45 A Gap

Princess Eleanor looked as Sir Kit walked out from a side of the waterfall, his eyes widened.

She could feel him looking at her from the gap as he extended his hand inside. "Catch my hand, Princess. Please move slowly otherwise you might fall."

Princess Eleanor was quiet. Although she had many things to say, but she controlled her5 heart. She told herself again and again that it was not the right time to say anything.

Princess Eleanor wanted to ask why they would come inside the cave through the waterfall when there was a dry space at the end. They could have avoided being wet. Princess Eleanor took Sir Kit's hand as she walked towards the side. Although the gap looked like it could keep one person dry, it was not the case.

Princess Eleanor struggled to keep a balance as she moved through the gap. She did not want to get wet but she wanted to move out of this situation fast.

"Don't be a hasty Princess." Sir Kit reminded her as Princess Eleanor kept the step on the water and then she realized why they had not come here at night.

Princess Eleanor was frightened as she bit her lips. Her hand holding tightly onto Sir Kit's. The rocks were slippery. The sliminess was something Princess Eleanor had not anticipated. She looked down through the water only to realize that the rocks were sharp and if she fell, getting injuries would be inevitable.

Princess Eleanor took a deep breath as she tried to control her racing heart. She bit her lips as she looked at Sir Kit who was holding onto her. All the questions that the Princess had were pushed down her throat as she carefully walked out.

Once Princess Eleanor was outside she saw Sit Kit looking at her. Princess Eleanor did not understand as she looked down at herself. She was wearing the dress. Although it was thin, she was wearing Sir Kit's coat that was covering her body completely.

Princess Eleanor was confused as she looked up. Sir Kit might have understood that she wanted to say he looked at the waterfall. "Stay here. I will bring Wind outside."

Princess Eleanor nodded as she saw Sir Kit walking through the gap inside again before he walked along with Wind outside.

All of Sir Kit's clothes were wet again, but it did not bother him. Wind walked to a distance as he moved his body to dry himself.

Princess Eleanor was watching this all as she looked at the side. She could see Sir Kit's body through his wet shirt. Maybe because of the darkness she was unaware of it but now when the man was in front of her she could not avoid it even if she wanted to.

Princess Eleanor's heartbeats ran faster as she looked at Sir Kit walking toward her. She could not understand what was happening to her. Princess Eleanor swallowed as she blinked her eyes in irritation.

"Princess, we need to move fast." Sir Kit's voice was soft but Princess Eleanor knew that it was true. His words had deep meaning to them.

Princess Eleanor nodded her head as she walked toward the horse. Sir Kit helped her to sit on the horse as he sat behind her.

Although they were close, Princess Eleanor could sense that Sir Kit kept a distance. But as soon as the horse moved she felt like her body was jotted from time to time. Princess Eleanor could not help but wrap her hands around Sir Kit as she closed her eyes.

The wind increased its speed steadily and soon they were talking with the sir. Princess Eleanor could feel her hair blowing. The air touches her face with a speed making it unable for her to open her eyes.

Princess Eleanor did not know how much time had passed. All she knew was that she had buried her head in Sir Kit's chest as she waited for their destination to come. The thoughts 'did they cross their enemy or not' or 'did someone see them?' were all rushed behind the back of her mind.

All Princess Eleanor could hear was the steady heartbeat of Sir Kit along with the ruffling voice of grass and leaves as Wind's legs passed through them. Until Sir Kit's voice came into her ears, "We have reached."

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