Eleanor got up as she took confident steps towards Sir Kit. Her body was filled with a powerful aura. "I want you by my side."

As soon as the words were said, the room fell into silence. Sir Kit simply stared at the Princess. His face was devoid of expression but he wanted to laugh.

"Does the Princess know what she is saying?" Sit Kit confirmed as he looked at the innocent looking lady in front of him.

"I do." Princess Eleanor's hand moved towards her chest as her gaze was filled with hope. "Have you pledged your knight's oath to anyone yet?"

Sit Kit sighed as he took a step back. "I have to think about it, Princess."

Princess Eleanor smiled as she nodded her head. "I understand. But I would suggest you make a decision within the next two days." Her eyes that were like a madman turn sharp, "I have to answer Lady Gisella on my decision. But as you might have understood, it also hinges on your answer to my question. If I do not feel safe and decline the offer, there will be no Princess from Avington Kingdom to participate in the selection for the Crown Princess."

"Is this a threat?" Sir Kit asked in a sharp tone.

"A threat?" Princess Eleanor laughed lightly. "No, it is a request."

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