27 Chapter 27: Synthis Nexus

Chapter 27: Synthis Nexus

[Synthis Nexus]

Synthis Nexus—this was the name given to the capital dome, the dome that sheltered more than ten million people. Most probably one of the largest domes out there, an important component of the Dome Nation.

Twenty-one domes came together to forge this nation. The twenty domes were built in a circular manner, while the largest dome was also considered the capital of this nation. Synthis Nexus, humanity's last ray of hope, the land of hopes.

The Dome Master of this dome was Robert D Nexus, head of the Nexus family, someone who was a Tier 6 chain Breaker—one of the strongest and most respected figures within the minds of humans, only second to King Alister Charles Roschfield the First.

The world had completely changed. All of this started in the year 2026, the Great Catastrophe as people called it.

Ripples had spread across the beautiful Azure sky as mana was introduced to the world. Various portals opened, through which horrendous beings entered the peaceful planet.

Good things always follow bad ones; this was how nature achieved balance. A mystical energy was introduced to the world from those portals.

Humorously referred to as mana—the most generic term for magical energy—this energy helped in life evolution, but due to it, many animals evolved into monsters too.

Good things follow bad ones, and bad things follow good ones. Mana and otherworldlies weren't the only ones that invaded this planet; many more dangerous foul energies, viruses, absolutely messed up shit that seemed to be incomprehensible, also invaded the planet. And thus, humanity had to escape into a dark corner, hiding from all this.

Though within 200 years, not only were they able to recover, but they even managed to push past the limits, entering a golden age. An age where technology had developed greatly, and people could wield supernatural powers. Expeditions and projects were created to reclaim more land and clean the environment.

All of it was great, but just like a coin, everything had two faces. The richer became richer, and the poor became poorer.

Equality, rights, democracy—all such words seemed to have disappeared. This was the dark truth of reality.

[Synthis Nexus]

It was just another average day within this dome. The azure sky, brought by simulation, looked very realistic—one would have mistaken it for the real sky if not for the commercial ads projected in the sky.

The city within this dome was divided into three major districts: the inner district, the middle district, and the outer district. They were situated in a circular manner.

Most of the nobility lived within the inner district or the inner circle, making it the first-class district. The middle district, or the middle circle, was where the middle-class families resided. The outer and largest circle was comparable to slums, where poor men and women lived. This was also the place where murder, rape, drug dealings, and gang dealings were most common.

Common men and women would have to live a life filled with suffocation, enjoying the scenery of the sky, but abrupt ads would disturb occasionally. It was better to die than live such a miserable life.

"Mom! Look! Legends of Dawn is releasing a new version today!" A kid within the inner district excitedly said as he looked at the sky. His mother, wearing a luxurious dress and necklace with a face adorned with heavy makeup, smiled as she looked at the sky too.

"We'll get it for you."

One would expect that the entertainment industry had crashed. This was somewhat true for the first hundred years. But later on, it became one of the greatest industries, helping people cope up with stress—especially after the release of Legends of the Dawn, a VR game that was 51% immersive.

The Middle Circle...

On Nano Street, in one of the three-story buildings, the stench of blood emanated from one of the rooms on the top floors.

A special squad of law enforcers was present there. It was surprising that something called law enforcers even existed at such a time, but they did.

They were even extremely strict with their dress code. However, special squads like the Flying Dove didn't have such strict codes. They were just a bunch of weirdos with something special within them and had a lot of contributions under their name.

Most of the members were either wearing windbreakers or tracksuits. This was the special squad Flying Dove that represented hope. Their squad leader was Julie, a female at the age of 20.

At such a young age, she managed to reach 2nd Tier! This was comparable to those prodigies of noble families.

The squad captain of Flying Dove, a prodigy seen once in a thousand years. But there was also a lot of hard work in her success.

"Captain, here are the details of the victim," a male in his twenties said as he handed her a tab. He was James, a new recruit. This was his first time seeing the legendary captain of Flying Dove.

She possessed black hair with freckles all over her face. Her skin was somewhat tan, with multiple calluses on her palms showing how hardworking she was. There was a small scar on the left side of her face, just beneath the eye, and a large vertical scar on the right side of her face.

'Hmm, a gun?' He became confused as he saw the revolver attached to the sling on her waist.

'Interested in guns? Is she from the Fool's Faction?' Ignoring the look he was giving, she looked at the details. Her face was mostly neutral, but when she came to the last part, her expression changed.


Simo squinted his eyes as he looked at Lucas, who had currently entered Synthis Nexus.

A dry chuckle escaped his mouth as he looked at the humongous structures. "Humanity has become helpless, like animals within a cage. Golden Age, my foot."

"Here, have this tablet," One of the guards said. Lucas nodded his head as he accepted the pink tablet and swallowed it.

He then entered a special room where his ruined clothes were removed. His special wristwatch and the silver card were also taken but were still displayed in front of him.

His body was properly disinfected. After walking out of the room, he gave a wry smile. His cheap formal suit was no better than old rags.

Flashing a wry smile, he took his silver card and paid 3 credits for new clothes. 'What a great idea to make a few side bucks. Sigh, but it's convenient, can't complain.'

"They must make a lot of profit, right?"

"Ya, this is how they cover the price of free disinfection."

"Well, I have to say. Humanity has quite the technology." Hearing this, Lucas grinned. He couldn't wait till Simo saw the extent of development.

He then had to go through many doors and security checks. After taking the crystallized eye and silver tooth, he exchanged it for 1,100 credits before walking towards the final metallic door.

'Haa, here comes the bad part.' Simo instantly noticed that his mood became, he became slightly confused.

'Let's see how humanity has developed after these many years. Can the powerhouses here compare to those of the Sanctuaries?' 


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