Chapter 445: The Task is Too Difficult

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If the results aren't good and the seeds are planted, the yield might not be as good as that of the previous wheat seeds. Wouldn't the villagers be up in arms then?

For safety's sake, it would be better to have Enji Village try one type first. They could wait until around Dragon Boat Festival next year, check the harvest of Enji Village, and make a decision accordingly, which would give them some peace of mind.

Upon this consideration, the village chiefs weren't so panicked anymore and nodded in agreement, "Village Chief Zhuang does make some sense…"

After Zhuang Jingye touched on this point, the village chiefs were less insistent, mostly mentioning this year's need for wheat seeds as something for next year.

But if there were any surplus this year, every little bit would help.

Seeing these few were willing to give room for negotiation, Zhuang Jingye gladly agreed. As for whether or not he could fulfill this year's request and how much, Zhuang Jingye left it ambiguous.