1515 The Final Chapter

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Jin Yiheng accompanied her to her favorite place, the beach.

The temperature was just right. He held the hand of the expectant mother, Long Xiaoxi, and walked toward the sandy shore.

Coincidentally, they chanced upon another couple who was walking toward them.

The chubby man who had a pot belly was holding his beau by her slender waist. He constantly whispered to her while walking, and she constantly hung her head low as she smiled. Hence, they did not notice Jin Yiheng and Long Xiaoxi.

The woman seemed rather familiar to them.

"Ah, Wen Yuechan?"

Wen Yuechan looked up and turned pale the instant she saw them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jin, do you guys know Yuechan?"

"Yeah, but we're not close. How is she related to you?"

"She's my friend," the man answered, chuckling. He quickly let go of her waist.

"I'm surprised that there'd be such intimate physical contact between friends."


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