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Sir Kit's body became alert.

His senses sharpened as he looked at the small body in his hand. If Sir Kit's assumptions were right the attack was purely to kill Princess Eleanor.

Sir Kit sighed as he looked at the princess who was shivering in his arms. It looked like the sharp and stubborn Princess was like a fragile doll who would break at any moment.

Sir Kit had no time to think about such things. His focus was to keep Princess Eleanor safe at all costs. "We need to get out of this carriage." Sir Kit's tone was sharp but low. He could hear the sharp tones of the swords from outside.

Princess Eleanor regained her senses after a few minutes. Her eyes were filled with tears as she swallowed hard. Her body was shivering. She remembered all the things she had gone to.

The only difference between the past and present was that her family was with her in the past and now only Sir Kit was present wrapping her body protectively into his arms.

The sense of security spread in Princess Eleanor's body. But the past incident kept on repeating herself. She could see fire outside of the carriage as she saw her parents struggling.

'This is not right. I am dreaming. This is not the truth. They are dead.' Princess Eleanor tried telling herself again and again but the screams of people kept falling on her ears.

It was too similar to what she had experienced. All the bad memories she wanted to hide away from were standing in front of her with open arms and Princess Eleanor wanted to run away from them. Far away.

Princess Eleanor's hands clenched on Sir Kit's shirt. Her breathing was fast as she struggled to say the words that were on the tip of her tongue. She could not understand but Princess Eleanor's throat was dry.

"Am I going to die here?" Princess Eleanor managed to ask. Her words trembled at the end as her voice was low. She did not know if her words were heard by Sir Kit or not but she could feel her escort knight's body stiffen.

Sir Kit looked down at the Princess in his arms. He was silent for a few seconds. The knights were a part of House Beaumont, so Sir Kit was confident that they would not be harmed. He knew that Lady Gisella and Princess Eleanor's lady in waiting would also be safe as shadow knights were protecting them.

But what Sir Kit was not sure about was how much damage was Princess Eleanor under. He could sense that her body was still as she struggled to maintain her balance. He could guess that she was remembering her past and associating the situation with it.

"No." Sir Kit said as his hold on Princess Eleanor tightened. "I am here to protect you. I will not let anything happen to you, Princess. All you have to do is trust me." Sir Kit's eyes were filled with an unknown emotion as he looked at Princess Eleanor. "You do trust me, right?"

Princess Eleanor was silent for a few seconds as she struggled to come up with the answer. Her eyes were covered with a layer of water. Although she knew that the answer to this was simple. She had no other choice but to believe.

'He is Sir Kit.' Princess Eleanor told herself. Her breathing was still chaotic but she tried to maintain them. 'He will keep me safe. I can trust him. He is my escort knight and as a knight, he will not harm me. History will not repeat itself.'

Princess Eleanor nodded her head in agreement. "I do." She swallowed as she continued. The fear in her tone was evident. "But I am afraid."

Sir Kit could not come up with anything that would give Princess Eleanor moral support. He knew that the attacking groups belonged to some kingdom. As per the report, Cenid Kingdom's Princess was attacked too.

Sir Kit took a deep breath as he looked outside the window. There was a shield of Knights protecting the carriage from outside. As a knight, he wanted to go out and Protect the people too, but Sir Kit knew that if he left the Princess alone then she might be in great danger. Keeping her safe was the only choice.

Sir Kit looked outside again. The sun was about to set. The sky was turning pink and arrogant. Many of the birds were flying in the sky. Especially crows. They tend to fly near death.

One of the crows sat on the brim of the window. Sir Kit did not waste any time as he caught hold of the bird and pulled him inside.

"What are you doing?" Princess Eleanor asked as she looked at Sir Kit in shock.

The man with a mask did not reply. "Close your eyes." Sir Kit instructed and Princess Eleanor's breathing hitched. She could not figure out what was happening to her. She had a hunch of what would happen next and she closed her eyes in a hurry.

Soon something splashed on her hands. Princess Eleanor swallowed as she looked down only to see that her hands had blood on them. "You …"

"Shh…" Sir Kit said as he dipped his fingers in the blood flowing from the dead bird's body. He bent down as he wrote a number under the seat.

Princess Eleanor was confused. The carriage floor was filled with blood and a small number 13 was at the very corner where no one could see.

Princess Eleanor did not understand what happened but soon her hands were held in a big warm hold which made her look at the man. "Sit Kit?" Princess Eleanor whispered in confusion.

"Do you trust me?"

Princess Eleanor's eyes shivered as she took a deep breath. She knew she had no other option but to trust him. "I do."

"Then come with me, Princess." Sir Kit's hold on her hand tightened, "We need to go from here."

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